Tooth Extraction, Bone Graft & Dental Implants in New Brunswick NJ: Steve | Oral Surgery Group

My wife had an issue with some teeth, so we
did some research, and we elected to go to the Oral Surgery Group. Mike Stern was fantastic, and it came that
I needed dental work. So far, I’m on my third implant. It’s ready to be set for replacements. It’s a steel thing that goes into your bone. Dr. Mike Stern – his bedside manner is fantastic. You have to meet him, and you’ll see what
I’m talking about. He’s very calm, and he’ll explain everything
to you. He’s dedicated in what he does. They treat you almost like family. Everyone in the office is just great. I highly recommend his Oral Surgery Group,
and I hope people understand when they need something that there are people out there
like the Oral Surgery Group that are out to help you.

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