Rescue Cat With Crooked Jaw Still Loves Showing Off Her Smile – funny cats 2019

turns her crooked jaw into a beautiful
smile the cat pictured here has an odd smile the cat named Duchess was hit by a
car in El Paso Texas and the impact messed up her jaw but dr. Maier thought
he could fix it but given the severity of the accident and her overall health
Duchess was given only a 20% chance of survival but you know we wouldn’t be
telling you this story if Duchess hadn’t survived she did survive the surgery to
fix her jaw and her other immediate health issues to properly fix her jaw
they had to remove most of Duchess his teeth and wire it after getting her
surgery Duchess would now need a new home in walks crystal Tate
when crystal first saw Duchess she was just beginning to recover Duchess had
been a stray and was very thin and then there was the crooked face none of those
things mattered to crystal she saw a young cat that needed a home crystal
came to see Duchess every day which wasn’t that hard because crystal worked
at the clinic Adobe Animal Hospital and clinic where Duchess was staying crystal
and Duchess talked and spent time together
finally Duchess healed enough that crystal could take her home crystal had
two other dogs in a cat at home and Duchess fit right in
yes duchesses jaw is still crooked but crystal says that they may be able to do
some reconstructive surgery at a later date you can keep up with Duchess on her
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