Pediatric Sleep Center | What to Expect

>>Hi, I’m Dr. Laura Sterni and I’m Director of the
Pediatric Sleep Center here at Johns Hopkins Children’s Center. Snoring is common in children, and a significant number
of children who snore have a problem called
obstructive sleep apnea. If left untreated obstructive sleep apnea has serious consequences. It can affect the heart. It can affect growth
and it leads to problems with learning and behavior. The only way to tell if your snoring child has obstructive sleep apnea
is by doing a sleep study. In our sleep laboratory we specialize in performing studies on children. Our technicians are kind and patient, and will explain everything
to you and your child. We apply many monitors,
but they are kid-sized and nothing hurts, and most importantly, we have physicians who are
experts in the diagnosis and management of sleep and
breathing problems in children. We are here to help you and your child get a healthy nights sleep. (uplifting music) (children’s laughter)

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  • I have an appointment in a few months to see if i have sleep apnea or insomnia, or something like that. So you said there would be wires attached to me and moniters. So i shouldnt be worried? Also, where would my mom sleep?

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