Joey: Tablet things Colleen: They look like the pills you take when you have a UTI Joey: Oh *Laughing* Thats what they are Joey: Ah good day everyone and welcome to todays video here with Colleen Colleen: Hello everybody Joey: So today i’m super freaking excited because we are going to be trying the pill tripping pills Colleen: I am so excited to try these I have heard about these and i’m like dying I need to try these Joey: So basically if you guys have never heard of these Joey: basically you take these pill tripping, what are they called Colleen: I don’t know tripping pills Joey and Colleen: yeah i don’t knowkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk Joey: you eat sour foods Joey: and it turns really sweet Joey: So it makes the nasty foods Joey: Really delicious for you we have a whole like fruit plate and uh we have some lemons we have some limes we have some ice cream um apple cider vinegar just a bunch of interesting foods that uh i’m excited to see how they taste i know i can’t wait this is weird apparently it’s just like a miracle fruit or something yeah i don’t understand what’s weird is it says in the ingredients it’s like in the ingredients you think it would say like explain what it could be and its just like miracle fruit powder “laughs” like that does not explain what’s in this you don’t know what’s in miracle fruit powder no like OMG how do you not know like there’s miracle fruit powder grow somewhere what’s on the front it says ok so there is nothing in it like there is literally nothing “laughs” it’s a placebo effect literally nothing in it it’s like yes just all in your mind what’s it does anything say on the back or the front no whats the front say it says miracle fruit tablets experiencing something truly amazing mberry tablets transform ordinary foods into the extrodinary mmm mberrys are all natural and made from the finest selection of miracle berries So it’s a berry! Well this is what it looks like just like… little tablet things they look like the pills you take when you have a UTI Oh *laughing* *laughing* that’s what they are they look, l mean I know because i’ve had way to many we just let it dissolve on our tongue I think we dont chew it I guess… we have so many what does it taste like it’s a little sour it’s actually pretty sour it tastes like I shouldnt… be sucking on it tastes like I should just swallow it and get it over with its kinda like a vitamin Ooo it’s really sweet! Mm I kinda like it but it’s kinda sour it makes me like mm puckered up! I know, Ooo it reminds me of something, it feels like I’ve tasted this before acia berries or something or like pomegranate seeds or something yeah, like OMG how long does this take I dont know, like c’mon girl get with it we got… stuff to eat what are most, is there anything on here you dont like? No *chuckles* its not about that! I know but im just curious if it will make you like something Yeah that’s true I just dont have the foods that I don’t like in my house *screams* I think it fell on your weiner What was it!? A lemon Oh, ok Oo, it smells so good, smells like a smoothie Mmmm. Do you want this hairy lemon? There’s literally hair, maybe it will taste better *laughs* Where should I put this hairy lemon? Mhm I’ll take it It’s not dissolving it Mm not at all, its like the same size as it was Should we chew on it? Noo Does it say here Place on your, oh on your tongue and dissolve competely Ok well we’ll be back in just a bit, mhm bye Ok, well mines officially dissolved… is yours yet? almost there it feels just very weird, it feels like very chalky and just like dull Mhm, I can’t taste anything Almost like after you eat like too many skittles or too many warheads.. sorry i’m a candy freak yeah.. and if you eat too many like sour patch kids and your mouth is ruined and you’re like wow i can’t taste anything for three hours that’s what it’s like.. maybe that’s what it’s doing it’s like.. it’s actually like.. destroying your tongue..( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) *laughing* UGH okay so what should we start with first maybe.. i don’t know what do we do i’m excited let’s just start with a.. a simple strawberry i’m excited okay it does taste a little different it’s weird.. yeah its like it tastes dull.. like *laughs* It tastes like.. it tastes like you know when you have a coke and you leave a coke open or soda.. you leave a soda open for like a day and then you take a sip of it later and youre like “ugh this is flat” that’s kinda what it makes me like i feel like if a strawberry could go flat -ooh ooh that was not good That wasn’t good.. Idon’t, I don’t like the strawberries – I don’t like it.. it’s.. oh my god it’s almost like..WOAH.. it’s tripping me out now *laughing* why *laughing* it tastes so weird I don’t like the strawberries.. No way it.. that’s SO weird mmnm, it tastes like the strawberry WENt flat.. yeah.. like thats the only way I can explain it

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