She Has a Vampire Tooth!!

(dramatic drum beat) – [Shaun] That’s gnarly. Good morning, girls! – Good morning! – [Shaun] I have a surprise! – What is it? – [Shaun] It’s for mommy. Do you want to give that to mommy? – Mommy! – Oh, it’s a ring! Pretty!
– It’s not just any ring. – It isn’t? – [Shaun] It’s a best friends ring. Look. I have one, too. Remember how I lost my wedding ring? – [Jenny] Cute. – [Shaun] (grunts) Help, push it! (Jenny laughs) Adley, look, we got best friend rings! Pretty? Isn’t that awesome looking? Pretty cool, huh? – It is pretty cool. And it matches my nail polish.
(Adley laughs) (Shaun mimics Adley’s laugh) – All right, I’m gonna miss you girls. High fives! (Adley laughs) Oh, oh-oh-oh. (Jenny laughs)
No, I want hugs! Oh, big hugs! Mwah!
– Whoa! – I want big hugs from mom. Mwah. Group hugs! Everybody hugs! (all groan) I’m gonna miss you guys. (Adley laughs)
(Shaun laughs) Will you say bye to the vlog? – Bye, vlog! – Bye, vlog!
– Bye! – You guys are coming with me. Actually, you guys should film today, because guess where Adley’s going? (Adley sneezes) Gross! – Dentist. – The dentist?
– The dentist? What’s he gonna do? – Look at my teeth. – [Shaun] Let me see your teeth. Let me see ’em.
– Show the vlog your teeth. – [Shaun] Oh, is she gonna look at ’em? – Mm-hmm. – [Shaun] Okay, good luck at the dentist. And then we have one more
surprise for Holiday. These are my buddy’s ring company that came over the other day. PlayStation gaming ring. For your ad, right? My buddy Mike made it. Stoic. We’ll link in the description
if you like the rings. Holiday’s picking us up. We’re going to the airport. Goodbye, girls.
(Adley cries) Ring power? (imitates whip crack) (Adley laughs)
Love you, bye! What’s up, boys? Are you going to the airport with us? Good morning. – [Albert] Welcome to Mcdonalds. – [Shaun] That headset, though. – Can I take your order?
– He’s a businessman. Gary V, where you at? He’s actually controlling the radio towers for the airport. He’s late for work. He’s all, “Okay, yeah,
you’re cleared for landing. (PA system drones) (Shaun laughs) You got this? – I’m strugglin’. – [Shaun] This would be a good time lapse. (Albert grunts) (Shaun laughs)
– I did it. – [Shaun] By, boys! Bye! Hey, hey! Bye! Over here. (hand thumps) (“Bridal Chorus” by Richard Wagner) Thanks for being my business partner. – I am I getting proposed?
(Shaun laughs) Oh my gosh, this is happening! – Look how dope this is.
– What is this? – The money ring! Shredded $100 bills in gold, bro. – Oh my god. – Dude, get a close-up on this ring. Look at this. – [Holiday] How’d you know my ring size? – [Shaun] Look at that. I asked Lori for your ring
size like three weeks ago. – It’s never coming off my finger. – [Shaun] Pound it. See you man.
– See you, Albert. – Hold up the fort of the Spacestation! Two surprises and we’re at the airport and we’re having the best day ever. High fives! Let’s do this. Welcome to the vlog! (laughs) There’s Albert. Here’s me. I don’t know. We need to figure out
how to get in this lane. How do we get in this clear
line where it’s, like, faster? – We do enrollments right over
there if you’re interested. Takes about four minutes.
– I am interested. Not this time, but I need to do it. We’re gonna do the clear thing someday, because that thing is, it’s not a line, you just go in. We need that. We are going to San Diego
Social Media Marketing World. I am speaking. I’ve got a keynote, and
I’m gonna be on a panel and it’s gonna be awesome, and we brought Albert. Fun stuff! I’m filming on my phone right now. This camera just is too aggressive
to film during security. That’s my backpack. My bag’s not here. I think when I surprised
Holiday with the ring, I left my bag on the curb. Come over here. Oops. We’re already through security. We gotta go back and get it. Found it. Back to the other side
of the airport. (laughs) Let’s go! Oh, man. I have sat on this exact same airplane in this exact same seat before. Remember that? Brandon, see if you can find the clip where I kicked that before. (metal clacks) Seat 12A. I got you again. – Are you ready?
– Mm-hmm. – [Jenny] We’re here. – [Woman] Are you Miss Adley? – [TV] They tell you where
to go and how to dress. – Oh, it’s a dra-dah! – [Jenny] (gasps) That’s us! Let’s see! – We’re gonna come over here, Adley, and we’re gonna pick out
a toothbrush first, okay? So, I’ve got Tangled,
Cinderella, Little Mermaid, or Ninja Turtles. Which one do you want? Tangled? Do you wanna hop up in the big blue chair? So, this is her first visit? – [Jenny] Yep. – [Assistant] Just gonna lay you down. – [Jenny] She’s like, what is this? What you watching? – Tangled. – [Jenny] Mm-hmm. – [Assistant] It smells
good, can you smell it? Does that smell good? – Mm-hmm. – This is my toothbrush. It doesn’t look like a
normal toothbrush, does it? It spins around. Do you see that? Do you see it spinning? And then it tickles. Tickle-tickle-tickle-tickle. Should we try tickling a tooth? I’m gonna put some toothpaste in there. – Yep, open up your mouth! (gasps) Good job! Guys, Adley did so good! She got her teeth brushed, the dentist looked at her teeth. They said they look amazing! But the only thing we need to change is Adley needs to start flossing. I always just thought she has giant gaps in between her teeth, which is actually good, they told me, for when her permanent teeth comes in. But we still need to floss, so floss your kids’s teeth, guys. The lesson we learned today. We’re gonna start flossing, huh? (laughs) Adley’s not too sure about it. She got a sucker, a
balloon, and a little toy. She is pumped. What are we doing? – We cars wash! – [Jenny] Yeah! (“Wonderful” by Dyalla) Whee, was that so fun? – Mm-hmm. – [Jenny] Do you like the carwash? – Mm-hmm. – Guys, my back door, this morning I started my car, and it keeps beeping, and I
don’t know why it’s beeping. And I tried unlocking it and
opening it and shutting it, and it keeps beeping, and
it beeps when I drive, and it’s really annoying. Like, it’s clearly shut. Not anything’s gonna fall out, but bah! It’s annoying. Dark in here. We are filming some box fort videos for Adley’s channel. It’s gonna be so fun! And this is her secret room. She doesn’t even know about it yet. But we’re putting glow sticks everywhere. It’s still a work in progress. But hey look, there’s my star! It’s gonna be so fun. Go check it out. – Hey, man.
– Hey, we need to– – Sorry, just waiting on one more person. – [Shaun] Oh, sorry, I
thought that was you! (“Wonderful” by Dyalla) I jumped those stairs on my skateboard. – Those ones?
– Yeah. Fun fact for you. I probably filmed it, but I
have no idea where to find it. I’m not gonna make you look
for the footage, Brandon. I love you. Don’t look for the footage. Just trust me on that one. Guy was confused. He put the cheese on first and then the sauce on top of that. – It’s a little backwards. – I mean, good try though. It looks delicious. Just, you did it backwards. – [Albert] Yo, look at the sunset. – [Shaun] It’s really cool. I like this hotel. Did you know there’s a swimming pool here? – There is?
– We’ll go swimming tomorrow. – [Albert] I’m in. – Focus on me. Hey, whuh? It’s like a game! Someone should make that an app. You try to focus on Shonduras. Work! Why won’t you focus? Wait. Hey! All right. So, we’re in San Diego. We went to a bunch of meetings and stuff. Now we’re at my cool hotel. You saw the awesome sunset. Now we’re going to a party on a boat! But before the boat party, I gotta say, I just got off of FaceTime
with Adley and Jenny. They are killing it today. Adley tried big girl pants
for the first time today, an Adley did super good. She went the whole day
with only one accident. But Jenny took care of it. Good job, Jenny. They went to the dentist today, and Adley’s teeth looked really clean because we always brush ’em. And then Jenny filmed it. No, she made a box fort and filmed a video with Adley today, and all of that while Jenny’s pregnant! She’s like a Wonder Woman mom. The Wonder Mom. She’s the best mom ever,
that’s what Jenny is. Babe, I’m proud of you. Anyways. We gotta go to a boat party now. (“Wonderful” by Dyalla) Crowded bus. That’s a boat. We got churros. This is frozen popcorn! Thank you. – [Server] You’re welcome. – [Shaun] Wow. – [Shaun] That’s gnarly. And we got pizza. (“Wonderful” by Dyalla) (creepy orchestral music) – Aah!

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