Speak Out Game (Twin v. Twin) | Brock and Boston

– [Both] Hey guys! – It’s Brock. – And Boston. – [Both] And you’re watching Squared. (upbeat music) – Okay so for today’s video, we are going to be playing
the Lipless Challenge, where we have these in our mouth. And then Brock, say both. (mumbles) – And it’s so hard! So then we’re gonna have the
person with the mouth guard on, and they’re gonna read
the card, and say it, and then we have to try
to guess what the word is. So let’s get started. – Whoop whoop! – Okay so Brock is gonna be
starting out with the first card so choose any card. And they have multiple
things on the card, too. Okay there we go. (mumbles) – Tapestry pillow. – Yeah. (mumbles) – I hit the wall? – No. (laughs) (mumbles) – Fluffy pillows are the best. – Yeah. (mumbles) – There’s a hogany table? A happy table! – No. (mumbles) – Hogany. – No. – Agony. (mumbles) – I can’t, I do not understand. Okay, I’m out, I don’t understand. – Ahhh! – [Boston] That’s Brock’s word. Okay. I feel so weird. – I know. – I feel like I’m at the orthodontist. – I know, you’re just like uh, what the. Okay go. – Okay, gyounce the hall. – Uh, bounce the hall? (mumbles) – Ball? – Yeah. (mumbles) – Oh, shopping coupon book. – Yeah. (mumbles) – Frog, trees, sprout. – No. (mumbles) – Fog. (mumbles) – Free. – Shower. – Shower. (mumbles) – Mirror. – Yeah. (mumbles) – Slushy sauce house. – No. (mumbles) – Fluffy, soft house. – Soft house, okay. (mumbles) – Beware of the flying monkeys. – Yeah. (mumbles) – Wasabi trees. – No. (mumbles) – Keys. – No. (mumbles) Like. (mumbles) Like a. (mumbles) – I do not know what you’re saying. Thank you all so much
for watching this video. It was so fun doing
this Lipless Challenge. – Please make sure you give
this video a big thumbs up. – You can subscribe by clicking. – [Both] Right here. – And to see yesterday’s video – [Both] You can click right here. – And to see more from me and Brock, you guys can click right up there. And we’ll see you next time. – See you guys! – Bye guys!

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