Skype Keyboard Commands with JAWS

(Narrator:) Skype Keyboard Commands. [Intro music fades] If you’ve attended our trainings before you probably know that we don’t promote
memorizing long lists of keyboard commands. However there are two commands within Skype that I highly recommend you commit to memory. With your Skype window in focus press INSERT or JAWS Key+H, as in Hotel,
to bring up a list of JAWS specific keyboard commands for Skype. To view a
list of all of the general Windows keyboard commands for Skype press INSERT or JAWS Key+W, Whiskey. Again that’s JAWS Key+H, Hotel. JAWS Key+W, Whiskey. If I try either of these commands, for example JAWS Key+H. (JAWS:) Link to press the back button in the active conversation. Press CTRL+JAWS Key+B. Link to move to the chat edit field for the active conversation. Press CTRL+INSERT+E. (N:) A list of
commands appears in the virtual viewer on screen. You can select, copy, and paste text within the virtual viewer as well as use the arrow keys to read with JAWS.
It’s the same scenario with JAWS Key+W, Whiskey. With Skype in focus, we’ll try it.
(J:) To open the notification panel press CTRL+I to open app settings. Press CTRL+Comma- (N:) JAWS will provide you with a fairly long list of general Windows
commands that will function in Skype. Freedom Scientific, a Vispero brand. [Outro music] If you are interested in other training please visit us on the web at And on YouTube on our Freedom Scientific Training channel.

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