Tooth Extraction, Bone Graft & Dental Implants in Alexandria LA: Mary Lou | Alexandria Oral Surgery

Well, my dentist in Pineville told me that
I had a bad problem with a tooth that she couldn’t correct with just a crown. Well, I think any time you approach a dentist’s
office, it’s not the most favorable spot to be. But yes, I was a little concerned. I wasn’t sure what the procedure entailed. It was not painful at all. I expected a lot of pain, but they worked
with my very carefully because I’m very sensitive to pain medicine. I didn’t remember much of what went on, and
I wasn’t really sick afterwards. I did very well. Dr. Smith was very patient and very informative
in answering all my questions and explaining all the procedures. And his assistants were very kind and friendly. They made me feel comfortable. I would recommend Alexandria Oral Surgery
any time, yes.

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