Sensitive Teeth and Sensodyne

hello everyone today we’re going to be
talking about sensitive teeth and if you should be using a product like Sensodyne
the references thank you my child I made them by hand this is doctor
Tamisha Denis and this is the modern smile when I meet someone who says that
they have sensitive teeth I usually go through a series of
questions with them do you have sensitivity with hot? do you
have sensitivity with cold? do you have sensitivity when you have
something sweet do you have sensitivity when you have
something acid drink this liquid more please do you have sensitive see when
you bite down on something all of those symptoms mean something and I have
another video that talks about what your symptoms mean but today we’re going to
focus on sensitive teeth the reason that we have to make a distinction between
sensitive teeth and having symptoms of tooth pain is because sensitive teeth is
different than having to paint so if you look at the back of any Sensodyne label
you’ll see if sensitivity persist and I think they say two weeks if sensitivity
persists for longer than two weeks seek professional opinion of your
dentist and the reason that is is because at home sometimes we cannot
distinguish between is this tooth sensitivity or is this tooth pain to
you’ll remove now if you go to a dentist and you don’t have any cavities you
don’t have any broken teeth you have no abscesses no infections no gum disease
essentially nothing wrong with your teeth you may have something called
dental hypersensitivity and that just means that your teeth are
sensitive for no obvious reason and the reason I say obvious is because there
are other reasons that your teeth can be sensitive for example some people have
the bad habit of brushing too hard so in their mind they think that if they brush
really really good that they’re cleaning better and therefore they’ll have a
healthier mouth but sometimes it can cause an opposite problem and we call
that toothbrush abrasion that means all of that scrubbing of your teeth and I
usually find that people do that with manual toothbrushes that means just a
regular old toothbrush they tend to do a lot more scrubbing so when you scrub
scrub scrub right along the gum line you’ll start to form recession and
recession just means that gums start to go away from the tooth and expose your
root and if you have root exposure that part which is supposed to be covered by
the gum gets very sensitive especially to liquid so if you have something cold to drink
or warm cup of coffee you’ll notice you’ll get that dude that chill that
runs along your teeth for coffee huh yeah just keep it coming please sure
thanks people also with gum recession or
toothbrush abrasion will also notice that when they brush their teeth along
the gum line they’ll also be sensitive so the most important thing is to not
cause yourself unnecessary harm by brushing too aggressively because you
can brush really well without scrubbing my advice to people usually who are
brushing too aggressively is that they should probably switch to an electric
toothbrush with a sensitive head I personally use an electric toothbrush
with a sensitive head my favorite is the oral-b and it also has a little diamond
trigger that goes off when you’re pushing too hard
now some people have just begun to do that recession and if they just begun to
start having a little bit recession then they can use Sensodyne to help calm
those areas of where the recession is but sometimes if the area’s start to
become very notched out we have to put a filling to cover the piece of tooth that
you’ve lost by scrubbing too much another reason that you can have
sensitivity because you have gum disease that’s another way that you get gum
recession so what the gum disease does it destroys your bone around the tooth
and allow makes the gump recede from the tooth exposing the root of the tooth now
that can be very very sensitive in addition and again if your cavity free
and you have really no dental issues Sensodyne is also a good solution to
help call that – another reason that people will experience sensitivity is if
they use certain whitening products now whitening is notorious for causing tooth
sensitivity and that’s because depending on what kind of whitening it is it will
do either one of two things if it’s a chemical whitening product which is
hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide or other whitening agents it also opens
up the pores of the teeth to allow the whitening to penetrate and pull those
things and that can cause a lot of sensitivity so usually if I have a
patient that we’re doing in-house whitening or take home
whitening I tell them you sensitive exclusively during the time that you’re
doing your tooth whitening now there’s another kind of wedding that I do not
like which is abrasive whitening that means that the whitening agent has these
microbeads that scrub the tooth and as they scrub the tooth they’re removing
enamel so we talked a lot about the root being exposed but another thing that
causes sensitivity is something we call dentin so you have the enamel which is
the first layer of the tooth which is a white part that you know and then you
have dentin and that dentin is not meant to be exposed it’s very sensitive
after dentin is the pulp the nerves so imagine you go through the enamel into
the dentin now into the nerve and the closer you get to the deeper parts of
the tooth the more sensitive that tooth will become so when we’re using agents
that are abrasive either through brushing or through microbeads in a
toothpaste or I mean even a cavity that goes through the enamel of the tooth
into the dentin that’s where we get sensitivity so if you’re using a
toothpaste that has microbeads or micro abrasion this is not like your skin so
you say scrub scrub scrub and get all the dead pores off your skin you do not
want to remove enamel and I don’t really not naturally can you make the enamel
grow back so once you’ve lost it unless a dentist is going to repair your tooth
with a filling or a crown you will not get it back so what sense that I does it infuses the
pores of the tooth is something called potassium nitrate so that it can block
the liquids and everything from causing your tooth sensitivity
unfortunately teeth only feel one thing and that’s pain they don’t know how to
feel oh I feel so cool and nice or oh that’s so warm and cozy teeth only know
how to feel pain so basically you’re either feeling nothing or you’re feeling
pain that’s it that’s all teeth know how to feel it blots the pain signal that
enter to the tooth and cause pain to keep your teeth from feeling those highs
and lows of the things that you eat basically it’s a fist
barrier that covers up those little tubes and keeps the pain signal from
going through the enamel into the dentin into your nerves usually if you use
sensitive toothpaste for about two weeks you’ll start to feel the difference so
if you have to avoid ice cream or avoid your cold drink or your iced coffee or a
slushie or hot cup of coffee or warm soup that means maybe you should
consider using something like fence and ice to help you enjoy your foods again
and what RT for better to enjoy food I hope you learned something about
Sensodyne and when it’s appropriate to use it because you really have sensitive
teeth or you have a dental issue so just make sure you’re responsible if you have
pain that persists go and see your dentist and at least find out what’s
going on but we’re here for if you like this video make sure that you give it a
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  • Very informative!!! Thank you soooo much! I have just purchased a night guard earlier today and I hope it helps me as my sensitivity to mostly cold, and at times sweets has gotten worse last two weeks. Dentist did X-rays and my teeth look good and no cavities but the recession is obvious. Also, I think I may be brushing a little more faster and aggressively than I need to. My dentist could tell I grind my teeth, I couldn’t believe it because I don’t feel sore, no headaches when I wake up. I also have popping/locking jaw, has it for years… no pain though, only that damn tooth sensitivity… and so does my dentist, so it’s nice to get advice from not only a dentist but one who knows exactly what I am feeling!! 😌. Thanks again!!! 🤗

  • The clips.. Major detraction

  • Can I just say I LOVE your editing?

  • Get to the point stop the cut in very annoying.

  • The video would have been better, if you didn't add all the silliness.

  • Okay, I have no dental issues, no cavities and no gum receding.

  • I dont have sensitive teeth everywhere and it dont bother me most of the time i will sometimes use senodyne or the colgate for sensitive teeth and still use a non sensitive toothpaste product and a very soft toothbrush sometimes my teeth are effected to sweets it depends on what im eating i can handle hot and cold very well

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