The Secret to Turn a Normal Car into a Luxury Car – Sound Proofing

rev up your engines, today I’m going to show
you how you can make your car quieter now when I was a young mechanic, first
thing I wondered was, why are some cars a lot noisier than others, and it turns
out a lot has to do with the insulation that they either put in the car or in the
cheaper cars, didn’t put hardly any at all in, now here’s an example, we’re
going to drive my wife’s Lexus and see what the decibel is driving around, I’m
driving around I’m going to do a little minimum and maximum to see what the
average sound, is driving around a neighborhood here, well the minimum was
forty one point seven, and the maximum was forty eight point zero, and now we’ll
check out this Toyota Matrix, it has very little insulation in it, and here we go,
and here you can see the minimum is forty five point eight, and the maximum
was sixty eight point nine, a lot louder car, now a lot of that noise comes from a
lack of insulation and the matrix, inside the door panels, no real insulation, also
tell from the outside, listen to this you hear the echo, but on the Lexus, you
can hear it’s a much more solid sound it’s not as tinny, because there’s
insulation inside, but guess what you can add insulation to your car, I
found this company Dr. Artex of Singapore, they’ve been doing sound
deadening stuff for decades and they really know their stuff, they have
various layers of insulation and soundproofing that you can add to your
vehicle, now for things like the inside of your trunk, they have this very good
thick lace stuff that fits in it compresses fine, and it’ll really quiet
noise down for when you’re driving down the road, especially at highway speeds
will you get a lot of tire noise and other car vibration noises, it is
self-adhesive backing, so it sticks on pretty good and of course realize this
isn’t a two-second job putting insulation in, in this case, you got to
take the whole plastic panel off, then you get isopropyl alcohol, clean it all
off all the metal, and then stick the insulation on, and cut it to make sure
it fits, of course putting it up inside here is an easier
job, because it’s all in the open, and of course the trunks are easy to do, this
being a Lexus, it already has it in there it was made that way, and to do all the
doors of course you have to take the door panel off, then you cut the insulation to
fit inside, and put it on the skin on the far side to keep noise down while
you’re driving, and true fanatics they’ll even take it off on the top of the car
inside and take the liner out put insulation in and then put the liner
back on to make it even quieter and they’ll also remove the seats, and the carpeting, and
then they’ll stick the bottom insulation on, now you can’t have really thick
insulation in the bottom, so that’s this metallic stuff, it’s a lot thinner, you
strip it down to the bare metal, then you cut all these pieces, put them in all the
nooks and crannies, then put the carpets and the seats back on,
yes it’s labor-intensive, but if you want a quiet car, hey this is the way to go, if
you’ve ever seen those lowrider cars with the giant mega bass in the trunk,
the cheap ones, you hear them rattle like mad, but the good ones, they use all this
sound insulation in the trunk and all over the car and it doesn’t rattle it’s
got a crisp sound yes it’s loud, but this keeps it from rattling,
now I just did the inside of the doors and the trunk on this matrix, let’s see
what a difference that makes, we’ll turn on a decibel meter, and now the minimum
is 36.3 and the maximum is fifty four point one, so both readings are lower, so
if you want a quieter car or if you’re an audiophile and you want your sound
system to sound as crisp as possible inside the car, you might want to try
some of this Dr. Artex sound insulation out, and since this is
mechanic Monday, I’m giving away some of this Dr. Artex sound insulation,
just place a clean non offensive comment on the YouTube comments below and the
winner will be randomly chosen by a computer, sadly cats are not allowed to
apply, so if you never want to miss another one
of my new car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell!

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