Surprising Sleep Study Results! | Sleep Apnea & Narcolepsy Tests [CC]

This is gonna be rambly, ‘cuz… I’m still in shock! Hey peeps, Jess here! And today I’m going to be showing you
the results of my sleep study (well, not actually showing you this paper
‘cuz there’s a lot of sensitive info on it) But I’ll tell you about the results! So if you haven’t watched my video on
what it’s like to have a sleep study, now’s the time to do it. You’re not going to understand this as well
without watching the video or having done a sleep study yourself first. Important things before we dive right in. But just in case, a synopsis! A sleep study is when you go to a sleep center,
usually at a doctor’s office or a hospital They put a lotta wires on your face
and they evaluate your breathing In the past, I was shown as having something
known as Obstructive Sleep Apnea which is, tongue’s blockin’ the airway And I was being treated for it,
it wasn’t going super great And so we went back to square one.
I went off CPAP. And we’re trying it again! So today I have the results of the most latest
test, which I took about a month ago. Since I don’t want it to be clickbait,
let me tell you the summaryof the results and then I’ll go into the details, because… There’s not much to say in this video. The short answer of it is:
surprisingly, I do not have sleep apnea. I’m — still processing this,
I’m still kind of in shock about this Because, we had a lot of plans. My doctors and I were working on the assumption
that I had sleep apnea and that I would be getting better sleep
as of next week by going on a BiPAP. And this means that I have to search new avenues. I’m probably going to have to find a rheumatologist
and figure out why I’m so tired All the time. But of course I’m sure some of you
would like to know the nitty gritty of why we made that decision
and why we made that call So I’ll dive into that a little bit. The things that we’re really looking at here
would be things like: We know that I slept for 360 minutes, Of that, sleep efficiency was slightly
decreased at 73% But that’s still in normal range. Apparently it takes me nine minutes
to go to sleep. Which is good to know. The big thing here is that my AHI, or
my Apnea Hypoxia Index (try saying that five times fast) was at Zero Point Seven! That’s…ridiculously low. It means that I only had my breathing blocked
at most once an hour. That’s nothing in the grand scheme of
weird throat things that can happen. In contrast, my previous study was *seven*
for my AHI Which is really, like,
things are going wrong Which is actually what makes it more
interesting and is why we thought I had sleep apnea is that the previous study was really a
normal sleep apnea study. And what that means is that I might have
occasional sleep apnea going on and that bites — but that’s not really something that could
be benefitted from going on a CPAP. It means something else is going on. And again, of course, the normal stuff. Like, my EKG looked good. I hit all four types of sleep. It was good. And of course there was the narcolepsy study
as well. And that also came out normal. ¯_(ツ)_/¯ So. That’s — that’s it. So what does this actually mean? Well, first it means I don’t have sleep apnea so I won’t be going on a BIPAP
or trying that avenue. In fact, we do not believe at this point
that I have anything that’s known as a primary sleep disorder. So I’m not having problems with my
lack of energy because of sleep. I’m getting enough sleep. It does mean I’m going to have to go to
a rheumatologist. There’s a couple possibilities here. From depression, from stress,
from an autoimmune disorder. So what it means is that I’m going to
have a really fun chat with my physical therapist next week
and she’s probably going to be like… And we will go from there. This is a pretty normal thing that happens. It’s unusual that my diagnosis
has been removed But having things change as your body changes
is very normal. It kinda bites because I was looking at this
like a silver bullet. Because I really, really haven’t
slept well in…months? Honestly, it impacts my memory. I will have short-term memory loss
from my lack of sleep. And it’s —
It’s the worst. I really, really do not like
what happens when I haven’t slept well. And it’s bittersweet that
this doesn’t solve the problem. Because I don’t want to be
on a CPAP device. They’re bulky.
They mean you can’t go camping. On the other hand, I really wanted
to fix this problem. And it means we’re going to have to
talk to more doctors and figure out other solutions. [Frustrated sigh/grunt.] So with that, I’d love to hear from you
lovely peeps in those comments below! Have you had a sleep study? What’s it like? Did you find out
results that you expected? Was it unlike what you expected? I’d love to hear from you on that! And with that, I’ll catch you lovely peeps
next time! Lataz!

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