Toy BABY SHARK Tooth Playset unboxing by Toysee – Learning Video and song for kids

Baby shark song hello my dear friends. it’s me – Toysee. I have Surprise toy for you do you wanna see it yeah it is baby shark playset. Do you guys like
to play with a baby shark? This is baby shark teeth playset whoa
so let’s open this up and let’s play you and I Toysee will teach you how to
play with a baby shark I’m so exciting that’s gonna be so much fun hey baby
shark it’s a baby shark teeth brush this is baby shark toothpaste wow so cool
this is baby shark water cop whoa and it’s collar me hey foxy hey Sharky
good to see you guys and let’s get baby shark itself baby shower it’s so cute and cool nice
to play with right and long kids I love you hey baby shark where’s your mom and
dad grandpa and grandma where’s your brother
but don’t worry baby shark we will take care of you all and baby shark do you
see that you have four bat t 1 2 3 & 4 4 bat D baby shark who’ll help you out to
pick your teeth sure first of all we’re gonna take teeth brush and the second
item that we need a toothpaste yeah are we gonna fix baby sharks teeth oh you
guys ready let’s start with tooth people one let’s brush it for baby shower whoa
look now it’s all wide let’s brush second one let go yeah now the second
tooth become good one it turns into white because we’re brushing baby sharks
teeth good job you guys let’s jump to tooth number three
let’s brush it out good job you guys help me out
hey baby shark little tried to help you out to get your white tooth back yeah
you see and the third to become completely white good job you guys I
appreciate your help let’s jump to tooth number four let’s
brush it out now Wow look at this fourth tooth it’s completely white because you
guys help me out now the four teeth became completely white hey my friends
thank you for your help awesome we’ll give some water to baby
shark yep there you go baby shark good job and last
let’s count how many teeth does babyshower have you guys ready
let’s count with me 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 & 8 whoa so the baby shark has 8 teeth Wow
good job you guys now let’s sing along with baby shark thank you guys for watching the
subscribe to toys Channel with me see animals yeah hey my friend I’ve just
created a brand new video for you click here to watch it and I’ll see you right
there right now

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