My Stillbirth Story | Part 1 | The Pregnancy

Hi everyone, it’s Rachel and welcome back to my channel Welcome to my channel. If you are new as you can tell by the title of this video, it’s going to be a very sad one I’m still not sure if this is gonna be One whole video or multiple parts, but I Am going to be telling you the story of my stole birth it’s a very hard topic to talk about still and I’m gonna try my best to film this and hopefully I don’t end up deleting it I’ve been trying to film this video for a long time now, I Tried filming it last summer. I tried filming it right after it happened and I still can’t get my words out about it and my story I want to share this story because I really hope that it could help somebody who’s ever been through the same situation or a similar situation because it’s Not easy to go through and a lot of the time you feel like you are alone through it you do have your family and your friends, but it’s not an easy thing to talk about with some people and with people in your life I wish that there were more videos on YouTube about women who went through this there were a few and I’m forever grateful that I had other women to listen to and hear their story and Relate to their pain because it’s really really hard and heartbreaking thing to go through So this is my story when I was 20 years old, I found out I was pregnant on October 1st of 2016 It was really hard to find out that young that I was pregnant It was really straining on my relationship at the time. I did not live with my boyfriend but We ultimately decided very early. We’re gonna keep the baby. We are gonna work it out and we’re gonna figure this out It was a pretty normal pregnancy in the beginning. At least I had awful morning sickness strange cravings Just it was typical there wasn’t really anything abnormal about it. I got my first ultrasound You know, it’s like eight weeks. I will put a picture here a little baby beam just floating around in there and at that point we started to get a little excited and Still very scared but excited about this journey that we were going to go through I decided that I was going to do The sequential screening blood work that looks for abnormalities specifically Down syndrome It’s two sets of blood work the first blood work, I believe I did around ten Weeks. I don’t really remember was a while ago, so I paired with me I don’t remember the exact dates But I believe I was about ten eleven weeks when I got the first set of blood work done I got a phone call telling me that everything came back normal from that and to schedule my next Appointment to get the next set of blood work and I got that around I Would say 14 or 15 weeks is when you get that set of bloodwork at some point in between that I did get another ultrasound And I will post pictures here. I don’t know the exact date that that was either But it was somewhere between that time I believe it was the 12-week scan that I did So I got blood work around ten weeks. I got a 12-week scan and I got blood work again around 14 weeks This was around December remember it’s around Christmas time and it was right after Christmas that I got a phone call saying that My blood work had come back slightly abnormal and there is a chance that our baby could have down John the doctor Asked me if I wanted to wait until my Anatomy scan to do another set of bloodwork and check for other abnormalities or if I would like to come in a little bit earlier and Do an ultrasound So we had planned to do it early We just wanted to know we wanted to be a little more sure of things Other than a bloodwork before we went forward with any other things I don’t get to that so I went to notes about 17 weeks and we got an ultrasound and We found multiple Substantial amount of soft markers for Down syndrome, of course this is not easy news to hear and It’s something that you have to cope with because when you find out that you were pregnant You have this whole plan in your head and then when you’re told that there might be something wrong. It’s scary and Confusing and you have to learn about it So I said we at that point we did the ultrasound and then we did blood work but that was the ni PT test which they say is I say they said like 99% accurate or something. I Didn’t know this at the time. I just thought it was another set of blood work that might give me an answer but we did the blood work and the ultrasound it was leaning more towards the positive side that my Baby at that point we found out he was a boy and I will also put pictures from that ultrasound here It was a pretty obvious point that he had Down syndrome so we went home we talked about it and we Had come to terms with the fact that there was a high chance We were having a baby with Down syndrome and that we were gonna go forward With learning this process and having our baby and it’s gonna be a whole different journey than we expected But we were gonna do it and we were getting really excited about it and we were getting We were ready to do this so About a week later. I got a phone call for my results for that blood work and it did come back That it was showing signs for Down syndrome. I had asked the doctor what? Does that mean what are the chances and he still said he said to me it’s a 50-50 chance to me That wasn’t what I wanted to hear. I wanted to know is it a one intent like what was the chance that our baby how down syndrome and he said the only way to Really know for sure would be to do amniocentesis. He said would you like to come in and do that? And I said not right now I want to wait until I get my anatomy scan and then we’ll decide that then So a couple weeks go by and about 20 weeks 20 weeks in five days. I was 20 weeks in five days when I went in for my anatomy scan This scan went the same way as it did For the previous ultrasound that we had we found more markers for Down syndrome And it was looking pretty sure that our son had Down syndrome The doctor then asked me would you like to do the amniocentesis to be scheduled to be sure? She was kind of pushing it on me And she said there is a small chance that if you go through with having this test Son that you could lose the baby. She said it was very very very small. I Was really on the edge about it. She was pushing me to do it I didn’t know for sure and I thought out of that moment To do it. So I went through with it and we did the the Omni Osen thesis test and that is when they take a needle that is this long and they stick it through your stomach in to your uterus and pull out amniotic fluid and Then send it off to be tested. I Will never do it again That alone was the most invasive Weird test I’ve ever had and I bruised really bad from it and it hurt so bad So it one thing I don’t recommend unless you absolutely have to do it. I don’t recommend doing it Anyway so we left That appointment being pretty sure that our baby had Down syndrome a Couple days later we got a phone call, okay For the first half of the test it came back and it was positive for Down syndrome at this point It wasn’t too devastating because we had already expected it and we were we came to terms with it and we accepted our situation and we were going to go through I Said with this pregnancy and we were ready. We had already started shopping We had already got little boy clothes and stuff. We had named him and We were getting really excited. I think I’m gonna cut this part off here because the next part gets Really deep and it gets really hard to talk about so I’m gonna take and I will link the next part of this Down below in the AI cards. So head on to the next part You

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