Terrifying Sleep Disorders | My Experience With REM Disorder | Terrifying Story Time

hey guys what’s up so today I wanted to
talk a little bit about a terrifying sleep disorder and that is REM disorder
now this one can easily be confused with sleepwalking as the person suffering
will show similar signs as sleepwalking but they are more acting out their
dreams so they might not actually leave their bed and wander around but things
that are happening in their dreams they will act upon now this is a terrifying
disorder as when we go to sleep when we start dreaming our body is supposed to
be paralyzed so that we don’t accidentally hurt ourselves by acting
out what is happening in our dreams because that is extremely dangerous
unfortunately people like myself that have suffered from REM disorder
I have episodes from time to time we hurt ourselves quite frequently when we
have these episodes now commonly as with many other sleep disorders if you are
extremely fatigued or stressed this can sometimes trigger an episode and for
myself personally I definitely was very stressed and sleep-deprived when I had
my most recent episode a few nights ago now this episode that I suffered from
was probably my most frightening episode that I have had yet because quite
frankly you can die in your sleep so between my stress from moving all the
way halfway across the country and having to get everything prepared and
ready for my daughter’s birthday party along with trying to finish up
everything needed for my businesses taxes these things all kind of piled up
and added to each other and piled on the stress and so the other night when I
went to sleep I started out with what seemed like a normal dream so I was just
having a conversation with someone that I didn’t recognize and everything seemed
normal and like it was going okay until I guess I must have said something to
this stranger that upset them and they reached their arm out and started
choking me now in retaliation instead of trying to pry this person’s hand off my
neck I reached out and started strangling them in return I guess in
hopes that they would also start feeling that choking sensation and let go of my
neck but unfortunately that did not happen that way
he continued to choke me and as I felt myself slipping I felt almost moments
away from death I finally jerked awake only to find my hands wrapped around my
throat and barely feeling like I could breathe and I feel like it’s safe to
assume that the reason that I felt like I was being choked in my dream and it
seemed so vivid and so real was that I had been choking myself in real life now
thank goodness I had woken up when I did because as I said in the dream I felt
just moments away from death and I’m hoping that I didn’t cause any kind of
permanent damage I don’t think I did luckily there wasn’t any bruising so I
don’t think I was choking myself significantly enough to really do any
irreparable damage that is a terrifying way to wake up that is a scary thing to
wake up and realize that you’ve been doing and I’m not gonna lie
it makes me almost afraid to go back to sleep I wasn’t sleeping well before this
because of all the stress and then with this added in I am definitely not
sleeping well at all right now because this is a very very real very terrifying
thing and I almost don’t trust myself when I’m asleep not to hurt myself now I
have been diagnosed with several different types of sleep disorders the
main ones that I suffer our sleep paralysis and night terrors
but I would have to say I had not had an episode like this in several several
years the last time that I had an episode like this it also terrified me
because I found myself actually grabbing my ankle and pulling on it when I had
dreamt that someone was grabbing my ankle and there was actually bruising
physical bruising on my ankle from me squeezing so hard and for who knows how
long so this is a very very real and very terrifying disorder not just for
the person suffering but for the people that are having to live with the person
that suffers from this disorder because you just don’t know what that person is
going to do while they are asleep and unfortunately the person suffering has
no idea what they’re going to be doing in their sleep either and it’s really
hard to tell when you’re going to have an episode especially for someone like
me that I had not suffered for years and years and years with an episode I
thought maybe I had grown out of it because a lot of these sleep disorders
we’re told that we can grow out of and that only a very small percentage of
people don’t grow out of it and unfortunately lucky me I’m one of
those small small percentages of people that never grew out of any of these
sleep disorders so I try very very hard not to ever go to bed angry I try very
hard not to go to bed stressed but sometimes sometimes stress happens and
sometimes we have fights or arguments or things that are completely out of our
control that maybe we can’t necessarily completely calm ourselves with just a
simple meditation before bed so anyway guys I thought that I would go ahead and
share my experience I don’t know if any of you out there also suffer from some
of these sleep disorders and have experiences you would like to share with
a lot of these types of things it is kind of nice to know that we are not
suffering complete so of course if you’ve had any
experiences with any types of sleep disorders feel free to share those in
the comment section below and anyway guys that’s all I really have
for y’all today as always thank you so much for watching I love you guys and I
will see you in my next video

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  • I remember when I first had this I saw a skull when I was seven and was absolutely terrified as it opened its jaws and went towards me. Then I started gagging and coughing and felt like vomiting. Woke up with a finger down my throat. What the hell!

  • Hii love yooooo

  • Crazy! Love you!

  • There's a guy who has rem behavior disorder and uploads his episodes for us to see. Fascinating and a little scary. Only a few times have I acted out any dreams, and it was just a phase years ago when I'd occasionally hit or kick the wall. Now my dream paralysis works at one hundred percent. I would ask if you could do a sleep stream to see a REM behavior attack, but I'm a little afraid of what I might see, your dream sounds quite scary.

  • I often have lucid dreams and wake up thinking it is the next day Lmao
    Edit: the day after the next day *

  • Have you been diagnosed with REM sleep behavior disorder?

  • I just woke up last night doing the same thing. I woke up to my right hand choking my neck and thought that was a different hand so I used my left hand to pry it away and pull it away from my body. I fought it and was really struggling with the resistance of my right hand. I screamed and my sister woke me up by calling my name across the room. I can't stop googling this issue.

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