My child is going for a Polysomnography Sleep Study

I’m Lizzy and I’m going to show you what it’s like to have a polysomnography sleep study in hospital. We’re obviously here to show people what it’s like for children who come for a sleep study. So why would anyone need a sleep study? Quite a number of children might have problems with the way they’re sleeping at night, they might not be sleeping very well. They might not be feeling very great after they’ve had a night’s sleep. And so what we can do with a sleep study is find out what’s happening with their breathing at night. And what’s happening with their sleep at night and try and work out what’s going wrong, so that we can work out how to help them. Hi Lizzy. I’m Andrew. We’re going to show everyone how we do the actual sleep test itself, because I understand that you’ve met the nurse and they’ve shown you how to do the height and weight and you’ve met the doctor and they’ve run through the check that your ok with no coughs and colds of effective test. And now, I’m going to get the equipment to show you how we do the test itself. So what I’ll do then, if you’re happy to get changed and ready for a sleep, I’ll go and get hold of all the equipment and then we can set it all up. OK. Fab, thank you. I see you’re ready for bed. If it’s OK, when we are doing the test, you will need to have the phone off, because your phone will stop you getting to sleep and also could disturb the study. Same goes for you, Grandpa, as well. No telephones, please. These sensors are not going to do anything sore. And a lot of them just based on sticky tapes. And you are not allergic to sticky tape or adhesives, or anything? Nope. I am fine. Fantastic. We’re going to put on about eight or nine sensors, which are going to help us to see what your breathing does. What we don’t want is for this to fall off, so we are going to put a wee bit of sticky tape over the top. Is there anything you want to ask about the test? Does it hurt? That’s a good question, it doesn’t hurt because actually, if we put stuff on that would hurt, do you think any of the boys and girls would sleep? No. No, so actually all the things we do is just sit there and watch you, it just feels a bit funny because it’s not what you normally do when you are in bed. Okay, so the next one. I’m going to pop on, its just to help us see if you snore. This is kind of a little microphone and what we do is we put it on the side of the neck and it picks up the vibrations. Okay, so for this one, we are going to use a little bit of sticky tape to make sure it stays on. so I’m afraid I’m going to give you a little bit of a moustache for tonight. And we’ve got a great magic rub, which we will use in the morning, to get them off. So don’t be pulling them off. That’s it. That’s the first one, it’s quite a soft one. Just feels tickly, because it goes next to the ears and your nose. So this is the one that does the temperature sensor. It just sits on top of the one you’ve got there actually. And it’s got one for your nose, no two for your nose it just sits a wee bit lower next to your mouth. It shouldn’t go in your mouth. So these two are going, one round your chest and one round your tummy, so when you breathe, these bands are going to move back and forward. So, just going to put this one here. This one is just the oxygen probe, I don’t know if you have you seen one of these before? It has a little red light on your finger. And what it does, is it tells us what your oxygen levels do during the night, because they can change, when your breathing changes, also. So let me just plug these in, and we will get your sorted. This and the sensor before that’s the ones that helps us pick up your snoring, thats a vibration one. It picks up the buzz at the side of your neck. But what we also have is a microphone and a camera. And that camera, the sound will help us work out what is going on. Sometimes it the noise and the pitch, of you when you are sleeping, that can helps us work out what’s going on. Ok Lizzy, so we’re gonna do the last bit of setting up a polysomnography now, and to do that, we’re going to put some leads on your head, to help us know when you’ve gone to sleep. and also to tell us what type of sleep you are having. Sometimes it’s light sleep and deep sleep. To do this my colleague Lynn is going to give me a little hand, putting the the electrodes on. And to do the actual prepping part we need to rub little buds on your head, to make sure you get a good contact between our sensor and your skin. So this is the rub, it’s a bit like exfoliator. So it’s a grainy paste that just rubs away any old skin. So this one’s got a little bit of paste and what the paste does is it hardens, once its been on for a little while. Um um So you will find it tightens up as we put these things on. How’s that feel, OK? Yep Yeah, not to bad? So that’s all the head leads on now. So the last thing we are going to do, once you have got ready for bed, we are going to take your earrings out so we can put the little one that sits on your ear. So if you can do that, it will be fantastic. Thank you. The last one we would normally do for a set up, would be one that sits on your ear and that helps us measure your Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide. So this is a slightly funny one because it works by warming the skin up a little bit. So it feel a wee bit strange when I put it on. Just clip it, there. Do you feel a little warm bit warm, does that feel warm? Yeah Yeah? It shouldn’t feel too hot. So you will be able to sleep with that on? Yeah So that is everything put on. That’s us ready to do the test. And if this was you staying overnight, what we do is, we put the lights off, we get you to settle down . And then we’ll ask Mum, Dad or Grandpa just to put off any of their devices they have been using. And then we can put out their bed as well and that’s us ready. Ok Lizzy, that’s everything performed for the study. So now what we do is try and get the bits and pieces off, to get ready for going home. OK. And hopefully I’ve covered everything. Is that everything you want to know about a sleep study? Yeah. Thank you very much. No problem at all. So lets put my magic rub on. We’ll get all of this off.

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