SnoreMedic: Snoring Mouthpiece Review (2018)

This is a review of SnoreMedic for The review will show you what comes in the
box, how to fit the mouthpiece, results from a patient after wearing the mouthpiece and
cleaning tips. When it arrives, SnoreMedic comes in this
box. Inside the box you’ll find instructions for
fitting the mouthpiece along with the mouthpiece in its case. Here you can see the instruction booklet which
comes with SnoreMedic. One side of the booklet shows you how to fit
the mouthpiece while the other side gives warning for people who should not wear the
mouthpiece. Here you can see the mouthpiece case, inside
of it is SnoreMedic, wrapped in a plastic bag. The mouthpiece comes with a fitting plug which
is used to help keep the front airway open during the fitting process. Here you can see SnoreMedic up close before
the fitting process. The mouthpiece is made of a soft material
which can bend, as illustrated here. Before fitting the SnoreMedic, you should
look closely at it to see the word “top” printed on the top side of the mouthpiece. You will need to place the top of the mouthpiece
on your upper teeth quickly once the mouthpiece is heated. To fit SnoreMedic, first boil water. Then, let the water sit for 20 seconds. After 20 second, submerge SnoreMedic into
the boiled water for 17 seconds. After 17 seconds, remove the mouthpiece with
a spatula and let it cool for 5 seconds before putting it in your mouth. Place the mouthpiece in your mouth and on
your teeth, with the top side up. Hold your lower jaw forward and bite down
for 1 minute. When you are done, you should notice deep
impressions of your teeth. Remove the mouthpiece from your mouth and
place in cool water for 1 minute to set the impression. You can re-fit the mouthpiece if you did not
get a good impression or advance your lower jaw far enough to reduce snoring. These are results from a patient after wearing
SnoreMedic for 3 nights. Before wearing SnoreMedic, the patient recorded
snoring while they slept. For each of the 3 nights that the patient
wore SnoreMedic, they recorded less snoring. These results indicate the the patient had
reduced snoring while wearing SnoreMedic. These are oxygen saturation reports from the
patient while wearing SnoreMedic. The results indicate that the patient was
able to get enough oxygen while they slept. SnoreMedic has an airway opening of 3 millimeters. The airway may collapse during fitting so
it is critical to keep the airway plug fully inserted into the mouthpiece during fitting. You can clean SnoreMedic by using a toothbrush
and toothpaste, or by soaking it in water with effervescent oral device cleaning tablets. Avoid using abrasive solutions such as household
cleaners like ammonia or bleach. Overall, SnoreMedic can reduce snoring. It is important to maintain the opening of
the airway while fitting, especially if you need to breathe through your mouth, instead
of your nose, while you sleep. Thank you for watching this snoring mouthpiece
review. For more reviews on mouthpieces to reduce
snoring, visit

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