“ROYAL WEDDING” — A Bad Lip Reading

***You can turn these captions off and on with the CC button So, how many animals would you say you’ve probably killed? You think I’ve kept count? Absolutely. 1,693 Giraffes You all right? Not yet Do you need a pen? Why would you need a pen? I’m not sure I think she’s brilliant Harry and Meghan Who is your favorite Harry Potter character? Hagrid Hagrid Not correct. My friends, dog food doesn’t feel so gross to the starving man If you want a hotdog, then you’ve gotta cook a hotdog – what? Put it on the stove! But you won’t get enough You won’t get enough Does it help you to eat this wiener thing? I don’t think that it does You know, I slipped and I fell into a coffin this weekend No I didn’t, it was just a dream! It was just a dream There wasn’t a coffin I said hooray! And do you know what I felt like? Like the best squirrel in the hole Now let us all try to be the best squirrel in the hole I don’t like the air in here Can you smell it? Yeah, it’s definitely strange I just got a big whiff It’s pretty bad You know, I have a surprise for you Okay It’s a golden unicycle I don’t want that That present is a fail You’ve got to learn to GLIDE AND GLINT Ohhhhhh, it’s so sad I smell a bikini! You shan’t buy a bikini He shan’t buy a bikini They can’t buy a bikini — SO SAD! And this is how I dance! You’ve got to learn to GLIDE AND GLINT I need silence You’ve got to learn to GLIDE LIKE THIS! Is it so sad? NO! Ha-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah- NO! I hope you understand we’re puppets Hmm? I said I hope you understand that we’re puppets You said we had free will No I didn’t That’s what you told me KING OF THE WORLD RULING NOTHING AT ALL KING OF THE WORLD RULING NOTHING AT ALL

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