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  • China USED 300 rolls of film in 1976 To Copy OUR Steel production , Back then as a student , I thought they brought the Flu With them

  • 70 Billion dollar bribe.



  • Donald Trump is going to hobble And hurt one industries. Just to help the steel Industry.

  • Can’t trust anybody smiling on a issue like this

  • But then you have the ceo of Howard steel saying steel price has doubled since april. Sounds like this guy loves it because he's selling the steel to him at double the cost.

  • Trump is the only president with balls of steel that no Democrat or Republican is brave enough to do.

  • Very good news. Our President is putting American industries and its workers first.

  • So glad to see the Steel Industry coming back to America. I had hoped that the Tariffs would have this effect. For our own security we need to have control of the quality of our Steel.

  • Tariffs are a bad idea for a number of reason even if it does artificially prop up one industry.

  • God please save America and President Trump. America is a great country.

  • I thank God every day for President Trump💖 Trump 2020👍👍

  • Let us hope that Trump can also save California from the likes of Brown and Newsome.

  • Mabe it's what is needed. If Trump did something we may not understand but it is good more than likely.

  • Looks like 11 people so far don't like jobs.

  • PRAYING Jesus Christ, Jesus show yourself mighty to your people, Lord there seems to be no way out, no way to fix things, no ways of solution, but Jesus you are the solution, you are the truth, you are the love and forgiveness, you are the author and finisher of all great things. Jesus if you can raise a nation up and take it down in a day, then Jesus can you not heal our nation and our people.Yes you can,we praise the name of Jesus. Jesus, quickly reveal yourself to us, that is best for each one of us, touch us the only place that you know and can touch, Jesus can you not minister individually to each person, the only way that they can be ministered to,. Jesus are you not greater than any and all calamity and evil, Jesus where a man sees no way out, your spirit testifies that you Jesus, you are the only way out. Jesus you are the author and finisher of all things, great and small. Jesus help us receive your perfect and perfecting love and forgiveness of the cross. Jesus you told me that if we could fully receive and understand the love and forgiveness of the cross, we would be transformed as a new spirit, a useful witness for Christ Jesus. Jesus we pray that you answer this prayer, that we receive THE FULL PORTION,of your perfect love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ.Jesus we praise your perfect love and forgiveness. Jesus we pray for personal and professional revival Lord Jesus not only does it have to happen in our heart, it has to happen in our family and in our workplace,,, Lord bring us to where your people are, there's no greater ministry then in our own families in our own workplace, Jesus show us the way to your fullness. Jesus you said, to pray for the greatest gift to prophesy to strengthen, encourage and comfort our people, to help raise them up. Jesus we repent of godless chatter, a lack of faith. Jesus we need the faith the size of a mustard seed to plant our faith at the altar,Jesus you will grow our faith. Jesus help us be the great communicators of your love and forgiveness, your faithfulness. Jesus Christ we pray that you come quickly, we need you and praise your mighty name, Jesus our Lord and Savior. Jesus come quickly, Jesus we cry out for repentant heart and spirit, seeking the perfect love and forgiveness, found only in Christ Jesus. Jesus is not the simple gospel, can be as simple as, the perfect and perfecting love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ. Jesus is this not available to all people saved and unsaved. Jesus we pray for this great awakening, correction, direction pointing to Christ Jesus, as Lord and Savior. The name of Jesus is above all names, the name of Jesus identifies the God we serve, the God that can save, forgive us of our sins, and love us into eternity now and forever. Jesus cannot the zeal of the Lord accomplish this great revival, harvest this great harvest and free our people, from captivity of the world and the evil one. Jesus not all is lost, but always gained, we hear that this is the greatest time and harvest, that the world will ever see. Jesus, Jesus, quickly come. Jesus we are standing in victory and not in defeat, because the victory was won on the cross let us praise your great name the name above all names, Christ Jesus our Savior and Lord, amen and amen. I AMen

  • Too bad it’s in a blue state

  • This is essentially a tax on consumers with proceeds going to the government and to it's favored industries.
    It will result in higher prices and less production as marginal consumers drop out of the market or find a substitute.

  • Keep going Mr president Donald trump thank you so much great job 💯❤️👍🇺🇸🇺🇸👏👏👏👏👏

  • hundreds of more jobs for american workers because of our great president how will the trump haters find something wrong with this

  • Dont know about anyone else but I am willing to pay a little extra for american jobs and american steel. It will keep the money here.


  • Live near here and this place effects thousands of people

  • Only for steel industry, for the rest its a end of their activitie

  • With computer automation and robots, steel plants should be rebuilt in USA with cost effectiveness. Imho.

  • Of course America has no commercial surplus for four decades . american goods sucks !
    Italian and french agricultural goods and high fashion clothes are better than american ones
    German and japanese cars are better than american ones
    Hawaii is much better then Apple
    Sony beats Microsoft
    Adidas >> Nike
    and so on.
    American people elected the right man but it is not enough

  • “Theres nothing i can do for the manufacturing industry”- Barack Obama

  • For everyone who has facebook, share this video because people need to see whats happening 👍

  • Can you Imagine Hillary doing this – and all the other things that Trump is doing for MAGA ? ?

  • G-d bless President Trump! We FINALLY have a real American President who is working for OUR interests first.

  • It only got so bad because of complacent old fucks like Lou Dobbs. Boomers r the worst generation in the history of the country.

  • A world wide known, magnificent builder who has built some of the best buildings, resorts and casinos around the world and has had to have known a heck a lot about the business of steel;..
    🤔Hmmm, it makes sense.

  • General Motors brought back light and medium duty truck axle manufacturing from Mexico, it was termed "In-sourcing" .

  • Excellent. Yep we need more business men and women and less lawyers.

  • That's why he's a billionaire!

  • Trumps has balls of steel!

  • To quote the COMMUNIST, RACIST EX President, Barack Obama: "Those jobs are GONE and are NOT COMING BACK." Good riddance, Obama.

  • What the Reporter at the LIBERAL Station, CNBC, failed to mention is that when a Manufacturer creates jobs, the SECONDARY market increases even more. For every one (1) USS worker hired, that creates demand for goods and services in that town/city. Example: The local McDonalds needs to hire MORE staff, so does Jiffy Lube, clothing stores, Tax Prepares, tire retailers, apartment Managers, Residential Builders hiring Construction workers, etc, etc, etc. I have heard that for every one new manufacturing hire, that creates 3-4 new hires in the supporting industries. GO TRUMP!!! MAGA!

  • China's economy is a farce……

  • I guess President Trump did have a magic wand to stop our company’s from leaving the United States and create jobs.

  • Not only US Steel…..Nucor Steel is building a brand new mill in south-central Florida, due to open 2019.
    President Trump is accomplishing things I never dreamed possible twenty-years ago. MAGA!

  • 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

  • OHH Yeahhh Hahahahaha 😆 President Donald Trump will Dominate Reelection 2020 🇺🇸💰😎 fair warning ⚠️ !!!!!!!

  • “You’re gonna be sick of winning” … my guy Trump. Never have I been so respecting of a person in my life. Thank you sir .

  • Its amazing what happens when you take the chains off the great beast known as the US economy. Just let it breathe and get out of the way. So simple, yet all of these highly educated politicians cannot see that. I have not seen this type of reaction and rebuilding of the economy since Reagan.

  • Trump 2020!

  • fact is Barack Obama had no idea how business works…. his only experience in business was scooping ice cream…… Donald Trump has been talking about these issues for over 30 years….

  • I'm getting tired of winning.

  • That offer alone shows that they’re in fear of losing their cash cow….the US.
    Unlucky for them Trump has balls of steel (no pun intended).

  • fox will be sold to a left news outlet . NBC or Disney . to the pod cast i go

  • Im filipino who when was young love to see a made in USA at the back of any product…its quality…thank you President Trump for bringing back made in USA

  • God Bless the President– and Made in the USA— US Steel

  • Pres. Trump, lone voice in the wilderness. Long time coming. America should be grateful.

  • Make that money don't let it make you MAGA trump2020 TREY GOWDY 2024 this country was built on steel right by Andrew carnegie from the railroad tracks that expand the Transcontinental Railroad from east to west to the skyscrapers of New York this country was built manufactured and runs on Steel

  • Take from soybeans and give to steel. It depends on who you're talking to.

  • WOW, how will the Dems explain that? Thank-you President Trump! Pelosi , YOU SUCK!

  • Trump is bringing China to heel. Trump just keeps winning, we all keep winning. Thank you Trump!

  • But, but Trump isn’t a politician, exactly you all idiots, why we want more politicians to run our country. Jobs, jobs is a beautiful word. MagaTrump. All the way 🇺🇸💪

  • I hope the steel industry management takes this opportunity to modernize so they can compete on price with tariffs dropped.

  • I’m glad that finally someone has the courage to do and say the right things. One of those things is calling out the Chinese on ripping off America on every level mostly illegally. American’s need to at least look for products MADE IN THE USA! This is your country and these people are your neighbors making these products. They can buy anything from you if you don’t buy/employ them. It’s not complicated.

  • OMG! another win President Trump! YOu are awesome, unbelievable, incredible!GOD bless you more and more everyday!

  • Yay! I want to buy American steel and aluminum!! My supplier says they can't get it and I have to buy Chinese, yuck!

  • Trump has balls of steel say the other comments…red white and blue balls of course…great man

  • Yeah, he'll make a difference, allright, Mango Mussolini is on track to cause the Third Great Republican Depression.

  • It's only morons who believe the U.S. shouldn't be looking after it's own people first. When you watch over the last couple of decades, industries shutting down because they are feeding someone else instead of your own country. There is something seriously wrong with that picture. President Trump recognizes this and is doing something about it. Thank God !!

  • But But trumd is bad cnn sayd Trump bad man i dont understand

  • YOur full of shit your governemnt says different

  • God bless Donald Trump riotous man .using God given wisdom.
    God bless and protect his family and his full cabinet. Who support him. God bless America.

  • "MINED, MELTED and MADE in the USA" That's the part the leftist and free traders don't get. If you want to know where steel comes from, it comes from wherever the Blast Furnace, EAF, BOF, and Open Hearth are located. Unfinished slabs made in China, and rolled in Canada and Mexico are still Chinese Steel. Damn liberals think they know it all because they don't even know what the questions are. Hell they don't even know those kinds of questions exist

  • As a retired metal fabricator, I saw the metal fabrication shops and the shipyards slowly close up and disappear over the decades. I hope this generation appreciates what President Trump has done for them. Especially the welders and fitters.

  • Its really to bad we don't hear about jobs with Americans steel on the Democratic media.

  • It is not just a result of "absence of acumen", it's a result of an absence of will. We've had several crops of spineless politicians unwilling to take the reins and do something. Our current Congress has over 400 bills collecting dust somewhere that they can't manage to get up for a vote. Worthless!

  • Lou, natural gray is nothing to be ashamed of. It can also be perceived as having wisdom.

  • It is stupefying that our elected leaders could let this type of trade war fester for decades.

  • CNN and the fake news networks, put that in your pipe ands smoke it. I don't care what Trump did in the past, its what he is doing now that counts, even God forgives, they don't!

  • you was buying cheap steel now you would pay 25%more.

  • There are SO many jobs created by this! I found this video and just count the number of jobs and the number of states affected!

  • My steel mill in pa hired more people in 2018 than in past 5 years combined.amazing

  • Awesome! Go POTUS Trump! MAGA in action!

  • I'm so tired of all this winning 😰

  • ※※※shameless americans
    fuck your dead mother moron Trump You first thing is deal with, Tyson Foods inc. to sell dead chicken drumsticks to Taiwan defraud money , and then deal with trade war between China and the US.

  • CNN should ask how much it costs for other US companies by tariffs? Trump is using tariffs as negation, which is bad news for US. furthermore, US consumers have to pay extra tax for buying cars, houses, ect…

  • I am a contractor who works in various steel mill across the midwest. 3-4 years ago, steel mills were GHOST TOWNS. It was depressing, the yards were empty. Now, the yards are filled with coils (meaning customers are demanding more and more steel). Thank you, Trump!

  • While Trump is doing an amazing job his ideas are common sense. so why didn't the previous Administrations do the same? they all sold out! Every President since JFK (excluding Reagan) were Globalists. #trump2020

  • China is ducking up all the north American companies by making products..gibson is an is gonna be Chinese make USA companies go broke .after they make them broke they will buy them

  • The left is going crazy , hearing this news !

  • Great 👍🏿 is the man Donald Trump ❤️💪🏿👌🏿🙏🏿👍🏿🙌🏿
    USA 🇺🇸 must never bring waste like Obama again.

  • We Love you, our beloved PRESIDENT TRUMP!

  • when will our LABOR unions come out and THANK PRESIDENT TRUMP. PUT EVERYONE BACK TO WORK. RANK & FILE, AWSOME LABOR FORCE. BUT THE CORRUPT UNION LEADERS , are in bed with demoncrats. Vote out existing union leaders and replace them with GOD FEARING, AMERICAN PATRIOTS! NOW!

  • Trump MUST bring Apple, GMC and every other thing!!!

  • 800 jobs equals 800 families with more stable income and the ability to pay mortgages…buy cars….go on vacations…the boom to the economy is awesome.

  • Fake News is saying Trump lied about new steel mills being built. Fake News needs to start doing their job correctly. You can't restart a shut down steel mill of build a new one overnight. #MAGA

  • Hell yeah, it might hurt, but things must change

  • God bliss our President Donald Trump. Make USA great Again. Communist China not to be trusted.

  • U.S. Steel and CORSA coal are going to go up because of Trump. CORSA coal mines for the type of coal needed to melt metal to create steel. Only 65 cents a share right now, but they expect it to go up 33% in 2019. Thanks President Trump!

  • Now he needs to slam shut money pump of climate change. Al gore is sitting back thinking bill nye will give a pony and piggyback ride to AOC. They will shame all the free thinkers and pen them back with the other livestock.

  • any american should be happy and realizie trump may not be as crazy as you think trump 2020

  • the steel industry is getting to layoff keep listening to trump more lies on fox news oh by the way us steel is the co laying off

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