The Lion Guard | The Morning Report | Part 5 – Green Fox

Thank you very much! see boys sometimes all it takes is a
little motivation yes there are times I will say it already symbol possession then here’s our whole day hunting
means he will talk inside sounds like it’s coming from the volcano
sounds like he’s flat you didn’t tell us anything important I most certainly did
you just weren’t listening what is that delectable small steam too
late birdy since nothing Goods coming out of your mouth something tasty ‘he’s
going into ours what’s a Zuko I think he wants to eat
the bird too maybe till the pride Lands End lion so you came to rescue the Royal advisor
to the king no I came to rescue my friend that’s definitely going in my
molding report miss me try again okay nice going oh no
oh no they have fully backed up to the ledge Fuli a little busy here’s a few very
well talk to me you saw I want to take me on just doing what has to be done

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  • The Lion Guard | The Morning Report | Part 5 – Green Fox

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