Tooth Extraction & Dental Implants in Waco TX: Doris | Brazos Oral & Facial Surgery

I had to have an implant – my dentist told
me. Dr. Warren – I just felt that he made me
perfectly at ease, and of course, when Dr. Evans – my dentist – sent me here, he
said, “I want to tell you. Not only is he my son-in-law, but he is very
good, and that is why I am sending you.” And he was just very, very nice, and I just
felt totally at ease. And the staff is so nice here. No problems at all when I came in the first
time after the initial visit, and I said, “I didn’t even take those pain pills. Either you didn’t do anything when I was in
here, or you’re very good.” He said, “Well, granted, I did do something,
but I am good.”

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