Symptoms of Teeth Grinding | Bruxism

Clenching or grinding of the teeth which
often occurs while a person is sleeping. When you
brux the force of your teeth is many times greater than during my maturing.
These forces can cause flattened or worn down teeth teeth, chipped at the gum line
fractured teeth loose teeth and damage to the jawbone or jaw joints. You may
also notice some of the symptoms of bruxism such as a sore tire jaw,
difficulty in opening and closing, sensitive teeth, ear aches, headaches or
pain in your jaw joints or you may notice no symptoms at all. Though all of
the causes of Bucks ism are not known stress is often a factor. If this is the
case a variety of stress reduction techniques may be recommended. We may
also recommend medication to temporarily reduce stress and relieve pain. Sometimes
missing teeth worn teeth or teeth that are out of alignment may cause grinding
and clenching. In this case bridges, crowns, equilibration, orthodontics or
other dental treatments can restore your bite and eliminate grinding and
clenching. A common and effective treatment for stopping the damage caused
by bruxism is the use of a night guard. This is a plastic device that fits over
your top or bottom teeth and absorbs the force is caused by grinding. A custom
night guard made for models of your teeth usually offers the most effective
and comfortable protection no matter what is causing you bruxism it’s
important to treat it early on to prevent damage and restore harmony to
your mouth. PATIL’s Dental Care.

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