The Differences Between Sarah and Hagar – Pastor Daniel Batarseh

let’s see if we know this verse I was
glad when they said unto me mmm let’s try that one more time I was glad when
they said unto me you guys don’t sound glad when you say it though let’s try
that one more time call-and-response I was glad when they
said unto me Amen amen meet me in the book of Galatians chapter
4 Galatians chapter 4 Galatians chapter 4 beginning in verse 21 there is no
house that we would rather be in than the house of God put your finger on
verse 21 and we’re gonna pray in a moment we’re still continuing in our
series in the book of Galatians and we’re about to dive into some thick
territory so to speak it’s gonna require focus it’s gonna require energy mentally
and it’s gonna require an open heart as well as we understand what the Holy
Spirit is trying to say to us in this portion of this text let’s pray and ask
God to help us father we thank you that we are in your house and when we woke up
this morning perhaps tired and exhausted we were still glad to know that we were
coming to be in your presence amongst your people and Lord more importantly
than that we have come to hear from you and we ask God that you would give us
the necessary strength and the ability to understand and comprehend these
truths not just in a way that it sits in our intellect but that it would get into
our blood and that we would live what you have for us and we would enjoy the
truths that you have granted to us God we give you praise and glory and honor
all unto you as we just saying be exalted in this place through this word
in Jesus name we pray amen amen up to this point
the Apostle Paul has been going forth in a very theological manner to again
convince the people of Galatia that the gospel of grace is really about grace
and last time we were together we realize that Paul put a pause on being a
scholar so to speak and bore open his heart as a spiritual father towards his
spiritual children and made a very pastoral appeal for them to really
understand his love for them and the motive behind why he’s writing what he’s
writing with the intensity to which he is writing it Paul wants to speak to
them in love and he reminds them of how they came together and he reminds him of
how he treated them and how they treated him and how him preaching the gospel to
them was solely based out of a heart that throbbed for the love of God and
for their souls unlike these false teachers that were creeping into the
churches of Galatia that had a different motive in preaching their version of
truth Paul is saying they’re doing it for their own ambition I’m doing it for
your own good and he gets very teary-eyed as he’s writing this so to
speak because he’s very much emotional in his writing that he isn’t much
anguish until Christ is fully formed in them nevertheless Paul does not remain
in pastoral mode very long until he pulls out again the theological belt and
is about to draw out the sword of the word to bring about again a cutting
convicting word through the truth of the Old Testament to realize the gospel as
in fact found in the law that they so praised and wanted to follow so this is
what he’s about to do he’s about to now open up the Bible and go through a
little Bible study with the Galatians that’s what we find in verse 21 down but
you know what’s amazing and perhaps you’ve realized this up to this point in
the series of this book that very much there is one theme if we really look at
it it seems like the poor so the major portion of this book is one
simple theme Jesus Christ died on the cross and that’s enough for your
salvation and Paul’s coming through different angles and using different
illustrations and it can be to the here kind of exhaustive it can be a little
bit repetitive but doesn’t that teach us something not just the message itself
but the fact that the message in this book has to be repeated over and over
again it says something about us it says something about the wisdom of the Holy
Spirit and this is what it says that grace is probably one of the hardest
things to comprehend that understanding salvation solely based on another
person’s work on our behalf is not so easily accepted because we can sing
about grace and still have some doubt in our hearts right we can preach about
grace and still have a little bit of a hesitation in our voice we can hear a
message about grace and yet even in that very same act of listening we have these
thoughts that are opposing that message because it just seems too simple and too
good to be true and so the Holy Spirit through the Apostle Paul you know what
he’s doing he is coding our hearts he is layering the same truth in different
ways until it becomes like concrete in our souls making us a movable and
unshakable in our understanding of this gospel of grace and here we are now
about to get really deep and that’s good because this is gonna deepen our roots
in understanding again this message that is so glorious making us immovable when
opposing thoughts opposing voices and even when the devil himself comes to
show my guilt within that I’m saved by grace
so Paul asks a question in verse 21 tell me you who desire to be under the
law do you not listen to the law as you stop there so I think it says you who so
desire to obey the law do you not actually listen to what the
law says now pay attention here the law is
using two different ways in this verse the law is understanding the commands of
Moses right that law you who desire to be under the law do you not actually
listen to what the law says and the second term the second usage of the word
law is a title that’s given to the first five books of the Bible Jesus himself
said in Luke 24:44 write that it was it was of him that was explained in the law
of Moses the prophets and the Psalms that title the law can be a title that’s
given to the first five books of the Bible the Pentateuch and so now now that
we know that Paul is saying this you who desire to live in the commandments of
God the commandments of Moses do you actually read and understand the
Pentateuch the first five books of the Bible and do not realize that the first
five books of the Bible actually backs me up and backs up this message of
salvation by grace so he’s trying to catch their attention he’s trying to get
a hold of them and he’s about to now dive in real deep he’s saying let’s go
back to the scriptures specifically to the law and see that it actually
declares the gospel more than you think and these false teachers what kind of
arguments were they using try to persuade the Galatians that they’re
actually right one of the arguments was this remember were the sons of Abraham
Hey Galatians do you not realize that we’re descendants of the father of the
faith do you not realize that we are actually other physical lineage of the
man that God made a covenant with a covenant of circumcision that’s who we
are that’s our heritage and they’re trying to use that as some kind of
authority just like the Pharisees did in Jesus they remember with John the
Baptist John the Baptist don’t just say that you are the sons of Abraham they
used their their race as some kind of a standard of being in favor with God and
so were the false teachers with collisions they’re saying hey we’re Jews
hey we have the mark of circumcision hey we go back thousands of years we have
some backing here and they were trying to use that to persuade the churches
that their message was the true message and Paul is a genius because he was a
man fill the spirit and he was chosen by God to
give us these scriptures Paul comes now with this awesome argument he goes okay
you guys are sons of Abraham great did you forget that Abraham had two sons
though you guys are sons of Abraham that’s wonderful but we’re about to find
out which sons you actually come from we’re about to discover which lineage
you actually come from because Abraham had two wives later on we know khutor
that’s not the point though two wives and two different sons so you want to
boast that you are sons of Abraham let’s discover which one you actually come
from and what Paul is about to do now is get really deep and this is the part
where we want to say no matter how much I didn’t sleep last night I’m gonna give
everything I can to listen to this next portion of the message because if you
drift off even for a moment you might lose the whole thing so I encourage you
to just stay focused here and let’s just go through a very simple review look at
Galatians 4 24 look what Paul is about to do now this may be interpreted
allegorically what is an allegory it’s something in which you spiritual eyes
and you bring a meaning to something that doesn’t necessarily have that
meaning on the surface level now to allegorize scripture is not a safe way
of interpreting the Bible but Paul is an apostle and Paul is inspired by the Holy
Spirit so Paul has the right to go to the Old Testament and take a physical
picture and spiritualize it to give it meaning to back up his message does that
make sense so he says here this is gonna be
interpret allegorically these women these women that Abraham these two wives
who are the wives Sarah and Hagar these women are two covenants one is from
Mount Sinai bearing children for savors she is Hagar so let’s just stop there
from this moment on whenever you hear Hagar you’re gonna understand her
representing the covenant of works a works based salvation that’s who Hagar
represents and Paul’s argument here Sarah
represents the covenant of grace she represents being saved by grace being
safe through a promise see what we’re going here and so whenever you hear
Hagar we hear covenant of works whenever we hear Sarah we hear coming in of grace
so Abraham had two wives and from Hagar he had his son named Ishmael and from
Sarah he had a son named Isaac these woman represent two covenants the sons
represents who are those who are born out of those covenants the result of
those covenants the fruit of those covenants and now Paul is about to dig
deep into this to make his point even stronger he’s going very very very very
deep and it requires us to pay attention turn your Bibles to Genesis 16 to see
and as you’re turning there I’m reading Galatians 4 22 for it is written that
Abraham had two sons one by a slave woman and one by a free woman so he says
you who desire to be under the law do you not listen to what the law says do
you not listen to what the first five books of the Bible say let’s go to one
story in one of these books and realize how it backs up the gospel of grace do
you not realize that Abraham had two sons one by slave woman one by a free
woman and look with glee a Genesis 16 one says now Sarai Abrams wife had borne
him no children she had a female Egyptian servant whose name was Hagar
the slave woman was in fact that the status of her of her being was a slave
she was a servant she was specifically a servant to suraíh her role was not to be
Abraham’s wife her walk role was to be suraíh or sarah’s servant and if Hagar
represents the law then this makes sense because her role serves the same purpose
as the law does how if Hagar x’ purpose was to serve Sarai or Sarah so is the
lost purpose to of the covenant of grace DC suraíh who
represents the covenant of grace must be served by the Covenant of law and works
the law was not intended to produce offspring the law was intended to help
and aid the covenant of grace and the law today has the same purpose we’re not
saved by the law we don’t produce anything out of the law nothing of fruit
comes out of it but what the law does is it pushes us and guides us and steers us
towards Sarah it assists the message it is not the source of salvation it serves
the message of salvation that’s hey guards roll and that is the laws roll
and and we can’t mix those things up or else we get in trouble like Abraham got
in trouble and notice here that it says that Hagar is identified as a slave
woman she’s identified as a servant yes to serve Sarah but look at Galatians 4
24 we’re gonna flip back and forth from Genesis and Galatians look again at
verse 24 now this may interpreted allegorically these woman are two
covenants one is from Mount Sinai bearing children for slavery
so because Hagar was a slave as a status naturally those that would be born from
her would be slaves as well there’s no freedom in Hagar
there’s no Liberty with Hagar and those who would be born under Hagar would also
be slaves would also be bondservants so it is with the law there is no freedom
in the law there’s no liberty in the law you’re not free under that covenant and
those who would want to be born under that covenant those who would want to
grab a hold of that covenant and and live under that covenant are also slaves
slaves to the law living under a slavish mentality to obedience for the sake of
receiving and gaining approval slaves in terms of continually walking out this
thing not knowing if you’re really ever going to be free living in a way in
which you are being whipped by your own conscience whipped by your your lack of
ability continue to walk in full righteousness
the way God demands people who live under this type of covenant of works are
surely sons of Hagar slaves indeed listen to what Charles Spurgeon said the
law never gives you a thank you the law never gives you a thank you for
it but it says go on sir go on the poor sinner trying to be saved by the law is
like a blind horse going round and round a mill and never getting a step further
but only being whipped continually this is what it’s like to be those who are
sons of Hagar living under a slavish mentality trusting in their words never
knowing of freedom but always trying to attempt to gain it this is Hagar but we
look at Genesis now go back to Genesis 16 not verse 1 but verse 2 and see how
else Hagar represents the law and Sarai said to Abram behold now the Lord has
prevented me from bearing children go into my servant it may be that I shall
obtain children by her and Abram listen to the voice of Sarai Abraham an
fortunately married Hagar he elevated Hagar to level 2 which she was not
supposed to be elevated and because of that she produced he produced a son and
his name was Ishmael now we have to realize that Abraham’s relationship with
Hagar is a message the fact that Abraham married Hagar is a statement about his
faith he lacked it he lacked faith he was promised to have a son that would
come from his own loins nowhere in that promise that God give the indication
that he should marry somebody else because Sarah couldn’t bear children and
so you know what Abraham does with Hagar he attempts to help God out he attempts
to work something of his flesh instead of relying on the promise he now comes
to assist God to make the promise come to pass
instead of trying to just rest in the fact that God said
that it would happen he now in his own ingenuity in his own efforts
in his own strength tries to produce something that God says I will produce
on my own do you see and so it is with those who try to marry Hagar they
somewhat believe God like Abraham somewhat believed God you’re gonna have
his son but they thought in their own mind it just can’t come out of nowhere
it just can’t come solely from God I gotta help God out so let me marry Hagar
and produce something that’s how those who live under works think I’m going to
produce something somewhat believing in the promise but trying to help God to
make the promise come to pass isn’t that what all of Galatians is about we
believe that Jesus Christ died and that the promise was I’m saved by grace but
let’s help jesus out let me try to make something happen let me try to produce
something from my own strength from my own innovation so from my own thinking
from my own plans and and then I’ll grab the hold of God’s hand and we’ll try to
walk this thing out together and failing to realize that that was never God’s
intention from the beginning God’s intention that the fruit the promise
would come solely from his miraculous work not from anybody’s assistance and
Abraham shows us here like Hagar many people are marrying the Covenant of the
law to try to make the promise come to pass many people are somewhat believing
that Jesus Christ died on the cross billions of people in this world are
actually believing that by the way billions Jesus Christ died on the cross
for my sins but I’m gonna help him out that’s what Abraham was doing with Hagar
I’m gonna believe the promise somewhat but let me just make something happen as
well do you see but now we come to the freewoman now we come to Sarah and Sarah
represents the Covenant of grace and what we see through the characteristics
of Sarah it beautifully parallels woven throughs in the gospel of grace itself
and so we see in Genesis 17 look at Genesis 17 verse 18 Genesis 1718
says this and Abraham said to God oh that Ishmael might live before you God
said no but Sarah your wife shall bear you a son and you shall call his name
Isaac so Abraham’s trying to present God
Ishmael as the source of the promise and God said no no
Abraham’s original wife was Sarah Abraham’s first choice
Abraham’s from the beginning had a union with Sarah and God had Sarah and mind
from the beginning to make the promise come to pass and people are trying to
present Hagar to God and God saying no and what’s the message says that God
from the beginning always intended that mankind would be saved by grace not by
the law the same way Abraham had Sarah as a wife from the beginning is the same
way that God from the beginning had salvation by grace through faith alone
as a means of salvation and unfortunately people try to present
Hagar as an option and even from the beginning of this holy book we realized
that there are traces of the gospel in stories and in pictures and in shadows
and so its fulfillment comes in the person of Jesus Christ to say this is
what God had before the foundation of the world the slain lamb of God in mind
to save you and me and so God never had any other idea in terms of saving
mankind Hagar was a man-made idea right that was something that they conjured up
Hagar was a man-made idea Sarah was God’s idea so it is with salvation
salvation by law Hagar is a man main idea salvation by grace Sarah was always
God’s idea from the beginning and every time we try to present God a
different option he’ll say the same thing he said to Abraham no that’s not
how I intend to promise to come to pass I had Sarah in mind from the beginning
and have Sarah and mine until I fulfill it and we see something else Sarah was
the way God wanted to bring forth his promise but how was Isaac born was it
through natural means was it something from the strength of the flesh Isaac was
born in a supernatural way Isaac was delivered through totally by
the power wisdom of God alone there is nothing about man in the birth of Isaac
there is nothing of man’s help like was with Hagar when Isaac comes into the
scene everything about Isaac being born gives
God all the glory all the praise all the recognition in fact it was until Abraham
came to a state of frame that God fully brought and brings about Isaac into the
world let me just read this to you in Hebrews 11 12 therefore from one man
look how Hebrews describes Abraham therefore from one man and him as good
as dead and him as good as dead were born descendants as many as the stars of
heaven and as many as their innumerable grains of sand by the seashore do you
know why God wanted to meet Abraham ache Abraham wait he wanted Abraham to be as
good as dead he wanted Abraham to come literally almost so to speak to death’s
door so that when Isaac would come about Abraham nor Sarah who had a dead womb
could boast that this came about by their own will or by their own strength
this is a picture of salvation that for you and I to experience a supernatural
birth it’s solely based on God’s power nobody can ever be saved until they
realize like Abraham that they’re as good as dead nobody can come to saving
knowledge in Jesus cry until you recognize that you can’t
produce anything on your own that you can’t make anything happen that you
can’t produce anything that you are dead and even if you try like Abraham would
probably have tried at that point if you had tried nothing would come forth out
of it and it’s until we come to that state of mind in that state of faith
where God now comes in and brings something supernatural it’s called the
rebirth it’s called being born again it’s called
allowing his Holy Spirit to come and produce something in us that we can
never produce on our own so we realize even that Sarah in her situation
physically is a picture of where we need to come spiritually before we experience
the promise of God but there’s something maybe that we haven’t thought about that
is very important in terms of understanding Hagar and Sarah yeah Sarah
had a status in terms of God being choosing her from the beginning to be
the source of the promise and Sarah had a state of her being that is a physical
picture of a spiritual reality and I hope her we’re all up to point here but
Sarah also had an attitude a specific type of posture of mind and heart that
was necessary for us to understand in terms of how we relate to Hagar go to
Genesis 21 the bursae and while we’re turning there I don’t know what that is
but whoever can turn that off sounds beautiful but wrong timing Genesis 21 verse 8 look what it says here and the child
grew and was weaned and Abraham made a great feast on the day that Isaac was
weaned but Sarah saw the son of Hagar the Egyptian whom she had born to
Abraham laughing so she said to Abraham cast out the slave woman with her son
for the son of the slave woman shall not be heir with my son Isaac we see here
that Sarah saw Ishmael and saw Hagar and realized something that Hagar and Sarah
could not live together in the same house
there could be no fellowship between Hagar and Sarah
there could be no harmony there could be no compatibility there could be not long
lasting peace if they were both under the same house so it is with the
principle of faith and the principle of salvation by works they cannot live
together they can’t live under the same house they cannot both live in your
heart and mind we have to choose one or the other but look what Sarah does she
tells Abraham cast out the slave woman with her son and that’s what the gospel
of grace does it rejects and pushes out the concept of being saved by our own
efforts and you and I must look at Hagar in our lives the same way that Sarah
looked at Hagar in the real world we must look at Hagar and say we can’t live
together this isn’t gonna work and we must let Hagar go into the
wilderness and forever see her leave us and move into the horizon never to see
her again that’s how the attitude of those who are saved by grace must look
at this concept this idea of covenant of works it just is not gonna happen it’s
just not gonna happen and if we’re to say yes to the gospel of grace guess
what we’re gonna have to say no to the gospel of works
we can’t keep both but again let me say this again billions are living with both
it doesn’t make any sense it doesn’t exist
it didn’t work for Sarah and Hagar it’s not gonna work for those who want to
live with both realities in their hearts so Hagar had to leave she was sent into
the wilderness never again to seen by Abraham so must
any confidence we put in the works of the law it must be sent into the horizon
never to be recognized again and this may seem like a lot to take in right
Hagar Sarah Hagar Sarah hagar sara but it doesn’t even end there there’s so
much more because now paul wants to talk about the sons of these two wives he
appeals to the sons and now we come to verse 28 of Galatians 4 and let’s read
these few verses before we break it down now you brothers like Isaac are children
of promise but just as at the time he who was born according to the flesh
persecuted him who was born according to the spirit soul also it is now but what
does the scripture say cast out the slave woman in her son for the son of
the slave woman shall not inherit with the son of the freewoman
so brothers we are not children of the slave but of the free woman you can
almost see the points that Paul’s trying to make here and here’s the first one so
that we talked about Hagar and Sarah now we’re going to talk about Isaac and
Ishmael and what he says about Isaac and Ishmael is this first point Isaac as a
result of being a son from Sarah was persecuted Ishmael was the persecutor in
that same reality is the same today do you remember it’s quite possible that he
is appealing to Genesis 21 9 remember we just read it where there is a
celebration for Isaac being weaned and Ishmael was caught doing what laughing
now he wasn’t laughing because he was celebrating the idea that he was mocking
he was mocking Isaac and Sarah saw him as a threat enough for her to say to
Abraham we got to get rid of her we got to get rid of him in what Paul saying
here you know what happened back guess what it’s happening in our day
it’s happening in our day this new movement this christian
movement that paul was spearheading with the other apostles they were being
mocked they were being scoffed at they were being persecuted by the Jews this
idea of being a child of promise this idea of solely being saved by the
finished work of a Nazarene named Jesus it was foolishness to them and today
it’s still foolishness of some people and this is what the Bible is trying to
tell us that if you and I are Isaac’s if you and I are children of the promise if
you and I are born under the covenant of grace you and I will also be persecuted
you and I will also receive some kind of scoffing and mocking whether directly or
indirectly and what you’re gonna have in this life is Ishmael’s trying to
intimidate like the Galatians were being intimidated by you’re gonna have some
Ishmael’s that are going to try to persuade and try to elevate themselves
to equals standing like Ishmael perhaps was trying to elevate himself and try to
convince Isaac you know I was born first right I’m older than you that gave more
attention to me that invested in me and way more than you who knows and
Ishmael’s today are the ones that are trying to convince both themselves and
us that they have the right to be under the father’s blessing like we do and in
fact they are as we’re gonna find out be cast out
so persecution is a reality for the Isaacs for those who would want to
embrace this message the simple beautiful clear message
it comes with hardship it comes with mockery it comes with some difficulty I
know that’s kind of hard to hear in the West because we have no idea what
difficulty looks like but perhaps you have a conversation with someone of a
different faith that almost is bewildered by the fact that you don’t
have to do anything to be saved how does that make any sense and maybe they don’t
do it to your face but maybe when they go back to their own clique and their
own clans their scoffing at the idea and it’s funny that Isaac was persecuted
at a specific time when there is a celebration when Isaac was being weaned
there was a Greyjoy there was a party and that is the moment when Ishmael try
to persecute and try to come about and ruin Isaac’s day so to speak and that’s
what Ishmael is try to do today rob us from our joy robbed us from our sense of
thrill to know that we are children of a promise that’s what the devil tries to
do you and I guys please hear me you would be amazed to know how many
Christians that sing and lift their hands don’t really understand grace
you’d be amazed how many people are walking in some kind of dark cloud
because they don’t really know if they’re accepted by God it’s the devil
it’s Ishmael’s it’s false teaching that are trying to rob you and I from
continually celebrating how we came about as children of a promise we are
the persecuted Ishmael’s are the persecutors but there’s something even
more profound it says here that what look at verse 30 what does the scripture
say cast out the slave woman and her son for the son of the slave woman shall not
inherit with the son of the freewoman this is profound remember Hagar
represents the Covenant of works Ishmael represents those who would be born under
that kind of a covenant and this is what it’s saying here that ultimately both
the covenant of works and those who had kind of come under that will be
ultimately cast out now if we know our Bibles carefully we know that Sarah is
the one who asked Abraham to get rid of these two but was it just Sarah was it
just Sarah who Alice came into the picture and said listen to your wife God
read it carefully and God later on says listen to your wife because what Ishmael
will not be a part of the inheritance that I promised
Isaac this is profound so you know what it’s saying here you know what Paul is
saying here that ultimately this idea of covenant of works and those who would
try to come under it will be cast out and they will have no inheritance only
those born of Sarah and only those who are children of a promise so though
Isaac is persecuted Isaac and those who are Isaac’s will be rich those who would
be Ishmael will be ultimately rejected they will not be in the father’s house
like Isaac was only the Isaacs will remain in their father’s house in the
end this is a scary thing to the fact that Paul is saying this he’s saying
something of the state of the soul of these false teachers you will be
rejected in the end you will be cast off forever
and Jesus made that even more clear and he made it with a descriptive image that
there is a casting off there is a rejection to a place of weeping and
gnashing of teeth and so we see here that there is a time when the Isaacs and
the Ishmael’s will be separated there’s a time where there will be a division
one will be kept in the father’s house one will be cast into the wilderness
never to come back again and though this is a theological thing Paul is also
getting very practical to their immediate context as he’s speaking to
the Galatians he’s saying listen the same way Ishmael was cast out the same
way Ishmael and Hagar had to be removed from the scene do the same with the
false teachers in your churches there can’t be fellowship with Hagar and Sarah
Isaac and Ishmael it’s gonna get dangerous real quick so make a move and
cast them out so we end this short message today with
a simple question as we reflect on these wonderful truths are you son of Isaac
are you son of Ishmael are you Hague ours descendants are you Sarah’s are you
the result of a promise have you come to the point where you realized you’re as
good as dead before anything came about in your life in terms of salvific
transformation or are you trying to help God out by works of the flesh to try to
produce something in which God says he would do on his own faith works Sarah
Hagar Ishmael Isaac we have to choose so you can imagine I this is how I
visualize it when this letter was read at this point that these false teachers
these Judaizers were pulling their hair cuz this whole time they’re saying were
sons of Abraham and you know what Paul is saying by the Holy Spirit yeah but
you’re actually sons of Ishmael shocking shattering yet liberating to those who
understand from which line they come from the simplicity of the message of
the gospel of grace can be even described in such complex yet glorious
ways and this is what Paul does if this teaches us anything it’s this that the
main theme of this book is the gospel even with hey guard Sarah so may God
give us the lense to interpret the Scriptures carefully yes but to see the
heartbeat of the Bible the heartbeat of God’s Word he loved us so much that He
gave His Son and it’s all because of a promise it’s all because of a word that
he gave a work that he accomplished and for us to just link to that by faith do
we have a reason to sing in the house of God today amen
bow your heads and let’s do that we can get the worship team to come up
as well just reflect on the truths that you heard this morning and relish in the
revelation of the Bible how deep and how wise God is rejoice in the fact that
your God wants to convince you and me of his love for us in the finished work of
Jesus Christ it’s really as simple as it sounds as simple as believing like
Abraham had to believe I’m gonna bring you a son sounds too good to be true
like it was for Abraham but it was true and you know what happened when that son
came you know what happened when Isaac came on the scene Sarah herself laughed
not in a way of mocking or his sarcastic no no she laughed with joy and she said
those who hear of this news will also laugh that tells me something about the
gospel the children of promise are also children of joy and there’s a joy that
results from understanding how God brought about such a miraculous work
this is for you and me and we sang it today restore unto me the joy of thy
salvation I want to be able to just remember how I got saved and would you ask God to do one more
thing before we sing would you ask God to give you the strength cuz Abraham
needed some strength Abraham needed some assurance Abraham
needed some help from God to forgot to speak to him and say cast off the slave
woman and her son in our own hearts today ask God Lord let me cast off let
me cast away any concept of me trying to attain my right standing with you and
when Hagar tries to come back and knock on my door to say let me move back in
give me the strength again to say no give me the courage to say no my heart
only belongs to Sarah and in a moment the worship team is
gonna lead us to sing to God with joy with celebration and don’t let the devil
do it Ishmael did Rob or attempt to rob the joy of the child of promise only the
devil try to rob the joy of your salvation

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