Remove A Ring Stuck On A Sore Swollen Finger With Dental Floss

Today we are going to learn how to get a suck
ring off your finger. If you find that a ring is too tight to pull off all you need is a
piece of dental floss and then something to poke it under the ring and what I am going
to use today is a nail file. So if I just grab this nail file and try and poke this
dental floss under my finger like so there we go. A little bit difficult. There we are
its through. I hope this happens quick because I’m starting to lose circulation. Then what
we need to do is we just need to wrap the knuckle tightly with the dental floss just
until you sort of eliminate that bulge and then you want to take the other end that you
poked through and unwind the finger and it should start to come off the knuckle. Here
we go. it’s still tight.There we are, it should start to come off the knuckle and there you
are it’s off. Dental floss a little bit ruined but the ring iws off the finger which is a
good thing and there you are you can save yourself a trip to the emergency next time
that happens. Done.

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