Sleep Apnea Treatment

There has been leaps and bounds difference
between the different stuff that you can wear. You can wear stuff that covers just your,
between your nose and your mouth. You can wear stuff that just covers your nose. All that stuff that is available
now, a lot quieter, very digital. They have different versions of,
so they have travel version. So you’re not lugging around a
suitcase full of machinery or anything like that. It will prop right next to the side of your bed, and you really won’t notice the difference other than you do have something that will hook on. But it’s so quiet and for the most
part you have better sleep from it. So you kind of don’t care because
now you’re getting longer hours of sleep, you’re waking up, you’re feeling refreshed, and not feeling like you’re going to crash.
So you just feel a lot better.

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