Mounting My Cushman 3 Jaw Chuck ~ Pt 3 ~ Cleaning And Lubricating The Chuck ~ by Old Sneelock’s Work

Sound of Craftsman Rotary Tool running.
After spending some time polishing the thread I let it cool off overnight When I went down in the morningAnd this is what I got. Now we get into the fun part of the operation. I get to clean out all the gunk from the chuck Disassemble it. And see if I can’t get this to work a little
better Now that we have the back fairly well cleaned off I’m going to attempt to remove this plate
One Two
Three So far success After a great deal of tapping and fiddlingI realized that there is a little screw holding
the gear in Which holds the back in Well that would explain why it was a little stiff and not wanting to work And having that gear in place could explain
why this didn’t want to come out So pulling the gear
Will make all the difference on that Having some paint thinner
Will make a big difference in these This part of the job is just as much fun as
you can imagine. Now that’s what you have to do when you go
through the process of buying a chuck on Ebay.
Now the person selling the chuck They made good on the deal
I sent them a message And said the chuck was in bad shape
and had been acid etched and that it was full of junk
and they said “Tell you what we’ll cut the price in half.”
That took a $60.00 chuck Which was actually a pretty good price
down to $30.00 That made it worth my time and trouble to
go through and clean this chuck
Not going to mention the guys name Because he was a good dude
and made good on his promise When you buy box lots of stuff and sell it
on Ebay Sometimes the seller gets tricked
the same as the buyer. Read a lot of descriptions in the….
Read a lot of descriptions and did some research on cleaning chucks
Cause it’s been a while since I’ve done it I wanted to see if there was anything new
A lot of the guys said. “Don’t use grease on the chucks.”
Some of the guys said, “Use extreme pressure grease on the chucks.”
Ah.. All of them were concerned about attracting dirt and dust.
I’ve had pretty good luck with a compound called Dri-Slide
I wasn’t able to find any here locally And I didn’t want to wait for an order to
come in from Amazon. So I got something that’s supposedly the same
thing. We’ll find out
They use Dri-Slide on guns because they get dirt in them
and the mechanism jams So you want to have something that doesn’t
attract dirt Oil attracts dirt
Grease attracts dirt Grease is just oil with soap in it
So as the oil dries out the grease leaves the soap behind
and the soap turns into a hard cake Which is what I was finding in this chuck
I thought I’d try the Dri-Slide it’s always done pretty good for me
It uses a moly base To perform the lubricating effect
And it dries off and doesn’t leave any trace of oil behind
So it can’t attract dirt Doesn’t allow it to stick
So I’m going to spray all these parts Then I’m going to assemble the chuck
Now I won’t go through all the warnings on this can
because some of them are kinda ridiculous. To avoid serious burn injury do not let the
can touch battery terminals. Electrical connections on motors or appliances or
any other source of electricity Do not breath vapor or spray mist
Deliberate inhalation of liquid, vapor, or spray mist may be harmful or fatal
I know that there are some people who will do damn near anything for a buzz.
Anybody that sticks a spray can of paint up their nose
I figure they got what’s coming to them. Their problem. Something that I forgot to do, which turned out to not be a problem at all,
Is I forgot to align the backing plate with the chuck
and put stamp marks on it so I could identify it
because of the way the chuck was dipped into the
acid pickling solution trying to get the rust off
I have this line up here where the acid etched into
the chuck. So that tells me exactly how the chuck came
apart. And I’m able to put it back where it was.
I don’t recommend that as a method of identifying where the chuck goes together.
Well it turns a lot easier than it used to. Now I’m going to install the chuck jaws
And you’ll see this other places. almost all the chucks are the same
Each chuck is marked and each chuck jaw has a number stamped in
it On this chuck they’ve stamped the number right
next to the groove where the jaw goes.
Number 1 Goes in slot Number 1
That’s this one over here You want to have When you see the scroll Moving in the chuck This little notch right here That’s where the beginning of the scroll is You want to have that Just before it comes into the window
When you turn the scroll you can see it engages the jaw
And moves the jaw in Then before that same notch comes over into
the Number 2 slot You slip the jaw in And the Number 2 slot starts pulling the jaw into place
Then you come over here to the Number 3 and do the same again.
Now this is an old chuck It’s fairly worn
It’s still got nice solid jaws in it But it moves really easily
Now the Dri-Slide has something to do with it also
Got to make sure that everything works freely before I take it off the bench here
No point in putting it on the lathe and then having to take it all back off again
Ah Perfect alignment Just the way I want it.
This dry lubricant evaporates completely Leaves behind a lubrication
The liquid is just a carrier So I can spray this thing down pretty liberally
and not worry about it It also acts as a rust preventative
At least that’s what the label says So I can’t see anything wrong with making
sure that I get the whole chuck coated As always I have the lathe unplugged while
I’m working on it. Sound of wire brush slowing down.
This is the closest thing to round that I have.
It’s a woodruff key cutter Well that’s practically amazing
I have .001 of an inch runout
That’s the maximum tolerance of the spindle itself
So that chuck is just about perfect Time well spent
It was a lot of work getting this chuck to go
and now that I’ve got it put together and everything is clean and working
It is marvelous I’m impressed that it has only .001″ of an
inch runout I expected like .004 or .005.
I’m very happy with the result If you have any suggestions for a new video
Questions about todays video Or any of the other videos on the channel
Just drop a note in the comments below You know I read them all.
Thanks for watching.. Lord of The Land – Music Now I can set about repairing the windmill That I started this project for
three days ago.

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  • ..I watched the Closed Captioning on this. apparently you say yeah a lot. and something about a tractor ? when you talk in a lower volume voice it doesn't translate to well.  Glad you got the chuck working. am looking forward to seeing the windmill project…

  • Hello Steelock, Nice video.
    As you asked for feedback, I comment. I hope this will serve as a reference and help.
    Subtitles worked here, regularly well.
    Some words of what you said did not appear or were captured different. Some examples:
    Appear words that you do not say. ("yeah")
    In 2:06 you said "three" I think (the third screw could loosen, because you were counting), the subtitle in English and translated into Spanish says "free".
    In 8:12 I think you said "chuck" English subtitles say "truck" and the translator in Spanish refers you to that vehicle.
    11:51 chuck appears in english subtitle as "check" ( test ? ), which in the translated Spanish subtitle says "check", but will be interpreted as a paycheck.
    Thanks for sharing my friend, good job!

  • Even though I do not own a lathe and the last time I used one was more than 40 years ago, this series of calm, thought out videos was a pure joy to watch, thank you Sneelock.

  • Looks like CHARLES rides again! I knew it all along. It either works or made to work better. It's all good!

  • Just came home from cooking the church picnic and got to spend some time with my favorite YouTuber. Amazing job on the chuck. Now for a nap.

  • We've been able to find Dri-Slide at auto parts stores. Was useful for locks as well. There was another molybdenum Di-sulfide concoction we used to lube cams up for engine assembly Called Moly Cote if I remember correctly. Might be better than a teflon spray.

  • Time and patience and skill, takes something not so good and makes it right! Good one for the Seller standing behind his product, even if he was just a reseller.

  • What is the theme song for your channel? Thanks!!

  • I enjoyed seeing you bring that chuck back to life!  I'm working on a NOS Atlas 4" chuck and even after cleaning, the number 2 jaw is SUPER tight.  If I have to stone or file it, should I stone the jaw or chuck.  Both the inside and the outside jaw on number 2 is tight.  Thanks in advance……jster1963

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