Protetor Bucal Personalizado FORCEFIELD (Mouthguards) 5 anos (years)

To make the best possible mouthguard is a very serious business to us We start with your dental impression so you get a perfect fit and can breath much better Also, we use state of the art technology and our Laminated EVA which absorbs as much
as 12x more impact than non-laminated guards which results in real protection so you can get all the confidence to face any possible challenge in the octagons, fields and courts… Finally, our artists add the personalization where your imagination is our limit and you choose the thickness that best suits your weight and sport activity Forcefield Mouthguards tested and approved since 2005 in Brazil and in the USA for thousands of satisfied customers athletes that represent the best in their fields people who take performance seriously
[GOE is the SWAT team in Brazil] the choice of the best names in UFC, just to mention a few athletes who know what’s best beware of imitations… Only available in the USA at the website

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