Should you get a sleep study? – SLUCare Health Watch

In your health watch this morning
many people wake up they’re tired and they don’t know why. One SLUCare
specialist looks for answers by sending patients, back to bed
Kim Hudson is on the HealthWatch SLUCare pulmonologist and sleep medicine
specialist Dr. Joseph Espíritu says patients can expect to wear several
monitors for a sleep study at the SLUCare Sleep Disorders Center have wires on their scalp to monitor the brainwaves airflow monitors to see if
they are stopping breathing EKG for their heart rhythm A sleep study offers
valuable insight about a patient’s overall sleep health, Dr. Espíritu and
his team of specialists then use that data to treat the sleep disorder which
may be rooted in physical as well as psychological issues oh if I don’t sleep
at night I won’t be able to function the next day and the psychiatrist’s or the
clinical psychologist could help correct some of those negative thoughts patients can provide critical health data and get answers all while sleeping through the
entire study on the Health Watch I’m Kim Hudson

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