Sleep Study – Patient’s Perspective

what brought me to the Sleep Lab for very
first time was the fact my wife had brought up that I was heavy snorter and we had asked Dr. Crowd specifically about sleep apnea. at that time I also was probably about 95- bout ninety pounds heavier than when I currently am today
at that point that’s what initiated the Sleep Lab in the sleep study that was
done to diagnose me with my sleep apnea yet
the whole experience some was was really simple it was easy the technicians that were there assisted you made you very comfortable the room was quite pleasant it was a
nice it was meant to make you feel as if you were at your home so to speak the technicians
committed that what it is that they needed to do told you did kinda follow your normal routine do the
things that you would normally do be as you were preparing to go to bed at
night and I probably the most cumbersome part was in the process of them doing all that
you do have to have a lot of wires on you so to speak but that’s all for the process of
monitoring you why you sleep so it was a very simple process overall I
feel tremendously better I found that I’m
able to concentrate better I don’t feel tired during the day I’m able to focus better on my work I
feel like I have a lot more energy to do those things that I want to do outside
of work as well exercise spending time with my family
those types of things instead of saying, all I’m really tired when I get home I’m
gonna sit on the couch and do nothing I don’t have that feeling anymore I
would definitely suggest anyone that has any types have sleeping problems individuals have
told them you snore and they don’t believe you I would definitely suggest to them to consider at least going through the
process its very, a non-invasive process it’s a very simple process and it really
can benefit you for a lot of things throughout your life I
make you feel a whole lot better if you actually have some type of sleep problems if you think
you may have a sleep disorder and wish to see a Summa sleep medicine
specialist please call or visit us on the web

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