Same But Different Part 2 – My New Face

COMM: Gabriel Cooper is embarking on life changing surgery. The identical twin was born
with Pierre Robin Syndrome, a rare condition affecting his jaw. HADIN COOPER: I realized people treated Gabriel differently when we were in school. The older
kids couldn’t figure it out because they didn’t know us. So they thought that you
know it was cool to provoke him. GABRIEL COOPER: To this day honestly I don’t really like taking photos. COMM: He’s traveled to New York with his mother for the specialist plastic surgery. Dr. Stephen Warren: How you doing this morning? Gabriel: I’m doing good.
Dr. Stephen Warren: You all set for today? We’ve got our work cut out for us. DR. STEPHEN WARREN: So our plan is to make little bone cuts on either side of the mandible
and then attach the little device here. Once we do that we’ll stop the operation today
and close things up and then over the coming thirty days we’ll turn that little device
1 millimeter a day but the device will open and lengthen the mandible so that his lower
jaw matches the upper jaw. Dr. Stephen Warren: All right, Gabriel Cooper,
member record no. 5910699 date of birth 03/18/1997. He’s got bilateral facial microsomia. SURGEON: The procedure will probably take about 2 hours maybe 3 hours total with the anesthesia. RAMONA COOPER: Today is our final visit of this phase or this stage of this traction
in New York with Dr. Warren. DR. STEPHEN WARREN: Hi, how you doing? Gabriel Cooper: Good sir, how are you?
Dr. Stephen Warren: Good to see you! Hi, welcome back! The distraction devices that we placed
at the time of Gabriel’s first operation are activated for thirty days. Once the activation
is complete, the mandible needs to heal for eight weeks, kind of like if you broke your
arm you wear a cast for about eight weeks. ‘This is really good. I’m very optimistic
that we will have accomplished our goal, which is to have brought your jaw forward far enough.’ RAMONA COOPER: He is actually, honestly more outgoing. He’s having conversations with
people that he normally would’ve just said ‘Hi and Bye’, avoided. I’ve noticed that
some of his mannerisms he’s dropped. Usually he’s out in public he has a tendency of
you know, sitting like this like he’s just out there. He’s embracing the change really
well. COMM: Before surgery, Gabriel and his identical twin, Hadin, shared few physical similarities. RAMONA COOPER: I actually do see them looking more alike. Interviewer: Do you feel like you look more like Hadin, now?

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