Oral reconstructive surgery – What are the methods?

Oral reconstruction uses a very wide range of techniques and it can range from fairly simple techniques such as bone grafting to rebuild parts of the jaw for a dental implant and that might use the patient’s own bone or it can use artificial bone or demineralized bone matrix there are other more extensive types of surgeries and that include free flap surgery where tissue is transplanted from elsewhere in the body that can be bone skin, or muscle or combination of those and they’re moved from one part of the body, completely detached, and then anastamosed using micro surgery under a microscope to restore the blood supply to those tissues. Other techniques using latest developments in scanning and computer design and printing can build essentially implants to restore the tissues and that could be orbital flaws or jaw joints or parts of the mandible or cheekbones these can all be manufactured using the unaffected side as a template using a computer design to create a millimeter perfect implant to rebuild those tissues.

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