Rep. Gowdy: You have Mueller with or without a dossier

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  • an effective warrior doesn't SHOUT OUT…"here I come" as he races over the hill-THATS JUST IN THE MOVIES.the law has been 'perverted'(rewritten) so highlyduring the clinton-Bush-Obary years..Trey is just IMPLICITLY?staeing whta must be done and in what 'order' to get back to logic and justice..that theonly CONSISTENT underlying theme in the new rewrites- is GREED IS GOOD.and untill killary lost-it was…I hear she bought, and now fights with OBO, overJimmy Savile's old tombstone marker? it says : IT WAS GOOD WHILE IT LASTED"?

  • Gowdy's continual praise and support of Mueller destroyed any credibility he once had.
    Gowdy talks about an intelligence investigation and a criminal investigation. But Mueller is concentrating on trying to find a connection between the Trump campaign and the Russians and completely ignoring the undeniable mound of evidence that the Clinton campaign was conspired with Russian agents. Gowdy has access to much more information than the public is and the public is very aware of this connection.
    It's also rather odd that Gowdy is so reluctant to criticize Mueller but has no problem being critical of Session.
    Here is how Mueller came to be special council. He may not have asked for the job (but he very well may have) but he certainly didn't back away from it.
    Here's the chain of events in a nutshell.

    Trump fires Comey after Rosenstein and Sessions recommend he do so.
    Rosenstein recommends Mueller for Comey's replacement.
    Trump interviews Mueller but nominates Wray instead.
    Comey leaks information in order to get a special council appointed.
    Rosenstein appoints Mueller as special counsel.

    One has to be extremely stupid or very corrupt not to see a problem with that and Gowdy is a very intelligent person. Goodbye and good riddance Gowdy. It's amazing how rapidly and how low you fell.

  • Democrat is a liar cheater corrupt party!!!

  • he wearing a mask?

  • Everyone in the IC knows that the DNC servers were not hacked. It was an internal 'leak'. Most people know it was SR. But the DNC has made it 'to be' a Russian attack. It serves their plan. So Trey Gowdy has no evidence it was a Russian hack and nor does the IC.

  • Gowdy filled. What happened? is his life in danger. All of the sudden he is with the democrats.

  • Gowdy has done a 180 here I suspect he has been threatened

  • Wait a minute. I like him but why is he acting like Mueller is just investigating Russia's role in the election? He is investigating specifically the Trump campaign and ignoring the mountain of evidence linking Hillary to Russia. There is big difference Mr. Gowdy! Trump had nothing to do with Pedesta's email hack and it is a fact that no information exchanged hands between Don Jr. and the Russian lawyer, so why is his campaign been investigated? This is not a fair investigation, this is an attack on Trump by the deep state!



  • I don't think that Trump is at all worried about colluding with Russia to win the election but more about what Mueller is discovering about his money laundering activities.

  • Gowdy is shady shit, you can tell he will go all the way to protect Her Mueller.

  • 😂😂😂 it's ok Trumpets. I know the truth hurts. Gowdy isn't seeking re-election so doesn't have to keep covering for Trump. The Mueller freight train is coming and there's no stopping it.

  • Gowdy is a traitor. Good riddance.

  • I think Mueller goes to the office everyday and plays Candy Crush.

  • The only criminal here is the makeup artist.

  • geez, did Gowdy put on his own foundation today?! O.o

  • // Muller investigation is a load of "Crap "started by Lies from the Marxist Liberals. ,Wake Up America. ??

  • OH NO NO NO NO Gowdy you just hold the phone for a minute. The DNC has not let the FBI examine thier servers yet so how can you say for certain the DNC was "HACKED"? Answer: YOU CANT!!!!! Seth Rich downloaded form the INSIDE and thats not hacking gowdy….thats appropriating. Crowdsource is NOT legitimate and their so called findings can NOT be taken seriously and until a legit intelligence agency takes a look at who ha ha ha hacked those servers there STILL should be NO Russian probe PERIOD!!!!

  • Won't listen to Gowdy a lot more. Like many lawyers, he is as much actor as lawyer. If anyone says Trump can get a fair deal with nothing but Clinton backers investigating, he is full of BS. Democrats have shown us how they can deal with facts. Sounds like he will spend his last months in congress doing this.

  • M Gowdy could he bing bought and paid for by the treasonous democRAT'S if so Im sad because I taught he will make sure justice apply I am very disappointed

  • Gowdy is a Fraud, as he knows by complaints filed by various Secretaries of State of the DHS attempting to hacking the elections! IP address was associated to DHS PC in Washington D.C.
    Likewise, he knows that an investigation originating from an unlawful warrant is considered fruit of the poisonous tree, thus inadmissable in a court of Law.
    Let us not mention the fact that it was proven and stated by the security agencies that the DNC was not hacked externally but was in fact an inside job by Seth Rich, which was why the DNC hired individuals to murder Seth!

  • Bullshit! Mueller and his team are totally corrupt. They were hand picked by the democrats and stink with collusion

  • The DNC and Clinton crime syndicate interferred on a level Russia could only dream of.

  • He is a double agent Trey is also a Traitor also Bob Mueller is a stand up guy come on if you believe that i have got some ocean front properties in Oklahoma

  • Trump why is rosenstein still their fire him now

  • Nunes turns out to be the guy we were hoping Gowdy was…

  • Tray Gowdy is protecting Mueller and should get out of Politics. By protecting Mueller and helping keep the investigation against out President is hurting America and every Citizen of this great nation. The whole Mueller investigation IS based on the Dossier. Why is Mueller not investigating the DNC servers? Tray Gowdy, every Democrat in Washington and every Main Stream Media all say " Russia hacked into the DNC Servers and John Podesta's Email" but the FBI was NEVER ALLOWED to investigate the Servers. The FBI is totally relying on information given to them by The Hillary Campaign and the DNC, which is HEARSAY. The FBI has no evidence Russia hacked into their server. A private Company hired by the DNC investigated the Server and the FBI just took their word without verifying through the FBI expert computer hacking department. Now we learn the Hillary Campaign and the DNC paid for information they knew was false about President Trump and Russia. The Mueller investigation is about weather or not Donald Trump obstructed Justice when he fired James Comey. The investigation hinges on facts if President Trump fired James Comey to stop the RUSSIA INVESTIGATION, and the Russia Investigation is based on information obtained through the FICA Warrant. We now know there would not be a FICA warrant if not for the DOSSIER. The interviews of Jared Kushner, Don Jr. and others on President Trumps Staff was conducted solely on the information obtained through the spying which was legal only because of the Dossier. The information the FBI has on Michael Flynn was based on the spying the FBI conducted because of the FICA warrant. You want to know the TRUTH. Follow the money and the source.

  • There is no purgatory. -> "And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment:" —Hebrews 9:27

  • Why does Rowdy Gowdy have orange face paint? Watch more 4D chess happen. TRUST SESSIONS. Follow Gowdy.

  • Well we think Mueller is dirty. He was dirty for Bush. He is dirty now.

  • The USA interferes world wide.

  • How do you know the DNC server was hacked when the DNC would not hand it over to the FBI for investigation…..MAGA

  • Clinton has Mueller in the bag,

  • I hope everything he said is just a smoke screen to hide his real intentions. otherwise I've lost confidence in Mr. Trey.

  • Gowdy is a traitor to the American people

  • will someone tell trey gowdy that the dnc servers were never hacked the information was leaked !!!!

  • The person responsible for the hack into the DNC and John Podesta's email has already been Punished.
    27-Year-Old DNC Staffer Seth Rich Shot, Killed in Northwest DC !

  • This is a bogus investigation based on a fake dossier paid for by Hillary Clinton in search of a crime that has come up with nothing after a year. It's time to end this farce.

  • I wouldnt be so quick to put a label on Trey Gowdy. He knows the law far better than anyone here. He knows he must be very careful with his wording. Give it time. Also, Seth Rich was a true patriot.

  • I really respected Trey Gowdy, I am really confused what he is trying to do?? Why is he not stating the facts???

  • Who is Gowdy covering for? Julian Assange said that the information was not hacked. It was a leak. Trump shouldn’t talk to Mueller.

  • Quit with the hacking story!

  • The whole point of the Special Council was to get Trump and associates on anything they could. That is why the language Gowdy speaks of at the end was thrown into the jurisdiction of the SC.
    There is no collusion w/Russia as far as Trump is concerned, Hillary and co. are a whole different subject. Mueller was never meant to charge Trump with collusion, it was always meant to be obstruction or financial.
    Look at what the pleas are so far- lying to the FBI, or financial. Nothing to do with collusion with Russia. This was a fishing expedition from the get-go.

  • #TreyGowdy has been compromised!!!

  • I respect Gowdy, but he said the same glowing things about Comey that he's now saying about Mueller.

  • Yep Trey Gowdy has sold up out, Martha he has been stringing you along, how do you feel about that.

  • He's sweating.

  • Can not believe Trey did not call this investigation bogus! Wow, thought he was more intelligent !

  • The DNC wasn't hacked by Russia. The DNC had it's information downloaded onto thumb drives, then that information was somehow provided to Wikileaks. Russia then used this information to help expose to the world the criminal activities of HRC and the DNC. Remember Seth Rich. Was he murdered for being the source of the information provided to Wikileaks?

  • fox news! Cesspool. Working for little Hitler/Trump

  • BS. Gowdy is a phony.

  • Trey Gowdy must have been threatened, as some other commenters have suggested. His statements in this interview sound like something more than just trying to be charitable. What a shame. No matter how many complex phrases he throws into the conversation, one can still hear he is being less han candid and that is not quite his former style.


  • Who got to goody goody two shoes

  • Why is Goody leaving now? Just when Trump needs all the help he can get??? I have lost my respect for this guy??? What a time to run?

  • Gowdy so wrong on this. Investigation on Russia interference is fine. investigating an opposing party in an election is wrong. Popadopolis had nothing to do with Trump campaign. Meeting in Trump tower was nothing. They have nothing. and Mueller hired every Trump hating liberal possible.I don't trust him at all. Used to really respect Gowdy's opinion, but he's really disappointing me lately.

  • George Popadopalous, theme is silly as Alexander Downer does not hang around in bars, he's our previous MP so I'm not buying the premise, why is Trey saying the DNC was hacked? It was leaked but from an insider, possibly Seth Rich which wikileaks seems to infer, by offering $20,000 for information.

  • There is no investigation of the election only Trump, if there was a real investigation that is including everything we now know of collusion with Russia from the DNC Hillary and so much more but they are more interested in covering up.

  • I usually avoid FOX news because of all the propaganda reports but this interview was not too bad

  • Muller knows full well there is no truth to this witch hunt he's on. He is in on this lie.

  • America was victim to Russian spies and you're okay with it because it benefitted your side. Look at the bigger picture Fox Zombies.

  • This is excessively perverted. Not using government technology was the root cause of any hacking, not a Trump collusion with Russia. The Dems did it to themselves. I don't see where any hacking of Dems by Russia is causing discomfort for the Dems. I do see discomfort for the Dems in a number of other areas such as Podesta stepping down, Bill meeting Lynch on the plane, Weiner and Huma and their crap, and more. I really do not see a justification for the probe of collusion with Russia by the President. This whole mess is such a bunch of horseshit. We need to clear the entire DC swamp of everyone.

  • what the hell? why is the only time these treasonous tools will speak the truth is after they decide not to run for office again.

  • Mueller will destroy Trump. It won't be a contest. It's considered a joke among legal circles.

  • The more I see this guy, the more of a Deep State actor I see. Words – Deception – Deep State Supportive – Complicates Everything as much as he can to Help Cover Up The Heads That Need To Roll & Serve Time For Their Crimes. Yes – Obama’s & Clinton’s & about 100 others.

    Gowdy wants to protect them

  • Trey Gowdy really disappoints me on that one.
    The fact that Mueller has his power extended to go outside the scope of Russia collusion, it's beyond my understanding.
    Besides, not once, anyone said: Donald Trump is accused of ….???!!! and bring substance to it.

  • #fakefoxnews lol #obamagreatest

  • How we missed the signs Gowdy???? What signs???? You just implicated the POTUS by that back-handed statment GO Gowdy Go FAKE enough of you rhetoric you have done nothing but talk and talk and got  nowhere. On to you man GO.

  • I think this comment section shows how conservatives will attack anyone who threatens their world view.

  • President Trump is no dummy; he has been clocked in @ an IQ of 158 multiple times.
    People think he is stupid; because of his conjugation and or hair. I say when you control the targets on you; you've already won.

    I think President Trump; will Trump Mueller.

  • America Demands better than a REALITY SHOW Government!

  • Gowdy doesn’t seem to care one bit whether or not the “Russian Collusion” narrative is true or not.
    Seth Rich gave the documents to Wikileaks who are NOT RUSSIAN!!! Quit with the act! Gowdy is trash… always has been. He talks a big game that’s it.

  • Gowdy just go away man… ur washed up talking about what “Russia did to us in 2016” podestas email password was given to the world for free with them using their own servers

  • Fox segment that is PURE PROPAGANDA

  • Wow, what do they have on Gowdy that gets him to defend the deep state and resign?

  • C'mon Fox… What the hell kind of make up job did you do to Gowdy? Fire that aesthetician.

  • Gowdy are you part of deep state???? Any person with common sense can see how corrupted Mueller is !!!! Are you for real???

  • @5:21. There's Obama's involvement in absolving HRC during her e-mail/Benghazi probe.

  • Americas could careless about fake news lies or Deep state liers claiming Russia Russia all LIES. Lost all Creditability we all like Gowdy & all use to have trust & faith in him. NOT ANY MORE HE KNOWS Full well its A WITCH HUNT.

  • Fully agree with Robert Havers on this. Gowdy is just still showing he is on the side of the Clintons and Obama. No sign of loyalty towards Trump. To me Gowdy has no credibility anymore. He just likes Mueller tt much for me.

  • Trey Gowdy schooling the trump sheep.

  • Hillary had an open email server. How reckless is that…..????

  • Democrats are now the new nazi party

  • wowdy giving advice, big mistake he is being given the job to restore the FBI and DOJ integrit

  • The mere fact that Gowdy has gone public with his intentions to go back SC and practice law and be a defense attorney says to me that someone found something on him that is threatening his family or marriage. He has gone from Pit bull to a Chihuahua. I find it hard to believe that he would make that bad of a career move. Men don't all of the sudden lose their drive when they are as driven as Gowdy. Someone got to him. Someone pulled his teeth like the abominable Snow man in Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer……….Hey Bumbles Bounce!!!! Go Trump Go!

  • Deep state Gowdy is getting out of Congress because his cronies are losing. He reveres Mueller as evidenced by any time he's questioned him in congress. He's good at spitting out hot air but has no results to show for it. That's not a coincidence. After theatrics on Benghazi and IRS, he's backed off and covered up. Here he's lying through his corrupt teeth. No Russian fake dossier, no Trump investigation period. Why has Mueller only gotten process crimes by associates before Trump? Gowdy's got something to hide otherwise he wouldn't be protecting criminals. If you're innocent Mr. Gowdy act like it ummm…

  • It's a freaking witch hunt. Trump didn't do anything. There's an obvious bias. They should investigate voter fraud. That'd be justice. If Mueller gives Trump a pass, he's probably scared of the second amendment n throwing the nation in chaos. Pretty obvious Gowdy wants to protect the FBI n Doj's reputation.

  • how about you all are corupt criminal child sex trafficking Satan worshipping globalist ball Lickeing puppet. You fucking pedophile child sex trafficking Satan worshipping pedophile are going to be cleaned out of the position of witch they hold. Beacuse we the people of the United States of America. Will not allow you to rail
    road our President Trump out of
    office. I do believe there will be
    some serious blood shed if that happens.

  • how about you all are corupt criminal child sex trafficking Satan worshipping globalist ball Lickeing puppet. You fucking pedophile child sex trafficking Satan worshipping pedophile are going to be cleaned out of the position of witch they hold. Beacuse we the people of the United States of America. Will not allow you to rail
    road our President Trump out of
    office. I do believe there will be
    some serious blood shed if that happens. .

  • Fuck the criminals in our government. Take our President Trump out…… That won't be very
    good idea for you ass licking Murdering pedophile sex traffic

  • Gowdy is lousy corrupt! He is talking to evade. Now he is trying to make us believe that mueller is only going where the facts lead him. He is revealed to be a common liar!

  • A great man he will be missed. I think he will be doing something else for our President

  • How scripted are these interviews? I like Trey to speak his mind freely.

  • I believe, based upon subsequent interviews and statements, that Gowdy has reassessed and learned BETTER since this interview.

  • I hate main stream news Youtube stop playing fox news show me a video from someone I'm subscribed to. Not government propaganda

  • You've been exposed Trey Gowdy you are a traitor to the country unbelievable

  • For Trey Gowdy just sticks up for Mueller when it all comes out the Audi you'll be exposed to quit with your narrative you know they're all corrupt

  • We're all awake

  • Fire the makeup person! What did they do to his face?. That's just an awful job on him . She looks ok.

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