Teeth Whitening at Home Baking Soda Lemon Juice? DIY How To Hack Peroxide Strawberry Banana

Over the past week I did an experiment with
my wife to test the lizlizlive blogger theory that you can whiten your teeth using baking soda
and lemon juice or strawberries. Today, I am going to share with you the results of
that test. We started by mixing baking soda with lemon juice and applying it to my wife’s
teeth for 5 to 10 minutes every day for one week. To ensure we wouldn’t trick you the
viewer with lighting techniques we inserted into the before and after pictures a base
shade as the control. Well the results we got were anticlimactic as the tooth shade
compared to the base shade in both the before and after pictures remained consistent. In
other words the teeth did not whiten. However, there was one night after bleaching my wife’s
teeth that they were whiter than the base shade and then a few minutes later it went
back to being dark again. This can be accounted for because when your teeth are dehydrated
they are whiter. It is like cement. When cement is wet it is darker when cement is dry it
is lighter. Applying the acids of lemon juice dehydrate your teeth. This is why Rlcbeauty101
blogger believe their teeth are whiter after applying baking soda and lemon juice or strawberries.
There is one study that I will post in the comments below that shows that malic acid
found in lemon juice and strawberries applied to your teeth so long that it is unsafe will
barely bleach your teeth a little bit. Before you consider bleaching your teeth by bathing
them in lemon juice remember cavities are caused by acids and sugars which are found
in high concentration in lemon juice. One final note for those concerned about whitening
their teeth with natural substances. Hydrogen peroxide is the traditional bleaching agent
and it is found is small concentrations in almost every cell of your body. That sounds
pretty natural to me. Well I hope you guys liked this video. Don’t forget to like comment
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