ROSE GOLD TOOTH BRUSH! QUIP Unboxing & Review with Mikey!

now guys and also welcome back I’m here
with my husband and my puppy who really doesn’t want to be in it now I did warm
and he doesn’t want a gradual okay alright you guys so today we’re going to
be doing a Quip Toothbrush unboxing or “Unbagging” this is bag! Quip
is a new brand of toothbrushes and they have like a really sleek design in
fact they actually have a rose gold thoothbrush,
yeah the gray one looks cool it kind of looks like your iPhone basic I’m kind of
excited to see what we got it yeah we don’t know what colors we have these
videos they just let me put in a request we don’t know what it is she has the
like ability to knock my toothbrush on the ground or in the cashier I think
it’s like what it’s big it’s so tiny it’s definitely an apartment size
bathroom so it always knocks over into the trash but always like honey and then
I have to disinfect it apparently have like a suction cup thing onto your
mirror so that’s so we’ll see now before we get started with the unbagging I want
to let you guys know a little bit about the whole thing
yeah so they are $25 for a plastic and 45 for the metal which is the gray the
rose gold which are really helping your the rose gold uh save me so that’s like
this startup one and that one you get like toothpaste in the brush head and
the brush itself and then every three months of yeah ten bucks ten dollars for
toothpaste and a new toothbrush or you can just do the five dollars in just get
a brush there’s some people like that dying or something so you have that
option it’s really cool so when Kourt told me about this I did
the math and it’s actually more economic and environmentally friendly for us to
go with this option because we buy the big packs at Costco and cuz of the base
and their places and not only that they come in this huge cardboard sleeve thing
and that’s plastic all around it in general over here so but you’re totally
right and I like that it looks pretty – like it’s environmentally friendly it’s
not like super expensive oh and you have like a timer it’s like the little kids
toothbrushes when you’re training up okay I think yeah how’s like a two-minute
timer and each leg has a 30 minute and 30 second intervals not 30 minutes verge
of derp I don’t have teeth but they’re not yellow do you want to open it up now
ah sure okay I rip a little earth little okay and that didn’t meet at all did not
work Hey No oh it smells meaty I walked her view
but I smelled it I want to pull what is it – you want to pull it – okay good
how did we choose the ones we wanted like actually I wasn’t even looking
pretty miracle Cheers father is the toothbrush so here we have
a clip toothbrush in the copper color it’s kind of rose gold and if you listen
closely you can hear it buzz buzz buzz sizzle it’ll be like that’s a button if
you look closely at the cue me the toothpaste is make last three months the
toothbrush heads are meant to last you three months I feel her oh so awesome
laughter yeah but that’s the thing – it’s like they actually have different
plans like they have once your family’s become one of her couples and they have
ones for senior at another you get the refills you get a travel size as well so
it’s pretty cool when you’re say old yeah we’re on the smaller that oh
there’s like we will make sure that is minty okay so no oh oh you the pea-sized
amount of the paste I see I think is like I know some people tend to use like
a lot of two things you gotta use a lot to clean you’re a little too much just
like so you’re like I’m gonna scrub my teeth until they fall off you that okay
with you yeah my cheese is clean yeah they are
I do let’s go do it yeah no let’s go we’re doing it are you going to install
this oh yeah go for it and what would be mine and oh one two three
four five it says five-second you’re right
look oh you might be wise to mind you mind fellas even know very very cool ooh
yeah like the guardians of the galaxy yes he says I’m out there you go
I can’t tell me the camber you have this physical date he says so it’s really
because of the cycles it’s a two minute long cycle of the vibration roses
yeah the vibration but it has like different quadrants I’m certainly upper
left I do differently I put the toothpaste on first I am body Ram everybody gets in on the
action coming to brush your teeth I know everything’s like no and then he’s like
yes all the peanut butter flavor but thing I really liked was that I noticed
was I kept like wanting to like move on to another like area you wanted to or
did you okay and then I realized oh like it’s still vibrating on that section
yeah and it really kind of brought to mind for me like how let’s probably
brush through brushing my teeth and maybe don’t brush them as thoroughly as
I think that I knew and I do everything with the people who created it and that
was actually like part of the reason why they created it is probably realized
they weren’t brushing their teeth long enough kind of so around it just felt
like very comfortable in the hand and it feels really luxurious because it’s
metal I am thrilled with this thank you so much to quit oh you’re coming to me
with this because this is not normally the kind of like sponsorship that I seek
out but I am really freaking happy with order is awesome any thoughts on like
this is paste or anything like that um what I feel like I needed more then I
used a half P probably yeah I think you could have done like a little like like
a nice big fat nice plump pea-sized I did like I kind of like putting it all
across in a big glob so like maybe like smear it on there a little bit I think I
thought was great I liked it cuz I hate when I’m brushing my teeth I get like my
toothpaste mouth when like it’s all like foaming at
you and I love toothpaste out yeah MRSA next time I have toothpaste mouth when
it come to be a big wet kiss oh yeah just drew it all over my mouth guys
that’ll be it for this video thank you guys so much for watching be sure to
check out clip I will have a link in the description bar down below where you can
check this out pretty cool I like it I like it I dig it
I like Thunder mess with my phone like oh does it oh it does I’m fancy I’m not
fancy no this is really pretty I actually like this color a lot that’s the next time I’ve been did your
tacky and I okay but our certification squad get the dog hair out of the
toothbrush thank you guys so much for watching and I’ll see you in my next
video remember to the Jews as you don’t get results rocketed you saw you did you
see your old things I get like what I was doing I shine up the edited video
well I use I don’t know any space to be like bike

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