Shark Attack: Divers Narrowly Avoid The Jaws Of A Great White

COMM: This is the terrifying moment a group of cage divers got up close and personal with
a Great White shark. 00:11
COMM: The giant predator rammed into the steel cage, and tried to bite through with it’s
large serrated teeth, during a diving expedition near Gansbaai in South Africa. 00:23
COMM: Cedric Alexanderson who captured the encounter, later recalled the heart stopping
moment in a phone interview. 00:30
CEDRIC: It was an incredible feeling, it came so fast and got stuck straight away, I didn’t
really have time of what was happening, it was almost like a scene from a film, I could
see the gums inflating as it’s chomping down on nothing, trying to take a bite. All I could
really say is I was in awe of what I was staring at. 00:50
COMM: An endangered species, Great Whites can detect small amounts of blood from up
to three miles away, and was attracted to the cage when chum was thrown into the water. 01:01
MAN: You almost died bro! You almost died! 01:06
COMM: Cedric’s first shark dive may have been scary, but he can’t wait to get back into
the water. 01:14
CEDRIC: I came so close to death but something so beautiful, all I can say is I’d definitely
do it again.

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  • That was cool

  • He's gonna wash that swimming suit real good 

  • When was the cage open I'm confused.

  • Shark Attack: Divers Narrowly Avoid The Jaws Of A Great White


    A GREAT White Shark attempted to bite through a metal cage and EAT a group of first time divers. Cedric Alexanderson – who described it as the closest he has ever been to death – caught the full terrifying encounter on camera. Cedric was diving in Gansbaai off the coast of South Africa when he came face to face with the fearsome predator.

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  • Big deal. I avoid Sharks daily.

  • How was that beautiful that looked scary as fuck

  • Maybe the shark was just like your lucky your in a cage bitch CHOMP
    The shark could have genuinely just wanted to scare the human. Since we are basically just fucking with them because we hide in a cage and they can eat anything in the ocean. So its like teasing them. Although some divers actually go down with chain mail suits. but i think they only do that with small sharks… a big one could swallow a man with chain mail easy and probably break the chain mail in some cases where the shark is astronomically strong.

  • the shark had no intention here purely a mistake sharks are very gentle and playful animals they should be pampered and taken care off. 
    So that more humans can be sacrificed and fed to these lovely animals >:]

  • I think things like this are dickish. You lure the damn thing over with blood and then get shocked it's coming after you? For all it knows you're a seal. It's teasing the poor thing. 

  • If a shark bite you. Bite you the shark. I learn that the human has more bacterias than a komodo dragon becaus ethe human eat whatever they see that have color!!!! The shark will die slowly

  • If you tease it with blood or fish parts, IT WILL FUCKING ATTACK! If you don't tease them, they won't hurt you! PERIOD

  • This is NOT a "shark attack" this is people luring the poor shark with bait dangerously close to the cage.. This is not the shark's fault, its the humans. Misleading titles like this continues to give sharks a bad name, shame on you BarcroftTV!

  • Stay out of jaw's hood

  • Shark attack??? More like they dangled bloody food in front of the sharks face, causing him to ram the cage. Just like shining a laser against a wall for a cat. They just title it "Shark Attack" in hopes of getting more views. Get off of the bullshit train people.

  • I don't get what's so 'big' about this, there in a cage, so it's not really like they're 'narrowly' missing the jaws of the great white…

  • How come I never see people of other races do this?

  • if your pouring blood in the water infront of people, what did you expect to happen

  • When will these cunts learn to make the hole in the front of the cage smaller .

  • dumb people. so close to death? more like stupid tourist in the safety of a cage watching the shark being fed, and while trying to get to the food accidentally rammed into the cage. he had no intention of trying to eat those people in the cage. the way they talk as though they had done some great feat. lol

  • what bs they narrowly survived?  The divers where in a shark cage they were never in any real danger.

  • Close to death!!!! Not even close!! Get out of that cage and you'll be close to death or die!!!

  • this is why ill never go underwater…

  • stupid

  • The shark wanted the fish but ended up crashing into the cage. Poor shark.

  • thats what she said.

  • When will humans learn….

  • looks fun! i cant wait to do this!!

  • This video is so misleading. Go fuck yourselves. It's you fuckers that creates a bad reputation for these animals.

  • a bit exaggerated iam afraid

  • white people problems

  • Avoided? They intentionally had the sharks charge them. Dumbasses.

  • What were they expecting when they throw meat and blood for a shark? A hug by a shark? People would do anything for publicity or thrill and these divers are no different.

  • this is not even close to death !!!

  • All these idiots are doing are teaching sharks that humans are food.

  • copyright my arse. just use youtube downloader.

  • almost died and still giving a thumbs up

  • Are you sure he wasnt trying to free them

  • Is this what not the cage is for? So the sharks can get close, without injuring people…. I thought that was the idea.

  • It didn't try to eat the divers, it was going for the piece of meat used to lure it in.

  • It didn't try to eat the divers, it was going for the piece of meat used to lure it in.

  • XD They misunderstood this video! Bruce was just introducing himself…

  • One of the guys looks like commander riker.

  • What a fucking joke! A guy is dragging a big chunk of fish towards the cage and the shark follows it.
    These fucking idiots in charge of these shark dive expeditions should be thrown into the chummed water.
    Put a load of blood chum into the water plus baits then put some humans in there, great way to teach an apex predator to associate humans and boats with food… Utter fuckwits..
    If you go on one of these dives you're a fuckwit!

  • This is so fucking stupid.

  • It was trying to bite the bait you fucking idiots. 

  • This isn't the first, or worst,  time this has happened. Anyone see the video of the shark getting it's head stuck and ripping the cage apart? Why they hell do they design shark cages with such large viewing vents?

  • shame on that dive operation for being irresponsible!   You don't put the bait so close to the cage so that the shark hits it and you don't pull it over the cage.  
    the shark is completely not at fault – but i'd not go diving with them…

  • this is how idiots die…

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