Sleep Apnea

if you have obstructive sleep apnoea your breathing pauses for brief periods while you’re asleep normally when you breathe in air flows in through your mouth and nose and down your throat also called the pharynx air then flows down your windpipe or trachea spreading through a tree like structure of smaller tubes into your lungs each time you breathe in negative suction pressure pulls the soft tissues in your mouth and pharynx inward the muscles in your pharynx respond by pulling the soft tissues outward again which keeps your airway open when you sleep it’s normal for the muscles in your mouth tongue and pharynx to relax slightly but not enough to block your airway if you have obstructive sleep apnoea the muscles of your mouth and pharynx may relax too much your tongue drops on to the soft tissue in the roof of your mouth pressing it against the back of your throat this completely blocks the flow of air into your lungs the lack of oxygen in your lungs wakes you up you may gasp for air to re-establish air flow before falling asleep again the cycle of apnea and waking up may happen many times at night preventing restful sleep factors that may contribute to obstructive sleep apnea include obesity because more fat may be present in the walls of the pharynx a small or receding jaw with a narrowed airway loss of muscle tone in your pharynx due to aging and swollen tonsils common symptoms of obstructive sleep apnea are snoring morning headaches chronic daytime sleepiness fatigue irritability and impaired concentration left untreated obstructive sleep apnea may lead to complications such as high blood pressure heart disease irregular heartbeats called arrhythmias stroke and diabetes your doctor may recommend lifestyle changes to treat obstructive sleep apnea including losing weight sleeping on your side not smoking and avoiding substances that can make you sleepy such as alcohol and sedatives for mild or moderate obstructive sleep apnoea an oral appliance may keep your airway open this device works by pulling your jaw forward and moving both your tongue and the roof of your mouth away from the back of your throat the most common and effective treatment for obstructive sleep apnea is a continuous positive airway pressure or CPAP machine this machine pumps air through a tube into a mask that fits over your nose or both your nose and mouth the mild air pressure of the CPAP machine helps keep your airway open enabling you to get a deep restful sleep

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  • More in males than females?

  • What about brain chips?

  • That tongue tho

  • I always sleep on stomach and side, so do i still need to worry?

  • I fell asleep in 3rd grade because I was tired and I fell off my chair and landed on the ground and got the air knocked out of me and I could not breathe for 10 minutes but I kept gasping for air and when I could breathe again my whole class looked very worried my crush was crying and so were my friends and the teacher, and I went to the doctor, and they diagnosed me with sleep apnea and I’m scared to sleep 😔😔💔💔

  • This condition made not only my married life but also my very existence awful. My husband couldn’t sleep and we wound up in separate rooms. After using this sleep apnea treatment ( check the link below ), my loud snoring has all but ended. now and I’m not gasping for breath as I was, my husband and I now have the same bed once again.

  • I am glad I did the Spectum diviated surgery. now my snoring is gone.🧘🏻‍♂️🧘🏻‍♂️🧘🏻‍♂️

  • Im only 9 and i have apnea i choke at 2: AM my parents told me every 2:AM

  • Great information on sleep apnea in this post. See link

  • Sleep apnea does kill

  • I go camping ever summer
    There’s no electricity where I go
    Sooo, I guess I leave my machine at home then or is there a battery operated version???

  • One time I dreamt about swimming in the ocean and drowning. Woke up gasping for air, light headed, and crying. I think it happened because the day before that, I nearly drowned at the beach

  • Will risk it coz life without risk isn’t worth living. So what can u do lol.

  • I’ve had sleep paralysis before but idk if that’s similar to this even tho I couldn’t breathe during the paralysis

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  • Yeah… like sleeping with that shit on your face is relaxing and conforting… Geez…

  • please sir Hindi mai bhi video banao

  • sleep on ur right side, put ur head on 3pillors plus hole ur head back.did this for 50 yrs no problem.Praises The Lord

  • ارجوا وضع ترجمة الى عربية.

  • This condition made not only my married life but also my very existence awful. My husband couldn’t sleep and we wound up in separate rooms. After using this sleep apnea treatment ( check the link below ), my loud snoring has all but ended. now and I’m not gasping for breath as I was, my husband and I now have the same bed once again.

  • I have obstructive sleep apnea. The sleep study showed that I stopped breathing roughly 186 times an hour, not a night but every single hour. It was one of the worst cases the sleep specialist I was seeing at the time had ever seen. I now use a CPAP machine every night. Still absolutely fatigued every single day though. My sleep specialist has me on 40 mg of Adderall per day to combat the daytime sleepiness.

  • Ever time I wake up gasping for air (freaking out) … I would put my finger in and just open my throat … I don't know why I do that but I just do

  • I really have to get my shit together 🙁

  • Try a ketogenic Atkins diet…cut out all carbohydrates & the weight disappear.
    Works for people suffering from diabetes type 2, arthritis and high BP.

  • Cpap machine sale, servicing.

  • Just sleep sideways lol

  • Could this problem be solved temporaryly by sleeping on to right side?

  • Its like choking on your own tongue :/ not cool

  • I think i have this


  • My dad died 2 months ago in his sleep due to Obstructive sleep apnea…

  • You don't have to be a veteran and a boy to have PTSD and severe sleep apnea i am a girl and I have both and I am at the point in my life where I say what's next am I going to get hit by a magical coconut dropping from the sky lol

  • I have sleep apnea im only 14 yrs old

  • Why did I laugh at 1:55

  • Does this make you wake up and sweat buckets ? Like you just got out the bath ? Recently dreamt i couldnt breathe and i woke up exhausted and ive always woke up drenched

  • when i wake up from a dream i cant open my eyes,i cant move my body,i cant breathe

  • On 12th June 2019 night(today's night) in sleep I paused my breath for 3-4 minutes(involuntary), I get up from bed and walking for something(air) holding my neck with hand, I don't even know what happened till my parents said,all is done but I'm not knowing what is happening, I got conciousness after 4 mins of sleep paused by their sounds(crying, screaming)
    Can you help me to get out of this situation

  • I’m scared now 😱

  • If the problem is the tonsils, wouldn't the most likely solution to have said tonsils removed?

  • Can you die from this?

  • Can this happen to a 12 year pls?

  • Avoid instant coffee addiction

  • I was sleeping then i rolled over and my face was on my pillow and I couldn’t breathe for like 1 minuet 30 and then i woke up and i thought i was dead

  • I am 16 y.o ,I dont think i have sleep apnea because when i try to sleep sometimes i cant breath and mostly my heart beat very fast and when it ends i will think it was a dream but once i opened my eyes and it wasnt a dream..english isnt my first language so sorry about that but what do you think about it?or did you understand anythingi write 🙂?

  • My Sleep Apnea journey begins 🙂

  • Thank you very much for such informative video

  • I faced this problem so many times, even in day time sleeping also but now I'm good


  • Is sleep apnea normal?
    Once i wake up i have headache in the morning. Im 12 years-old

  • Remember kids, sleep apnea is for SAMPLE USE ONLY

  • Every time I run into bed and I lay flat then my heart beats fast and my breath shortens, I need answers plzzz

  • I have it and I’m 13……

  • Fuck i can't sleep! Mf snores to loud!

  • This channel is great 😍

  • I don't think your tonsiles are outside your esaphogus

  • I know this is an old video. But I have a question, is it possible that it would block me from breathing out? I have a problem when sometimes when I'm falling asleep I can't breathe out.

  • This never happened to me but I once had my covers over my mouth and when I tried to breathe in through my move it sucked them in and I woke up gasping for air, I imagine that’s how it feels like and it’s uncomfortable asf you end up coughing

  • 7 Easy Fixes for Snoring

  • people say i snore a lot, i think they lied. I've never heard myself snoring

  • One time I had a dream where I was drowning and then I woke up and gasped for air thanks God I gasped for air

  • Dont know if its sleep apnea, but sometimes, when I sleep I cannot breathe and can't even move my body or hands. So Im just wondering if having sleep apnea includes not being able to control and move your body. Cause you know its rlly scary.

  • I love sneezing when having difficulties with my breath

  • Humans have to be the most flawed and pathetic creatures on earth

  • Lol, at face value, at 3.01 it sounds like you're saying lack of air passing through causes diabetes! 🤣😂 But I get that bad diet and genetic factors cause it… Perhaps you should clear that up?! Or is this a video for people that don't know any better!? 😂

  • I’m 14 I can’t sleep until 3am or 4am I woke up cuz I couldn’t breathe and was gasping for air I breath heavy at night so I have my pillow at a angle and I’m still to young to have high blood pressure

  • I have sleep apnea and sometimes right in the middle of it, I will have a dream that my jaw is shut and cannot open, In my dream I will take both of my hands and try to pry my mouth open while I am suffocating for air, griping the top and bottom sets of my teeth trying to get a finger in between to pull them apart. Then finally I wake up gasping and and try to turn my body around to stop it. I almost always wake up with a headache. But when I went to a Carnivore Diet, after about 3 months I noticed I had been getting much better sleep, and almost never have that occur again.

  • Jaw surgery cures sleep apnea

  • I’m scared to sleep bc when I sleep sometimes my breathing stops but now I watched this I feel better kinda…

  • sunnat k mutabq so right side turn ho kr koi problem qareeb nhi aay gi InshaAllah.

  • Just jam a Fucking tube into your mouth and into your throat and lungs so you can Fucking breathe BOOM THE DAMN PROBLEM IS GONE

  • I couldnt breathe last night I was scared…

  • Who all has woken up unable to move, breath and speak? I used to think dying in your sleep would be peaceful. Now I'm scared shitless.

  • My brother passed away from sleep apnea he was also overweight too on 43 years old , my little brother has it too but wears a mask to sleep

  • Omg I stop breathing when I was dreaming a clown from the it was on the stage and when on the end show many audience run around the stadium through the hospital and then I can’t can’t stop breathing so I BREATH!!!! finally oh my…

  • I think my boyfriend has this but he won't take it seriously

  • I have faced this problem last night at 4 am. before that i did not know about it. My breathing was completely stopped for 10 to 15 secs. It was scary

  • Oh that’s what happening to me lately.. 😲

  • It happens to me every single night even I went to the hospital but M still facing this kind of problem

  • Is it true, I read somewhere, that when you have sleep apnea your body doesn’t rest well enough, hence you’re not as productive during the day in the workplace during the day? I read that it’s specially if you have an office job or work in front of a computer kind of job

  • i cant breath at night. its really painful

  • Think you

  • If this happens to you, just sleep on your chest. I do that and it's comfortable

  • My dad kept waking up so ima try and help him

  • So informative

  • Jesus Christ my mom won't stop snorning !!!

  • I wear my mask and I still wake up every 2-3 hrs… doctor have set it and same results.. I sleep longer without it, but I stop sleeping without it cause I've read where ppl die from not wearing it.. And I want to know can you die while having your CPAP mask on?

  • Yet again vegans win

  • Sleep apnea makes most Americans sick ! This hospital in Switzerland can cure sleep apnea with surgery by cutting the jaw and moving it foward 2.5 centimeters … need 70 thousand U.S. dollars! very expensive plus the trips to Switzerland – Zurich .

    you can contact me for information I had this surgery is done…. [email protected]

  • I have sleep apnea and it sucks

  • thanks to this video I have started manually breathing

  • Who else starts feeling this after lookin at it 😣

  • i think i have this i’m only fourteen but i only sleep with my mouth open but during the day i breath with my nose and i don’t always sleep with my mouth open.. only sometimes maybe like 2 days out of 7

  • I don't wake up gasping for air but I do notice when I wake up that my mouth is open. Is this bad? Do I have sleep apnea?

  • I'm sorry to you all.

  • Fuck the bad side effects of smoking.

  • Comments = 666 🎅

  • I've been wondering if I have this but I don't ever remember gasping for air. I snore loud but I do mainly sleep on my side or stomach. I mainly just get sleep paralysis or my head/brain feels funny. Ever waken up to your body being super sensitive and a vibration feeling in your forehead?

  • iam a mouth breather bcos I have chronic nose block
    tonsil infection and allergy
    headache while reading or giving stress
    less concentration
    short memmory lose
    sometimes hyperactive
    but not have problems while sleeping and not wake up unnecessarily from sleep
    did I have sleep apnea
    and affecting with all facial deformity, nose bended
    now spine is hearting due to bad lying posture
    easily get tired while playing and muscle cramps

  • My friend's doctor told him to use a product called Amino Alliance that was developed by a professor of organic chemistry in Europe that's now also made and available in the US. After I looked in to it I heard that Arnold Schwarzenegger and other celeb's are using it too.

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