Tooth Whitening

Teeth which have been stained by tobacco,
coffee, wine, or other dietary products can yellow over time. If the teeth are straight and uniform, and
don’t have fillings or other dental restorations present, they can often be whitened significantly
with bleach. Most commonly, this is done using custom-made
bleach trays which you can get from a dentist. The process is simple. Impressions are made of your teeth, and stone
cast replicas are produced. A sheet of clear thermo-set vinyl is heated
and vacuum-formed over the cast. When the plastic cools, it sets up in the
shape of your teeth. The trays are trimmed to follow the shape
of your gingival contours, removed from the cast and disinfected. A specially-formulated clear bleaching gel
is dispensed into the trays, being careful not to over-fill them. The trays are seated onto the teeth, and the
patient wears them for the recommended length of time per day, generally measured in minutes. The process is repeated for a few days to
a couple of weeks, ideally under the supervision of a dentist, until the teeth reach their
desired shade. Results can be outstanding, and typically
last for years.

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