Pulp Capping Procedure Testimonials – Alternative to Root Canal

Whenever you talk with your dentist
about root canal most of the patients, and I was one of them. we just don’t know
that there are other options. One of my tooth was broken and she gave me great
explanation: What does it mean that we need to make a decision if root canal is
essential for that tooth or if we can do the other way around? That was also the
first time when I heard about pulp cupping. In my last pregnancy throughout
the pregnancy I had four root canals. Very traumatic, very traumatic to be in
the chair for that long. I was really afraid to to have more trauma in the
area and have yet more root canals which would make my bite feel less stable. So I
was pleased that I was offered another alternative. That I wouldn’t have to lose
my tooth. Dr. Urbankova was able to perform a pulp capping procedure on the
tooth and the root canal was not necessary and she saved my tooth. Any
other dentist would have would have told me that the root, there was no way that
they could have saved it. Her first goal is to save the tooth and in cases when
it’s missing already implants has to be done. She has a different approach. She will
never do something that will lead you to a more expensive way and losing your
implant after that. I have six separate preserved teeth by her for this one year. I feel in very good hands with Dr. Urbankova. She’s extremely professional and I like that she takes the time to explain and really explain her techniques and
her methods. She was even able to bring books even if that was 8 or 8:30 pm and she was already done with work she still was bringing books showing me
images explaining things. It is a unique
treatment. It’s a personal treatment, so personal…
everything is designed for you. This is a unique experience. And she was ready even
to check my insurance check my benefits. Dr. Urbankova was so efficient I didn’t
have to come in three or four times as I did in my other practice. With Dr. UrbankovaI had a big picture she told me exactly how the situation looks like. She
was showing me my x-rays she was taking pictures during the procedure just to
show me step by step what is happening. Pulp capping gives all of the benefits to
the patient. All of the risk that the procedure would go wrong, because it’s
very easy to make a mistake it has to be a great job, very strict to the details
very clean but at this point you have second life for your teeth.

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