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(Intense Music) (Fail Music) (Indistinct sleeping noise)Bijukuttan’s Mom:Bijukuttankutta, Son…Bijukuttan’s Mom:Wake up, Wake up. What a kind of sleep is this?Bijukuttan:What is it mom?
Bijukuttan’s Mom:Aren’t you supposed to leave to Bangalore by the 4pm train today? i1}Bijukuttan’s Mom: Eh?BijukuttanI had a bad dream, momBijukuttan’s Mom:What kind of a dream?Bijukuttan:A dream where I was working as a construction labourer.Bijukuttan’s Mom:To avoid such mishaps, you must study hard.Bijukuttan’s Mom:You already have wasted 5 years to complete your degree.Bijukuttan’s Mom:After all that, with the little money that I have, son; I have brought you an MCA admission.Bijukuttan’s Mom:do study hard and complete this course.Bijukuttan’s Mom:Son, whenever I am reminded of you, my mind is filled with anxiety.Bijukuttan’s Mom:Son, considering your future; Study well.. Okay?Bijukuttan:Aah.. Okay Mom.Bijukuttan’s Mom:Then get ready, let me prepare some food. (Background Music)Freddy:Who is this guy?FreddyHey… (whistles)
Freddy:Come over here.Freddy:(enquiring)Bijukuttan:(in a confused way) Is this Alvin’s…. P.G?Freddy:Dey… Don’t be too English.. All are malayalees here…Bijukuttan:Isn’t this Alvin’s P.G?Naushad:What’s your name, bro?Bijukuttan:Bijukuttan (both of them chuckles)Freddy:Bijukuttan…
(in a teasing manner)Naushad:Are you a new admission to the college?Bijukuttan:(nods and agrees)Naushad:Who got you admitted?
Bijukuttan:Chandran sir.Freddy:Oh.. you’re his admission.
Bijukuttan:(tries to interrupt)
Freddy:He had called up yesterday. A Bijukuttan is coming, he told…You are him?Bijukuttan:(nods and agrees)Naushad:It’s been a week since the classes have begun. Are you coming now? (sarcastically)Freddy:Come on..Freddy:Aah.. Come inside..Freddy:(picking a cloth) Whose is this man?Freddy:Hey, this is my room..
Just be careful about this room.Bijukuttan:Why is it so?Freddy:This room is occupied by the Holy people (sarcastically)Bijukuttan:(exclaiming) Holy People?Freddy:you will get to know that later.Freddy:You, sleep there.Bijukuttan:(exclaiming) Here?Freddy:Aah, yes, you sleep there. Its more than enough for youFreddy:(murmuring) (the kind of fellows that arrive!)Freddy:Bijukutta, we will come back in a while.Bijukuttan:okay (Television) (listening to a sermon) (Bijukuttan wakes up)Richardson:Ah, brother, you woke up..Bijukuttan:who are you?Richardson:I am Richardson
Lijo:I am Lijo… Whats your name bro?Bijukuttan:BijukuttanRichardson:Where are you from in Kerala?
Bijukuttan:AngamalyRichardson:okay, Angamaly.. We stay in this room.Bijukuttan:Yes, they had told.Richardson:oh they had told..
(Bijukuttan agrees)
Richardson:Brother, take rest then since we have to go to college early.Bijukuttan:Right, right.
Richardson:okay then we are going..
Bijukuttan: okay. (Bijukuttan streches)Bijukuttan:Come fast bro, we are already late!Freddy:Isn’t this your first class? Go man! (Freddy slams the door open)Naushad:Excuse me, Ma’am
Teacher:What’s the time now?Freddy:11:20Teacher:Is this when you come into the class?Naushad:Ma’am the tyre got punctured.Teacher:Why do you need a vehicle; while staying next to the college?Teacher:Everyday, some or the other lame excuses.Teacher:Get in. (Teacher continuing the lecture) (Freddy snatches a girl’s book) (Interval)Freddy:Whose is the next class?
Bijukuttan:I don’t know! Bijukuttan:Meenu, whose is the next class?
Meenu:Mathai sir. Bijukuttan:Hey, its that ‘Bearsir’
Freddy:Oh! thatBear(Mathai sir comes in) Mathai sir:Today, we will discuss about C programming.
(Freddy yawns) Mathai sir:That last bench, listen here. Mathai sir:If you are not willing to attend, you may leave now. Bijukuttan:Give me that…
Mathai sir:Can we start?… Okay good.Freddy:Bear! (sir turns around)Freddy:Bear
(sir turns a second time) (a student throws a paper rocket) (sir turns back the third time) Mathai sir:You both, come here. Bijukuttan:We are caught!NFreddy:ssh! Mathai sir:Yeah, the last two, you both come here.Freddy:Aah, go.. Mathai sir:Can you tell me, what is an operator? Bijukuttan:Operator, JIO, Vodafone, BSNL… Mathai sir:What??Freddy:Hmm, Idea.. Mathai sir:Why did your parents send both of you here?
Freddy:(mumbling) (who knows!) Mathai sir:Is it to study?
Freddy:(mumbling) (isn’t it?) Mathai sir:Neither good for the society nor good for the family
Freddy:(mumbling) (oho?) Mathai sir:Why have you come here to waste the time of others? Mathai sir:Look here, do not enter my class unless I tell you.
Freddy:(mumbling) (Yes, your Majesty!) Mathai sir:Okay? Mathai sir:Get out!
Bijukuttan:Thank you, sir!Freddy:Naushad, come… lets go to the park.Naushad:Its like that, now whats the point talking about it. (Indistinct chattering) Bijukuttan:Just smell this…Naushad:(disgusting) what is this, man? (Indistinct chattering and laughter)Freddy:(joking) We should kill that ‘Bear{b0 sir’Naushad:(whispering to Bijukuttan) There, she comes… (Bijukuttan jumps in front of her) Bijukuttan:Stop there! (and hands over the flowers) (she accepts it in a sarcastic manner) College Friend:Its the uneasiness that Boys usually have when they see beautiful girls. If you have come to study, study and go back home! (throws the flower right onto the face)Naushad:Hey, come here and sit. Bijukuttan:Shaey! (friends tease him)Naushad:Did she leave you? (Bijukuttan notices his roommates) Bijukuttan (thinking)How hard these fellows are studying… Bijukuttan (thinking)These fellows are playing the damn card game…
Don’t they have to study? (Bijukuttan dozes off…) (indistinct sound of his roommates studying) (Bijukuttan is frustrated…) Bijukuttan:Hey.. Isn’t there exams tomorrow?Naushad:yes… Bijukuttan:Aren’t you studying ?Naushad: (sarcastically)See, we are studying.. Bijukuttan:Not like that, to pass through don’t we have to study? Friend:Aah.. there’s a way for that..Freddy:Mr. Bijukuttan, pull over that chair and sit here. (Bijukuttan pulls a chair) Bijukuttan:You wanted to tell me something? (Naushad nods in agreement) (Freddy tells a secret to Bijukuttan) Bijukuttan:(excited) Is it?
(Naushad winks) Bijukuttan:Then count me in! Bijukuttan:Guide, give me a hand.
(joins them in playing cards) Bijukuttan:Now there is nothing to worry, lets play! Bijukuttan:Put all this down…
Give me a hand & start a new game.. (Naushad shuffles the deck) (Indistinct Laughter) (Richardson and Liju are woken up by the noise.) Richardson:Whats going on? Liju:Don’t these guys have to sleep? (Richardson yawns) Richardson:My dear friends, what you’re doing is not right.Naushad:what do you mean? Richardson:Look at the time…
This boozing, smoking and gambling is not right. Richardson:With all this, you cannot go to Heaven.Freddy:(sarcastically) Oh.. okay saint!Freddy:(sarcastically) We don’t want to reach Heaven…
Leave us alone.Freddy:(sarcastically) You guys are mad…. Bloody mad! Liju:(tries to interrupt)
Friend:Hey, go back.. (they continue playing…)Freddy:Ace…. Clubs…. (glass bottle rolling) (On the exam day…) (room mates sleep…)Naushad:They slept…
Come… Let’s go… Bijukuttan:Okay… careful (Bike starting)Bijukuttan:Get on.. Get on.. Get on the bike..Bijukuttan:Let’s go…Freddy:We both will go and be back..
You stay here..Freddy:okay?… come on (Dog barking) (Freddy wakes the security) (Security refuses)Freddy:what to tell these guys…
(Gives more money)Freddy:This is enough… (Security accepts the amount) (Freddy and Bijukuttan climbs the fence)Freddy:Hey, Quietly..Freddy:come, come .. (Indistinct chatter) (Bijukuttan dancing)Bijukuttan:take it…Bijukuttan:(reciting) Fucntions accept…
I am writing the next point, okay.. (Freddy yawns)Bijukuttan:Where is its figure?Bijukuttan:okayFreddy:Write fast…
By 5 AM we can keep the booklets and be back.Naushad:Completed?Freddy:Hmm…Freddy:The End (Shakes hands with each other)Students:Good morning teacher..Teacher:Sit, Sit..Teacher:How was your internals?Teacher:How did you do it?Teacher:Okay, I will give you the blue books.Teacher:Richardson, good job…Teacher:Asha…Teacher:Jijo…Teacher:Freddy, Bijukuttan and Naushad…Teacher:you guys come here.Teacher:You have scored the highest marks this time.Freddy:Not only attend the classes; but also learn well..Teacher:Your externals are starting next week
Do well.Teacher:Thank you. (Freddy chuckles)Bijukuttan:Oh.. where it was kept? (Bijukuttan searching frantically)Bijukuttan:Is it on top of this?Bijukuttan:Would it be in here?!Freddy:Hey, what are you searching?Bijukuttan:Isn’t exams starting tomorrow?
My Hall ticket is missing!Freddy:Its for those who are writing exams… (Freddy continues chuckling)Bijukuttan:So aren’t you writing exams?Naushad:you come here…Naushad:sit there…Bijukuttan:Aren’t you writing exams?
Naushad:Sit here and watch this..Bijukuttan:So… (pauses) what about the exams?Naushad:That we can write together in the next year.Bijukuttan:Oh is that possible?
Freddy:yes…Bijukuttan:you are awesome!Freddy:you watch the movie…Bijukuttan:that’s nice….Bijukuttan:which is this film?Bijukuttan:torrent?Naushad:Final destination… (Television) (dinosaur screams) (Television) (person screams) (Television) (indistinct sound) (Richardson comes in…) (door is shut)Richardson:Bijukuttan, didn’t you write today’s exam?Bijukuttan:No..Richardson:Why didn’t you write the exam?Bijukuttan:Ah.. I hadn’t studied anything..Richardson:Where are they?Bijukuttan:They went outside..Richardson:(sighs)Richardson:Bijukuttan, are you wasting away your future by not writing the exams? (Bijukuttan remains silent)Richardson:Our parents are toiling hard for our education.Richardson:I was born and brought up in a middle class family.Richardson:I grew up witnessing the hardship of my parents.Richardson:Is it right to do these things?Richardson:I know that you are not interested in my advice.Richardson:But don’t we have to respect our parents?
Bijukuttan: (frustrated)ooh… (Bijukuttan gets frustrated)Richardson: (consoling)Don’t worry, I will pray for you..Richardson: (consoling)Nothing is impossible for God. (Bijukuttan gets angry)Bijukuttan: (angrily)Have you seen God? (Richardson tries to answer..)Richardson:I haven’t seen God..Richardson:But in every circumstance of our lives, God’s hand can be witnessed.Richardson:be it during loss, pain or defeat… Bijukuttan:I don’t want to hear anything..
(sarcastically) the saint has come for advice.. (Freddy and Bijujuttan chatting on whatsapp) (Background Music) (Bbijukuttan, Freddy and Naushad enjoying a trip…) (Bbijukuttan, Freddy and Naushad posing for an adventure pic!)Freddy:Wasn’t this film released just 3 months back?Freddy:How fast time goes by…Freddy:Next week the second semester exams are beginning…Naushad:I won”t pass at all..
This year is also gone for a toss…Bijukuttan:I getting dizzy after seeing the time-table. (Freddy chuckles)
Bijukuttan:14 subjects are there to write..Bijukuttan:with only 1 day gap in betweenBijukuttan:I have no idea on what has to be done
(Freddy continues laughing) (Bijukuttan’s phone rings..)Bijukuttan:Just a moment… Mom is calling.. (Bijukuttan leaves the room)Bijukuttan:Hello…Bijukuttan’s Mom: (over the phone) (i0} Son, Bijukuttankutta…Bijukuttan:hmm…Bijukuttan’s Mom:are you fine?Bijukuttan:hmm… I am okBijukuttan’s Mom: (over the phone) (i0} A letter has come from your college, son…Bijukuttan:Which letter?Bijukuttan’s Mom:(i0} yes..Bijukuttan’s Mom: (over the phone) (i0} Didn’t you write your exams?Bijukuttan’s Mom: (over the phone) (i0} Then why did the Principal send me a letter saying you haven’t written your first semester exams?
(Bijukuttan sighs)
Bijukuttan’s Mom: (over the phone) (i0} Son, son…
Bijukuttan’s Mom:(i0} yes..
Bijukuttan’s Mom: (over the phone) (i0} Why aren’t you speaking?Bijukuttan’s Mom: (over the phone) (i0} Are you being slack in studies again?
You know that you spent 5 years to get through your degree..
Bijukuttan’s Mom: (over the phone) (i0} Are you continuing to be slack in your studies again?Bijukuttan’s Mom: (over the phone) (i0} I can’t bear to witness your failure, son…Bijukuttan’s Mom: (over the phone) (i0} Aah.. anyways I am coming there the next week.Bijukuttan:Mom, why are you coming here?
Its not required… I will call you later… (Bijukuttan switches on the lights.) (Bijukuttan’s sees himself in a hallucination.)Bijukuttan’s Intellect:Hey, there is no point in your living..Bijukuttan’s Intellect:You are an utter failure…Bijukuttan’s Intellect:You don’t have the calibre to study all these…Bijukuttan’s Intellect:You are a burden for your family and your teachers…Bijukuttan’s Intellect:Hey, why are you living on like this?Bijukuttan’s Intellect:You, who cheated and got through in the internals; how do you expect to write these 14 subjects?Bijukuttan’s Intellect:You, will be year-back; repeating the same semesterBijukuttan’s Intellect:Your family will hate you…
You have no future….Bijukuttan’s Intellect:You don’t deserve to live…Bijukuttan’s Intellect:You are a failure…
You are a BIG failure…Bijukuttan:NO….
(Bijukuttan throws a book in furious rage..) (Bijukuttan sobs bitterly..) (the door opens…
Richardson is woken up by he commotion..)Richardson:Biju….
(Bijukuttan shakes his hand off …)Richardson:Biju, why are you crying?Richardson:Thinking about the exams, is it?Richardson:Leave it off..Richardson:If not this time, you can definitely write it the next time.Richardson:We are always praying for you..Richardson:Everything is possible with God. (Bijukuttan gets outraged..)
Bijukuttan:God, God, GOD…Bijukuttan: (in rage)Every time you say, God..Bijukuttan: (in rage)Get out from here…Richardson:This guy is out of his mind. (Bijukuttan speaks over the phone..) (Bijukuttan slips and falls off…) (ambulance siren)(Angelic voice)Bijukutta, for those who love God and for those who serve him, (Angelic voice) God has prepared many mansions here..(Angelic voice) Apart from those that have their names written in the Book of life,(Angelic voice) Neither the profane nor abomination, nor anyone who practices deceit will enter there.(Angelic voice) Through the streets of the city, the river of life flows as clear as a crystal from the throne of God and of the Lamb;(Angelic voice)On each side of the river stood the Tree of Life(Angelic voice)he who overcomes will always receive the fruit of the Tree of Life; from the paradise of God.(Angelic voice)he that is faithful throughout his lifetime will receive the crown of Life.(Angelic voice)he that overcomes will be made a pillar in the temple of God.(Angelic voice)The victorious will receive the hidden manna.(Angelic voice)He will receive a white stone with a new name written on it, known only to him who receives it.(Angelic voice)The victorious will wear the white robe(Angelic voice)God will dwell with them forever.
They will be God’s people..(Angelic voice)God himself will be their God dwell with them..(Angelic voice)God will wipe out every tear from their face.(Angelic voice)Neither sadness nor pain nor weeping nor wailing will be present there…(Angelic voice)Behold, Jesus is coming soon!
He holds the reward and will give to each person according to what they have done.(Angelic voice)But, anyone whose name is not found in the book of Life will be thrown down into the lake of fire.(Angelic voice)The cowardly, the unbelieving, the vile, the sexually immoral,(Angelic voice)the corrupt, those who practice magic arts, the idolaters, the homosexual,(Angelic voice)the thieves, the greedy, drunkards, the perjurers, the quarrelers and such as these..(Angelic voice)and all liars, their part will be in the lake that burns with fire and brimstone..(Angelic voice)There will be weeping and gnashing of teeth in that place.(Angelic voice)You had received many opportunities to repent, but you revoked them all…(Angelic voice)Behold, you; whose name is not written in the Book of Life; (Angelic voice)Depart into the eternal fire that is prepared for the devil and his angels. (Bijukuttan is thrown down to hell…) (sounds of indistinct wailing and screams) (Freddy and Naushad being tormented) (Mathai sir being tormented) (sounds of indistinct wailing and screams) (Bijukuttan being tormented..)(Godly voice)Bijukutta… Bijukutta… (Godly voice)I am giving your life back…(Godly voice)This is your final chance..(Godly voice)Do not sin anymore.(Godly voice)Bear the fruit of repentance.(Godly voice)Use your subsequent time wisely…
(Ambulance door shuts) (Bijukuttan sobs)Bijukuttan:Mom.. (all are surprised.. Mom comes running…)Bijukuttan’s Mom:Son..
(Bijukuttan sobs bitterly..)Bijukuttan’s Mom: (in awe)What happened to you? (both of them cry out loud)Bijukuttan:I do not know how to explain it Mom.. (Bijukuttan turns to his friends)Bijukuttan: (sobbing)What they told is true.Bijukuttan: (sobbing)There is a life after deathBijukuttan: (sobbing)Oh…
it is The TruthBijukuttan: (sobbing)There is Hell.. there is Heaven too… (Bijukuttan and his friends burst into tears)Bijukuttan: (sobbing)Those who sin will not go to Heaven.Bijukuttan: (wailing)Oh…
Hell is horrifying.Bijukuttan: (sobbing)Hey, we shouldn’t go there…Freddy: (sobbing)Hey, what happened to you?Bijukuttan: (sobbing)Hey, I saw you in hell (his friends are shocked)Bijukuttan: (sobbing)We should not be living like this.. (his friends cry along with him)Freddy: (sobbing)Then what should we do?Bijukuttan: (sobbing)we must confess our sins to Lord JesusBijukuttan: (sobbing)and stay away from them.Bijukuttan: (sobbing)We must accept Jesus Christ as our Lord and Saviour.Bijukuttan: (sobbing)Jesus alone is the Redeemer. (Bijukuttan’s Mom thanking God) (Bijukuttan hugs Richardson and Lijo)Bijukuttan:Sir..Mathai sir:Yes..Bijukuttan:Sir, some sweets..Mathai sir:Why the sweets?Bijukuttan:Sir, I have cleared all my subjects.Mathai sir:Weren’t you year back?
Bijukuttan:no sir…Bijukuttan:That’s a big miracle sir…Mathai sir:Miracle?
(sir laughs)Mathai sir:What is that miracle?Bijukuttan:My God, whom I had not known… helped me through, sir…Mathai sir: (skeptical)Who…Mathai sir: (skeptical)Who helped you?Bijukuttan:My God, sir..(Mathai sir laughs)
Mathai sir:Biju, have you seen God?Bijukuttan:I haven’t seen God…Bijukuttan:But God is present, sir…Mathai sir:It is impossible for us, having intelligence, to believe in something that neither can be seen nor can be heard.Mathai sir:Biju, have you touched God?Bijukuttan:no, sir…Mathai sir:that’s what I said.Mathai sir:There is no being called ‘God’Bijukuttan:Sir, many truths cannot be understood by the human intellect.Bijukuttan:let me ask you…
Sir take a deep breath.Mathai sir:Why?Bijukuttan:Sir, please take a deep breath. (Mathai sir takes a deep breath).Mathai sir:Hmm…Bijukuttan:Sir, the oxygen that you breathed in, are you able to see it?Bijukuttan:Sir, are you able to smell it?Bijukuttan:Sir, are you able to touch it?Mathai sir:What do you mean?Bijukuttan:Sir..Bijukuttan:Sir, do you believe in the gravitational forces?Mathai sir:Yes…. of course!Bijukuttan:which means sir, you can believe without seeing…Bijukuttan:sir, if what the science says about evolution is true, thenBijukuttan:why doesn’t evolution happen now?Bijukuttan:why doesn’t the monkey and the man continue evolving into some other complex being?Bijukuttan:Sir..Bijukuttan:While the life of an average man made satellite is just 10 – 15 years..Bijukuttan:how does the earth, the moon and the sun including the millions of starsBijukuttan:move perfectly in their orbits without changing their positions and without changing their set times?Bijukuttan:What is sustaining them? (Mathai sir thinking..)Bijukuttan:Sir.. that power is called ‘GOD’Bijukuttan:Nobody can see God..Bijukuttan:But even if we believe it or not, God exists.Bijukuttan:Heaven and Hell exists.Bijukuttan:Sir..Bijukuttan:I had seen you in Hell; as an atheist.Bijukuttan:That is a horrifying place.. (Mathai sir contemplating on the thought)Bijukuttan:Sir, when you get time please read this book.. (Bijukuttan hands The Bible to Mathai sir)Bijukuttan:From the beginning of the world unto its end..Bijukuttan:..what happened in the past, the events happening now and that which is yet to come..Bijukuttan:..are all written in this Book.Bijukuttan:Kindly read it sir, when you get time..Bijukuttan:the God that I told,Bijukuttan:maybe, you may encounter Him…Bijukuttan:See you, sir! (The Bible opens…) (Mathai sir reads the opened portion of the Bible) Romans 10:9 New King James Version (NKJV)
That if you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, you will be saved.The Truth(Behind the scenes…)(Bijukuttan’s room mates getting ready for the scene..)© Bethel AG Church, Bangalore

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