Scientists successfully use a gel to regrow tooth enamel. It may end Dental Fillings.

A Chinese research team has developed a gel
that can induce the growth of tooth enamel with a precise maintenance of the original
structural complexity within 48 hours. So, the Temporary Dental fillings may soon
be a thing of the past. Enamel is the hardest tissue in the human
body and contains the highest percentage of minerals (at 96%). This translucent substance is approximately
2 millimeters thick. As a highly mineralized biological tissue,
enamel is perceived as a purely inorganic substance and cannot self-repair for lack
of a bioorganic matrix including cells. Despite being the hardest tissue in the body,
enamel becomes susceptible to degradation, especially by acids from food and drink. Once enamel is damaged, people will have cavities
in teeth, which will lead to nightmarish pain. Enamel remineralization is currently deemed
as the most formidable challenge in the field of bionics. Previous endeavors to regrow enamel by using
a range of materials such as composite resins, ceramics and amalgam failed to achieve permanent
repair because of the imperfect compatibility between these foreign materials and the native
enamel. Now the Chinese research Team has proposed a novel
approach to tooth enamel regrowth. They found that mixing calcium and phosphate
ions—two minerals which are found in enamel—with the chemical trimethylamine in an alcohol
solution causes enamel to grow with the same structure as teeth. When the mixture was applied to human teeth,
it repaired the enamel layer to around 2.5 micrometres of thickness. It also achieved the same structure of natural
enamel within 48 hours. The discovery has not yet been proven to work
in the “hostile environment” of the mouth, but experts say regrown tooth enamel may be
tested in people in the near future.

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