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if you’ve ever used a CPAP machine and you see it right there you know what it’s worth to get a good night’s sleep but while it is effective it’s pretty bulky and it can make it pretty difficult to get into that restful slumber but there’s a smaller less in your face way to treat sleep apnea and catch your Z’s comfortably in sleep technician Veronica Morelos is here to tell us all about it and how you can get a free sleep consultation at the Center for sleep apnea and snoring and you’re like you’re like the you know like the fairy dust that helps people sleep yeah you heard the doctor earlier you need a good sleep it affects everything it affects your weight you know all these people are having diabetes high blood pressure well sleep apnea contributes to all that and you’ve got this oral appliance of course that works and tell us how it of course a lot better than that bulky CPAP machine so yes you see that machine up there right so imagine having that plus the air just going down your nose and your throat you can’t turn around because they’re leaks on the side so what we do is we have an alternative to that machine and it’s an oral appliance what it does is it anchors to your teeth and it brings that lower jaw forward by bringing that lower jaw forward its opening that airway naturally and it’s giving you that oxygen that you me at night to to sleep in and and feel better when you wake up in the morning I tell you when you look at the image of the CPAP machine okay then you look at something like this yes this is so much it seems like it would be so much easier to sleep in yeah yeah all you do is you put it on an itis and smaller because I have it on this thing so it’s really small it’s like you know like a football guard right that’s why I tell the guys when we come to the office and you just put it on at night take it off in the morning brush it pat it dry put it away in the little box and that’s it they love it to travel with because at the airport that machine it causes chaos this is a lot easier to travel with especially now in the summer and I know folks are wondering is it covered by my insurance yes most major insurance is to cover it as well as Medicare we are a Medicare provider and we try to help everybody out there that has they just give us a call we’ll be able to verify insurance for you and get you a breakdown all right and real quickly how can you tell if you have sleep apnea if you don’t have a partner you know sleeping next to you hearing if you might stop breathing in your sleep so if you don’t have a partner hearing your snoring and you pause breathing you wake up with headaches you know a lot of people complain of fogginess in the morning even though you sleep eight to ten hours you can still wake up tired lack of you know just kind of concentration throughout the day you’re at your desk and people are falling asleep they tell me you know also diabetes high blood pressure you know people that have those should get it checked weight gain because you know it could be a sign of sleep apnea alright and you are offering a free sleep consultation to the first 25 people to call in what does that include so what they do is they come into the office we access what’s going on with with them we provide a sleep study they haven’t had one and then we’ll find out if they’re a candidate for the oral appliance all right there it is on your screen call now for your free sleep consultation with the Center for sleep apnea and snoring it’s available for the first 25 callers that number is two one zero five nine eight eighty two hundred that’s two one zero five nine eight eighty two hundred and you can find out more about the Center for sleep apnea and snoring online at stop snoring TX dot-com

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