Tooth Extraction & Dental Implants in Waco TX: Donna | Brazos Oral & Facial Surgery

Well, I had been to several doctors with something
going on with my jaw, and an ENT here in Waco referred me to Dr. Warren. I ended up having a wisdom tooth extracted,
and then after that was recovered, we had to extract another tooth, and he put in an
implant, and I felt like it was just the perfect fit. Dr. Warren was very helpful, put me at ease. He was really wonderful, explained everything
and even told me afterward what to expect, and then on the way out, he said, “I’ll call
you tonight to check on you,” and doctors have said that stuff before. I never expected Dr. Warren – he made the
call himself and that says a lot. If any of my friends or family are looking
for a dental implant or extraction, I would recommend that you come to Brazos Oral Surgery. You will be very happy that you did.

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