*crying* Why do dentists recommend this? *intro music* (Ian) Shut up! (Anthony) Today, we’re shooting the legend of Business Boy. (Ian) It’s sort of spiritual successor to uhh.. Molester Moon and Sexual Sun. We can’t get enough of these horror emoji videos. (Anthony) We looked through the emojis and tried to find the scariest looking emoji, (Ian) He’s like an emoji blues brother ‘My activity is looking like a business man.’ (Anthony) So he’s a floating guy in a suit, and his name is actually buisness boy We looked it up and this legend, we didn’t make up. It’s a real legend that’s been around for centuries (Ian) Yep. Let’s go shoot this sh*t! (Anthony) If only buisness boy were real though, right? (Ian) Totally Who is buisness boy? (Anthony) Legend has it (Ian) *gasp* There’s a legend? (Anthony) Yeah. And it’s not about Zelda this time (Ian) F*ck! (Anthony) This is great, I got to- I feel like I got to know you a bit better (Noah) Mm-hmm, we’re now closer. (Anthony) How was the pic pack on your dick though? Did it feel good? (Noah) Uhh, little warm, it’s nice (Anthony) Yeah? Okay, good Legend has it that if you receive the business boy emojI three times he’ll- *everyone laughs* We have a part this video where we have to speak Mandarin and Olivia was nice enough to record a little video of her saying it for us. And then she typed it out for us phonetically so we could just read it, I still can’t get it and there’s only like 15 syllables. Listen to this, anyone that doesn’t speak Mandarin just- (Olivia speaking Mandarin) (Anthony attempts to repeat it) (Ian) *pretends to speak Mandarin* (Anthony) *laughs* *pretends to speak Mandarin* *everyone laughs* (Noah) *dancing* Call me business boy, here ’cause I’m the best Roy I got a ploy, Imma make money off of your noise Listen close, with your ears, cuz I can peer, into the future, where I’m near your family cuz you’re out of the picture Yeeh! (Business Boy) I’ll just be touching you (From the back) Just like your holding his hand, yeah (Ian) *trying not to laugh* What are you doing? I don’t have a literal (inaudible) (Ian) I’ll snoop around in this person’s fridge And I don’t know what this is and I’m a little bit scared It looks like congealed pig lard (??) It looks like eyeballs (Ian) Eyeballs? Maybe it’s a human Just let me ea- Barbara Walters! I’ll drink the non-fat! *crying* I don’t care if it’s a little bit less fatty, it tastes like garbage (Anthony) I’ve had a baby tooth stuck in my mouth. I finally got it out. I did the ol’ tie the string to your tooth to the door trick and it worked. It’s really smart. I would highly recommend it I swear I floss three times a day already, you don’t need to make me do this *crying* (Ian) We’re just sending important things (Anthony) Why was that already on there? (Ian) Cause there’s actually two different penises on there *laughing* This penis is driving down the road *everyone laughs* (Anthony) He’s making you do your taxes! (Ian) *loud gasp* Just like what happened to Wesley Snipes! (Anthony) I don’t get that reference! (Ian) ME NEITHER! *everyone laughs* (Ian) That does it for the (Business Boy) *creepily* Business Boy (Anthony) That’s right! (Ian) Yeah! (Anthony) Business Boy, what’s your name? (Business Boy) My name is Business Boy. (Ian) Yeahhhhh (Business Boy) I’m coming for you (Anthony) I like how you were in this whole video, but you just had the helmet And you had no skin showing. (Business Boy) No skin showing. No one will know who I am (Ian) This is Noah, guys. (Anthony) The big reveal! (Noah) Hi! (All) Woah! (Noah) Who is the skinny man? (Anthony) Leave a comment below with any other emojis that you think we can make a video about. See you guys next week. Bye Wooh! (Ian) Hey guys, thank you so much for watching. If you haven’t seen our last emoji video, Sexual Sun, Click the video on the screen and check it out.

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