Tinnitus Medical Term Description

Tinnitus is a condition most often described
as ringing or other unpleasant noise in the ear that has no obvious source. The cause
of tinnitus is unknown but it is most commonly experienced by patients with other isses including
ear injury, advanced age, and uncontrolled hypertension. Certain medications like aminoglycosides or
platinum drugs can sometimes cause damage to the nerves of the ear. This damage can
sometimes cause the ear to function improperly causing tinnitus. Tinnitus sometimes goes
away by itself in a short amount of time but some cases of tinnitus can last years. Treating
tinnitus can be tricky due to the fact that its cause is sometimes hard to discover. Gently
cleaning the ear is enough to address some cases of mild tinnitus caused by build up
of earwax. For persistent cases, antidepressants and
anti-anxiety medications can sometimes help with symptoms or promote sleep. Hearing aids,
sound generators, and noise cancelling devices can also sometimes help make tinnitus less
noticeable or less disruptive. Avoid loud noises and medications that can damage hearing
whenever possible. It is also important for patients trying to avoid tinnitus to keep
healthy hormone levels, thyroid health, and controlled blood pressure.

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