Real dentists try the Quip toothbrush

We thought we would try the new Quip toothbrush. I just ordered, it just came in and, see what
we have. Okay, here’s the toothbrush. There’s several colors. I got the bronze, and then along with that,
there’s a booklet that Dr. Jones has. Read it, front to back. Read it, memorized it. There is a toothpaste that comes along. There are very simple directions and there’s
also another smaller toothpaste. I think we should try this and see what happens. Basically, we’ve got a lot of patients asking
us about the Quip. I’ve heard about it and so we thought, let’s
see how it works, what we think of it, so we can tell our patients what we think. I’ve tried mine a couple times. I think the kind of point that Quip tries
to make is that, it’s a little bit more affordable. They offer refills every three months. They’ll send you a new brush head, along with
a battery. So, it’s battery powered, it’s not charging. So, it’s a lot more slim and lightweight then
a traditional Sonicare, and it also has a mounting that you can put on either tile or
your mirror. It’s waterproof, you can put it in your shower. The whole toothbrush is this big and it’s
really light. It fits in here. So, I tried it a couple times, but we’re going
to go ahead and let Dr. Bohnert demonstrate that again. Let’s see. It’s real quiet. Yeah, I didn’t even know it was on. Yeah, it’s very gentle. I could see it being good for somebody with
gum problems. It doesn’t have nearly the power of a Sonicare
or an Oral-B. We should put these in water, compare a Sonicare
with this and just see what it does to stroke the water. Well see, this kind of shows me what I was
thinking, that it’s a lot lighter. You cansee that it’s not wrestling the water
up as much as that Sonicare is. I think Dr. B is trying to hold it under water
so it doesn’t spray everywhere with the Sonicare. The Quip is a lot more gentle. My only thought is it might make someone who
puts a little too much pressure with a toothbrush, still want to put too much pressure with the
toothbrush. Well, as I look at this, the other thing I
was seeing that it has rubber bristles on the outside and it looks like regular bristles
inside. The rubber is quite soft. It seems like the inside bristles are more
firm, and maybe that compensates for where it’s not quite so much of a vibration. Looks like it has a tongue cleaner on the
back side of it It does talk in the technique manual about
using smaller, gentler strokes with brushing so, potentially, they realize that it’s not
as much of a vibration so, they want you to brush a litte bit more with this. And with Sonicares, you have to buy the head
separately. A lot of times, you have to put them on a
charging station and you have to have some place to plug them in. With the Quip, it comes with a battery within
it that every time you get new heads sent, they will send you a new head every three
months along with a new battery. So, I like that part of it. I think it keeps you up on, you don’t have
to remember when you need to replace your head, they automatically do it for you. For me, it’s like the chocolate toothpaste. It’s nice, but I don’t know that I would use
it on a regular basis. I like it. I would probably use it. I like the fact that I can put it in my shower
in the morning when I’m getting ready, use that strip, hang it up, brush while I’m in
the shower. It may be more of an addition to my toothbrushes
rather than a single on its own but, I like it for that and I like the automatic refills. I think I would try it. I typically brush, not in the shower, but
I agree, I think that’s an easy thing to do, for people to remember. There’s a lot of times, sometimes, patients
have a hard time remembering, morning and night, so that would be having it in two separate
places would be helpful to remember.

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  • Please do a review of the Burst. I've used Sonicare and then Oral B and just got a Burst for the gentleness in the gums. It is fantastic. Cleans great without the aggression of Sonicare and Oral B.

  • What a waste of time, money and let’s not forget that we have to keep using batteries! It’s useless! I bought myself an OralB black 7000 it has a timer plus extra heads a travel case. It’s rechargeable and holds it for 12 days. It’s also Bluetooth. DL the app and your phone will let you know how you brushed your teeth 🦷 Technology is awesome!! I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen in 10yrs Please don’t waste your money and time on the Quip.

  • I just started using a Quip about 2 weeks ago and I really like it. It gets my teeth and gums just as clean as the Sonicare it replaced. I was looking for a more minimalistic electric toothbrush that had cheaper head replacements. Quip was the answer for me.

  • brushing in the shower you waste lots of precious water. Thanks for the review.

  • Seriously a direction book for a toothbrush 😂

  • Could you please do a review on burst toothbrush?

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