Sweet Tooth (Horror Short)

Yo it’s a lion Look a painting. Drip Drip That’s a waste of water. “Just going to leave my phone here.” Light whoosh. “What’s this? A note totally on the top and not the bottom?” “Who’s house is this again? Whatever…” So I wrote this note so you couldn’t see it. I want that candy. Hi What could it be? RUN! GET OUT OF THERE! So naturally you walk outside… I’m behind you… Turn some lights on dude. NOPE! I’m out! Better go check it out… For no reason other than to piss the viewers off. Door sound of dying dog. Dang it. That got me. I’ll give you that one pass movie. I just keep looking at the Jellyfish on his shirt. So Sweet Tooth brought the candy up here? Yes, it’s blood. NOW RUN! nope get back STOP JEZZ! I had headphones on stupid sound designer! More water wasted… Is that a face in the reflection? what Looks like he still wants it. That is something I didn’t want to see… Yep Get it all out buddy. You got it Crap, that made me gag. Did he die? What about the creepy girl? What about the homeowners? MY LIFE IS A LIE! Nice note you jerks. Symbolism GG

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