Standard layering technique IPS Style – Part 1/5

This video tutorial shows you how a bridge framework is veneered with the metal-ceramic material called IPS Style The ceramic is applied according to the standard layering technique. In Part 1 you will learn about the preparation guidelines and minimum thicknesses that need to be observed when you fabricate a metal framework. When you work with IPS Style, it is important to adhere to the preparation guidelines for metal-ceramics and the design principles of metal frameworks. In conventional cementation, a minimum height of 3 mm of the prepared tooth and a convergence angle of approx. 6° must be observed. In bridge restorations, the minimum connector dimensions also have to be observed. The connector dimensions depend on the selected alloy and the pontic width. The stability of the connectors between the abutments and pontics in bridge reconstructions is ensured with the help of the framework design and adequate framework thickness. The framework design and thickness must meet the specific optical and functional requirements as well as all aspects of periodontal hygiene.

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