Orientation and Basic Navigation in Google Docs with JAWS

(Narrator:) Orientation and Basic Navigation in Google
Docs. [Intro music fades]
Before you begin working in Google Docs it will be helpful to understand the layout and
basic navigation features. I’ll walk you through some basic orientation
to make navigation easier. Once you’ve either opened an existing document or created a new one, your virtual PC cursor will be turned off by default. You can then navigate as you would in any
other word processor such as Microsoft Word. Let’s begin by exploring the controls on the toolbar from within our document. Press INSERT+F8 for a list of those controls. (JAWS:) Toolbar buttons dialog. List 1. List view. Undo (Ctrl+Z) Button. 1 of 29. (N:) We can navigate through them using UP and DOWN ARROW keys. I’ll DOWN ARROW through them now. (J:) Redo (Ctrl+Y) Button. Print (Ctrl+P) Button. Spelling and grammar check (Ctrl+Alt+X) Button. Paint format Button. List box. 6 of 29. List box. 7 of 29. (N:) There are a lot of controls here that you
can navigate through. When you reach the one you want, you can activate
it by pressing ENTER. I’ll go ahead and press ESC. (J:) ESC. (N:) You can access the menus as you would in other applications by pressing ALT with the corresponding letter. For example I’ll press ALT+F to activate the
file menu. (J:) ALT+F. Menu. File. 1 of 9. (N:) Once in the menu you can use your up and down
arrow keys to navigate through the options. (J:) Share. S. New and black right pointing pointer submenu. Open. O. Ctrl+O. Make a copy. C. 4 of 16. (N:) Note that pressing ALT by itself will not
access the menus in Google Docs. Instead the menus for your web browser will
be activated. I’ll press ESC to exit the file menu now. (J:) Esc. Leaving menus. (N:) There are several menus here in Google Docs. Including File, Edit, View, Insert, Format,
Tools, Table, Add-ons and Help. You can also press ALT+SHIFT and the letter H, as in Hotel, to activate the Docs Help menu. (J:) Alt+Shift+H. Context menu. Search the menus (Alt+/) edit combo. (N:) A list of keyboard shortcuts is also available
by pressing CTRL+/. (J:) Ctrl+/. Keyboard shortcuts. Keyboard shortcuts. (N:) You can read and navigate through Google Docs
documents just as you would any other type of document using your arrow keys and basic
reading commands. Freedom Scientific, a Vispero brand. [Outro music]
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