The Reason Why Saber-Toothed Tigers Went Extinct

Saber-tooth tigers. Cool, right? Well, maybe. At first, it kind of seems like it would be
pretty crazy if saber-toothed tigers still roamed the American wilderness. But just imagine for a second if you had to
worry about giant fanged cats while you were camping. Forget putting your food in a bear locker
you’d have to put your whole tent in one of those things. Yeah, saber-toothed tigers were cool, but
their extinction pretty much made the whole camping and outdoor recreation industry possible. But that begs the question: Why did they go
extinct? It seems incredible to think that something
as badass as a giant cat with teeth the size of your hand could ever be taken down by the
forces of nature, but that’s apparently what happened. Just not the way we thought. For a long time, it was believed that saber-tooth
tigers died out because food was scarce. But scientists have now looked at the fossilized
teeth from 15 saber-toothed tigers and found that they lacked the kind of wear pattern
you’d expect to see in an animal that isn’t getting enough to eat. According to the Huffington Post, a starving
cat would likely gnaw every kill it found down to the bone, so its teeth would show
a micro-wear pattern similar to what you see in hyenas, which are efficient scavengers
that typically consume every part of a carcass from hide to skeleton. “Look at you guys. No wonder we’re dangling at the bottom of
the food chain!” That wear pattern is missing from sabertooth
tiger teeth, though, so the big cats’ extinction probably wasn’t due to a scarcity of prey. So what gives? Well, research by the Australian Centre for
Ancient DNA suggests that it was probably a combination of a warming climate and human
activity. Interestingly, humans and saber-toothed tigers
co-existed for at least a thousand years, and it was only when the climate started to
rapidly warm that populations of megafauna oversized animals that include the saber-tooth
tiger began to decline. After that warming event, much of the world’s
megafauna were extinct within a century. But why? It’s impossible to say for sure, but the big
wild card seems to have been you guessed it! humanity. Studies have shown that the migration patterns
of humans and our now-extinct cousins like Neanderthals and Denisovans closely correlate
with the decline of large mammals all over the world. As our ancestors and other human species migrated
north to Europe and Asia, the average size of land mammals dropped by roughly half. The same thing happened when humans got to
Australia, only on a larger scale Australian land mammals got about 10 times smaller. And in America, the average size of land mammals
dropped from “mega” to “minuscule.” Before human arrival, the average American
land mammal weighed around 216 pounds. After early humans showed up and started waving
their spears around, that dropped to an average of 17 pounds. It’s difficult to tell how much climate change
may have also contributed. But according to The Atlantic, the decline
of large mammals might have had something like a snowball effect, since, whenever there’s
an extinction event, it tends to irreversibly alter the ecosystems where those animals live. So once humans and hot weather combined to
kill off a few key species, the rest may have tumbled like dominoes. But since the study of sabre-tooth tiger teeth
doesn’t actually show any evidence that the loss of large prey animals directly led to
their extinction, we’re left to guess. One theory? Well, if large mammals were no longer around
to eat, it’s possible that sabre-tooth tigers may have turned to smaller mammals for food
including humans. And if that happened, chances are humanity
reacted by doing what it does best: killing every possible threat immediately. So did humans hunt sabre-tooth tigers into
extinction? For now, it’s just another unsubstantiated
theory and unless some brave soul invents a time machine and heads to the past to find
out in person, it may just have to stay that way. Sorry, sabre-tooth tigers! You were cool, and we’re really sorry if we
had to kill you. Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Grunge videos about your favorite
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  • If they were alive today they would be more dangerous than bears.

  • Hi

  • Do you think any animals alive today could beat a sabre-toothed tiger in a fight?

  • The extinction could have been the result of a catastophic climate event.a massive volcanic eruption lowering global temperatures even more and blocking the sun. Lack of vegetation from this caused its prey to die. It could have taken just a few years for them to dissapear.

  • or maybe they are today's tigers ancestors

  • You described the reason for the mega fauna decline early on. Where the humans went, the big animals demise followed. Climate change had nothing to do with their extinction. Humans are still wiping out species today.

  • You need to do an up date . They now say a meteor hit around Greenland changing the climate . YouTube channel SuspiciousObservers did a series on it .

  • Sabre-tooth tigers weren't real. The bone records were created to swindle people like you.

  • There were giant humans too. So..idk.

  • There was no such thing as a sabre-toothed tiger. There were, however, lots of sabre-toothed cats, both actually felines and feliforms, so even "cat" is actually stretching it a bit, but "tiger" is way off.

  • Irregularity?

  • You guys really going with the whole ancient man killed giant animals like mega fauna get real

  • We have messed up the ocean so bad killing most of the whales and catching all the big fish causes small ones to become the norm and causing extinction in some because they don't have time to reproduce and all this also messed up the food chain and allows some species population to explode at the cost of others.
    Also elephants dramatically change there environment by knocking down trees to eat the branchs and that allows for grasslands. And we have killed so many there was a Ted talk this ppl kill over 25k elephants because they thought they were over populated and turns out it had the opposite effect destoried the ecosystem even more.
    Eventually homeostasis will happen once again. Humans aren't the first not the last "extinction event" nature will continue until the Earth is no more. But I would like it to be nice as possible while we are still here.

  • The MICHIGAN dogman can kill a sabertooth tiger ..easily

  • I saw a show on Smithsonian, Discovery, National Geographic…I dunno, one of them and one of the reasons(they said) for the die off or disappearance of large mammals(large humans included) was because of a cataclysmic catastrophe(meteor, comet, etc) causing the ice age to end and the O2 levels in the atmosphere to decrease which made it impossible for large things to exist, Sooo, I dunno.

  • So ya really don't have a clue……. well that wasn't very interesting now was it.

  • Those damn Neanderthals and their pickup trucks warming the earth

  • Climate change? Did you hear that libtards?! Climate change was around BEFORE humans ever burned fossil fuels or created worldwide pollution! Looks like it’s not man made then you fucking morons!

  • I think we did. The one thing we're great at doing is killing things.

  • The thing I get from this is you dont know the reason. I have as much knowledge on how they went extinct as I did before just wasted time hearing that we still dont know

  • The reason why these tigers and probably a lot of other prehistoric creatures died is because of humans

  • A previous video I saw said that the sabre toothed cat was an ambush killer. Its prey were big, slow, clumsy animals, and so was the cat. Eventually, faster killers evolved and killed of the slow clumsy herbivores. Faster prey animals evolved that the sabre toothed cats could not catch.

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  • noah’s flood 🤷🏽‍♀️

  • Why are e we always to blame. We gotta eat too, you know. Good thing vegans die first in the end days. Then maybe, just maybe, I can eat the cute, fuzzy bunny in peace.

  • No catnip

  • Sorry….not sorry

  • So humans ran around with such a small population on foot in the entire continent and hunted the cat? The algorithm wouldnt add up.

  • Smilodon probably used it’s sabres to bite out a chunk of a megafauna then follow it till it died. It probably hunted in large packs since there’s a lot of meat on a big animal.

  • Interesting and worthwhile video.

  • The truth behind the joker film
    The real reason we will never see a King Arthur sequel
    This cancer response to processed diet and human migration towards unnatural climates based on their genetic data is perfect

  • Saber Tooth Tigers hunted in Prides like African Lions. The reason this is known, is because the healed broken hind femur (broken hind leg bone) of one was recovered from the La Brea Tar Pits in California. The animal this bone came from would have been unable to hunt and eat if it had to catch its own food while the leg was healing, it would have starved to death. Only as part of a Pride, could it have limped over to a fresh kill the Pride had made, and partake of a share of the kill till its leg was healed.

    I seriously doubt human beings with only simple weapons could have taken on a Pride of Saber Tooth, particularly at night.

  • Smilodons : (exists)
    Hominids : I'm going to ruin that cat's career.

  • no animal stand a chance against man big or small we always find a way to kill them unless it is a levaithan

  • Wanna know how to lose subscribers? This is how you lose subscribers!

  • They could not hang on afrer they had to repopulate the earth after the flood. They simply died out leaving room for the modern cats.

  • Extinct Saber-Toothed Tigers but we still have Tigers, Extinct Wooly Mammoths but we still have Elephants. You're gonna have to do a little more explaining to reason this away.

  • What movie is used in this video

  • wow. totally ignore the other 125+ mega mammals that went extinct at the same time. what about canada covered in ice or the younger dryas? this is why people dont trust the media. everything is simplified to fit a narrative

  • Sabre toothed is extinct becoz it evolved to become Yellow Power Ranger

  • Sabertooth Tigers didn't do anything wrong.

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