Sweet Tooth Leads to an Even Sweeter $60 Million Jackpot

“What’s it like to win $60 million? Let’s
ask Jack our new multimillionaire.” “You know, it’s been a blessing.”
A blessing indeed. Jack Long bought his lucky Powerball ticket
on whim… while picking up his favorite sweet treat at Cardenas Market in Fontana.
“I happen to go in there to get my popsicles…” “I went and bought a ticket and I told the
girl, I go, ‘do an old man a favor,’ I go, ‘give me a winning number’ and she
listened to me and she did (laughs) Long bought one Powerball ticket – a quick
pick – for the July 19th draw. I kept looking at it ..(pause) I kept looking
at it and looking at it, I could see the numbers and I couldn’t believe it.
Long’s ticket was a 60 million dollar winner. “This is more money than my kids and I could
ever use.” The retiree plans to take care of his family
first by setting up a trust. He’s also planning a family vacation to Italy and will buy homes
for his two daughters. “Anywhere they want, as long as it’s close
to where I am (laughs)” As for Long himself, he hopes to have eye
surgery and buy himself a new power wheel chair.
“I been looking on the web and found a power chair that’ll go 18 miles an hour.
I get tired of the this 5 or 6 mph stuff (laughs)” But more importantly, Long wants to give back
to his community. “Fontana has been good to me and my kids”
“Charity starts at home and that’s my home.”
In San Bernardino, this is your California Lottery News.

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