Mouth Guard || Teeth Grinding in Sleep

For patients experiencing tooth wear due
to nighttime grinding and jaw clenching your doctor may recommend an occlusal
appliance commonly called a NIGHT Guard. or bite splint to help alleviate the
complications associated with the condition it is not uncommon for tooth
wear to be associated with certain airway or breathing conditions so your
doctor may discuss this with you as well an occlusal appliance is a device that
is worn in the mouth overnight and creates a barrier between your upper and
lower teeth eliminating the damage they caused by rubbing against each other it
also promotes improved jaw and bite alignment which can help address uneven
tooth wear research has shown that a well-designed hard appliance will help
to relax the musculature reducing wear even when it is not being worn there are
several designs and styles of appliance available to assist with treatment your
doctor will expertly design your individualized appliance to ensure
optimal bite alignment and maximum protection from additional tooth wear
given the potential for costly dental treatments caused by untreated tooth
wear it is critical to work closely with your doctor to proactively treat the
issue before more damages sustained.

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